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Cadillac Deville Starting / Stalling Problems



  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    edited August 2013
    Check the battery cables. If they have gotten any acid on them, they might be eaten up inside the insulation. Of course, even before this, check that they are tight on the battery.

    They don't fail much, but the starter might be going bad. You have a 15 year old car. The starter isn't easy to replace, it's inside the intake manifold.

    Also, the positive battery cable is long on these cars and is not cheap.

    Did you check the battery with a load test? Even if it is only a few months old, it could be failing.
  • I got a cadillac deville 1995 lights inside not working right out of no where and it stalls on me turns off out of no where when I'm in a stop sign or red light and I was driving on the freeway port of houston the one that goes real high up it went 20 on a 80 could of kill myself and it takes time to catch speed some times it don't wants to go up from 60 got to let go of the gas and press it again to make it speed up can somebody help never had this problems had it standing for a year because the water pump but I barely fix it and this started happening they said I put it right for my first time they say is the crankshaft or  distributor can somebody help me please it still runs and everything 
  • cheddar5cheddar5 Posts: 1
    edited January 23
    Today my  96cadillac deville made a loud clinging noise it cut off but started back up.tHe clinging kelp on and now it's hard to turn left r right but the clinging stopped what's the problem?
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