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Hyundai Tucson battery and alternator



  • cmac66cmac66 Posts: 3
    Now, two years after replacing one of the defective battery draining radios, I am getting erratic door lock issues - the locks turn on and off by themselves. I am not sure if I can assume it is the master (driver?) door lock switch or if the security computer has to be changed. I am clearly out of warranty. Does anyone have any test or troubleshooting that might help me get started. I do not trust the dealers until I think I know what is wrong.
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    My wife has an 05 with the 6cd changer radio. Still has the original battery. Was it a different radio causing the problems?

    I do have to agree about being dissappointed with how we've been dealt with over warranty issues, though. 1 out of 3... One reason I passed on the Sonata when I was looking for a sedan.
  • OK, I think my (05 GLS) problem was solved. Within 2 years span I had used 3 new batteries, all Hyundai. My VIN was not within the range according the bulletin. But the radio looks exactly the one shown on it. So I could reasonably suspect the radio was bad. Because 3 batteries went to bad I told the dealership I am not going to replace battery with Hyundai brand every year and the delaership better recheck the radio. At first they did not want to check radio drain because it's out of warranty. Later the service adviser changed his mind and told me he needs a brand new battery to check the redio drain. So I went to walmart and bought a everstart battery and installed it myself and gave the car to the service. Later they told me there was no drain anywwhere. And he gave me a funny smile on the 3 Hyundai batteries I used with 2 years. Last month I had left the car there for nearly 4 weeks and it started right way. All I can say is try to make sure if there is battery drain anywhere. If you need a new battery, choose one at those major stores over the Hyundai brand which I believe was inferior to the popular 3rd party brand.
  • I posted earlier in this thread about the door locks acting up and the battery draining at the same time. They replaced the driver side door locks panel ( the whole thing, it seems to be 1 single piece) and the security computer, and the problem was fixed. It sounds like they definitely have a problem with the lock switches. The locks would sometimes not work, or would work slowly. If you only tried them intermittently they would work, but work them several times in a row and they would not work correctly.

    On my second trip to the dealer (after they told me they couldn't duplicate the problem a few months earlier) I sat there in the car and with the service guy and worked the locks until they malfunctioned. I then told him there was obviously something wrong, because they didn't work like that when they were new.

    They contacted Hyundai, and Hyundai told them to change the lock switch panel because they had received some problem reports on it. In my previous post I listed a case number that may be helpful.
  • I have a 2006 Tuscon, that had the radio replaced for exact same problem. Draw was too much when off. There is a recall on that problem. Check out recalls!!. But mine now has a problem again starting......21,400 mi. on car. Battery changed at 10,000. Radio already changed per recall at 1,500mi. I will NEVER buy another Hyundai. Had a Olds Cutless for 12 years , never had any of these problems, ran like a top!! So sorry I got rid of it just because of a little rust underneath.
  • They (Hyundai) had a recall out on the radio because of this problem. Check recalls.
  • tam5cdtam5cd Posts: 2
    When a Tucson in the family wouldn't start if the car sat idle for more than a couple of days, we found a note on the net suggesting the problem could be in any of a few areas of the electrical system, e.g., radio, automatic door lock system.

    The dealer charged $105 for diagnostic service but did not identify the culprit(s).

    Today, we disconnected the negative lead to the battery and inserted an ammeter. When first connected, the current surged to about 4 amps, then slowly settled down to a constant 1.47 amperes.

    We removed the fuses (dash board) one at a time and identified two problems. The automatic door lock system was pulling almost an amp, dropping the current indicated to 0.5 amp. The second area was the interior lights, even though they were set to the off position.

    We reconnected the battery and put the two fuses aside for now.

    Finally, we tested lights, turn signals, etc and all okay.

    The entire process took about 45 minutes.

    The car, bought used about a year ago, is out of warranty so we need to decide how to proceed.

    Any suggestions?
  • Hi

    What recall was this? I can't find it anywhere and I've been having constant problems with my battery dying if I don't drive my car for a few days. I've gotten brand new batteries and still had it happen within a month of replacing the battery.

  • After reading these posts and automotive still not sure what happened to my car...only had it for 2yrs this past halloween....went away for a week and the car sat. came home went to get in and go out and it was dead completely.....Im thinking your kidding. I just put a new battery in it in the spring, a good why is it dead....i dont leave anything on almost afraid to take it to the dealer in springfield , PA.. cause we all know how they are....My warranty expires in May 2011.....but i have a certified preowned vehicle for engine and trans, lifetime. but the basic stuff is done in May....Im no pushover, but not sure what to do to get it figured out whats causing this...never happened again cause i drive it everyday....bought it in 2008, its only got 39K on it.....I did hear that 06s have electrical issues.....mine is just about pd off too. now i hear 05s have issues too? thats when tucson came out, so bound to be quirks...wonder if the 2011s are having any issues or 2010s... maybe ill call hyundai themselves and find out what to do before warranty is done.....i like the serves its purpose. no lock issues either as of yet....thanks
  • jaynehjayneh Posts: 1
    You guys are going to be so HAPPY! I have the answer to your battery drain problems. I have been having the same battery problems described here. Dealer says nothing wrong with the car except that it needs a new battery??? This would be the third one. Oh, and the fact that I just don't drive it enough. I'd like to drive more but it often won't start.
    I wrote to the Hyundai corp. office and the rep told me the answer. Wait for is because we don't lock the car doors at night! HA! That's what the man said. I'm sure those of you who leave your cars in parking lots and airport parking are leaving your cars unlocked.
    But just in case..he asked that I take back to the dealership for them to check it. I just had it there a week before and they assured me that they ran every test known and nothing was wrong. So, I guessing that they developed new tests in the last week. I mean that just has to be it cause I'm sure they wouldn't have lied to me.
    I have an 07 has about 22000 miles on it. You can tell from that just about how often I can't use it. I, too keep a battery charger setting in front of the car! I've been late to work so often :confuse: they think my starting time is about noon!
  • nancy361nancy361 Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    ha , that is a joke... i park my car out front of my house all the time. AND LOCK my doors ALL the time..... it hasnt happened again since the 1st time it did in august, and that was cause it sat all week while i was away, and it was locked and everything was shut off in it....i was thinking of calling to see whats up too before my warranty runs out. i have a V6 2006. i was told that 06 had electrical issues by someone AFTER i bought it...
  • angry8angry8 Posts: 4
    I have a 2010 Hundai Tucson with battey problems. We don't drive the car everyday. So the first time it happened, the dealership played it off as though the previous battery was not any good. The second time, I was angry. We were told that the concrete drains the battery power. How many vehicles are not sitting on concrete? Then the service manager told my husband to remove the fuse when it was sitting for a long period of time. Well, this third time it was in the garage for one day and the battery was completely dead. When I called the dealship, they sent out a wrecker truck and are now keeping it over the weekend. I spoke to the service manager, who assured me that something would be done. I also spoke to the former sales manager who says he would assist in finding out the problem. But after reading this forum, I don't believe I will get any help. Hundai has known about this problem and is refusing to acknowledge it. I think it is time for action. I will let you guys know on Monday what the outcome is.
  • Do you have the limited with the auto diming mirror?
  • angry8angry8 Posts: 4
    We have the SE, if that helps. It is in the shop, so I am not really sure.
  • buerkletucsonbuerkletucson Posts: 21
    edited March 2011
    Sure it's a 2010 model? I thought the last year of the Tucson SE was 2009.

    The reason I mention the auto-dimming mirror is there was a big problem with them wiring it incorrectly. This is done at port..............It had power applied all the time and was supposed to be wired to shut off with the ignition.
    Many people had problems with it draining the battery if you didn't drive the car for a few days.
    Good luck on your problem......

    Please let us know how it turns out.....Thanks.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    edited March 2011
    We were told that the concrete drains the battery power

    Please tell the dealer that your friends at Edmunds enjoyed the laugh. At least I did. :)

    Battery FAQ (

    You might try opening a case directly with Hyundai.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • angry8angry8 Posts: 4
    edited March 2011
    After keeping the car over the weekend, the service department told me that it started right up and they believe that I had left the parking lights on. What a crock. I knew there was no need in arguing, so I called consumer affairs and they informed me that I could take it to another dealership, so I contacted the nearest dealership, which it about 45 miles away. I told them the problem and ask that I drop off the car on Friday and that they not start it until Morday. They agreed. Later, I received a call from my service dept. asking me if I could leave the car with them for a few days and that they would give me a loaner. They wanted to research the problem more. They also wanted copies of these postings to review. So I agreed. If I don't get any results, I will take it to the other dealer. My husband wants to trade the car in and forget the headaches. I love my car. If you had a pet and was sick you wouldn't give it away, you would try and find out what's making it sick. That is how I feel about my car. I want to know the problem and I want to keep my car. So if necessary, if my service dept. can't find the problem, I will take it to every dealership in the surrounding area. There is going to be a service dept. somewhere who will find the problem and fix it. Or at least I am hoping for that. I don't know how long I can get my husband to go along with me. This posting should have responded to Tucson battery vice Tucson battery and alternator. I don't know if I have alternator problems. I could who knows.
  • Hang in there - you are doing the right thing. I had to take mine in several times and get pretty stern with them. They finally replaces the drivers side automatic windows switches, and I haven't had a problems since. This is for a 2005 Tucson.
  • I am having the same issues with my used 2005 Tuscon that I bought 6 months ago, I really need some help..the battery being dead every day is stressing me out, and driving me crazy! I called the dealership and Hyundai, no one seems to care at all or want to help with this issue. For all who have been going through this, can someone give me some facts on what HAS actually worked, and if they have gotten and response or help fixing this issue from Hyundai? I am going back to the dealership monday, they clearly have no clue or are just playing dumb in regards to handeling fixing my vehicle. I would like to go in with as much info as possible to resolve this ASAP!
  • I am struggling with my 2005 Hyundai Tuscon. I love the car but fed up with the problems. I seem to have the classic battery being drained by either the posessed lock system, the alarm system, or the radio issue. IDK if all three are the culprit, or what? Anyway, I was on the phone yesterday from a supervisor at the Hyundai corp. and pretty much got no where with Hyundai taking responsiblity for this being a factory issue that they should be recalling and fixing for all Hyundai Tuscon owners. I asked, "what will it take to create a recall on this vehicle for this issue"? I could get no straight answer, only that I had "done the right thing" by calling to inform them of this issue! When I asked how many people it would take to call complaining to get a recall, she did not have that info, nor could she connect me with the person who has that info, as that is an internal process! Must be TOP SECRET!!! REALLY...OMG, I am at the end of my rope. I just want my car fixed, if anyone has the facts straight on this, please HELP. I could really use any helpful info before I return to the Dealer on Monday to get another line of BS. So, for anyone going or having gone through this, if a recall actually happens, you can be reimbursed for all money put into fixing this issue with your Tuscon. I am encouraging EVERYONE effected by this to call Hyundai and file a complaint..maybe then we can get this issue fixed with less hassle! The number is (800) 633-5151...Please CALL!!! :cry:
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