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Oldsmobile Bravada



  • mtb440mtb440 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know how to replace the flasher and where it is located? Is it a big job or can anyone do it.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,026

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • My Service AWD light is stuck on; it drives like it's a rear-wheel drive vehicle in the snow. I've already had all four ball joints replaced in the front, radiator replaced, catalytic converter replaced, muffler replaced, both wheel bearings in the front (which I need to get done again a year later), intake manifold gaskets replaced and now yesterday, for the first time, I stopped at a gas station and after filling up I started her up, drove about 10 feet and lost ALL power. No flashers, couldn't take the key out of the ignition. I heard a couple of clicks under the dash inside on the passenger side, all the lights on the instrument panel went on then nothing. 15 minutes later, I hear a couple of clicks from the same place and it reset itself.

    I love my Bravada but I bought it used a year and a half ago and all the above work has been done in that time - almost $4000. I don't know what the hell is going on with the electrical, I know the AWD is going to cost a fortune and last but not least, when I drive 50 or over, it tends to rock back and forth really bad. Not up and down, but back and forth. I had the suspension checked out and it's solid. I was told it could be from the AWD not working and grabbing the road - what do you all think?
  • I'm new to this site. I'm looking at a 2003 bravada with non functioning AWD. I'm sure I can figure out the problem and fix it. My question is...Oncce AWD is functioning, is the vehicle worth keeping and repairing as it gets older? It is going to be cheep to buy so the cost to repair AWD is not a major issue. I just don't want to waste my slim recources on a dud. Thanks in advance for any forthcoming answers!
  • I just bought my brother in laws bravada. He had some issues with it, but its in good shape, and I got it for a good price. The only problem it has at the moment is the dash lights dont work. I checked the fuses, and he said something about a switch in the dash. I guess it isnt a huge deal, but I would like to fix it. He did put an aftermarket cd player in, and I had a cherokee with the same issue once I put one in it. Just looking for a solution without getting into a whole ordeal about it, or going to a dealership since they charge a fortune. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • dkirsdkirs Posts: 2
    wow seen how much people paid at the dealer i am sure glad i can do the repairs myself
    an encoder motor 600 i got mine for under 200 in fact i have a new one i will sell for 150 installed and that was not the problem plus you can get salvage yard parts
    heres what i do i remove the front drive shaft for the summer and install it in the winter i get better fuel milage in the summer and the stress on the front axle and transfer case is less not lights come on everything works fine i have seen where no service 4x4 light comes on appears to be working correctly i have found that the front axle or the transfer case has gone bad my solution to find the problem is to lift all 4 wheels off the ground and have someone start and put it in drive to see if the fronts turn i will try to hold the front drve shaft if i cant i hold a wheel
    if the light is on in the dash you should be able to pull a code most local repair shops can do that at a lot less cost then any dealer after all the years of working on everthing out there and knowing what i know about the dealers i would never take my car in there as for the guys that are haveing problems with there air bags suspension a local shop can find it if they are willing to do the dianosis on the system sounds like you live near the west coast good luck love my bravada ps i dont know of any good car truck van or suv that dont break down changeing the transfer case fluid every 6 months nonsense mine has been in there for years
  • dkirsdkirs Posts: 2
    love my bravada dont see why not fix figure out how much the fix then go price out a new bravada figure out weather or not its worth fixing
    also check out how much insurance is going to be cover all your bases
    most of the time the repair is minor and dont know if you bought it or not
    that was a while back enjoy and good luck
  • i have a 2001 Old Bravada that won't start on it's own. i have replaced the fuel filter, pump, spark plugs, wires, water temperature sensor, cleaned the throttle body and it still will not start. i put starter fluid in the air intake and it fires right up and runs fine, we hooked up a pressure gage to the fuel line and with car on not running, it reads 40psi. with the car running it reads 55psi. any ideas, thanks to all who try to help. I am also getting a trouble code PO449 does thishave anything to deal with the starting issues?
  • Just purchashed a 94 bravada, only paid $100.00 but oh what problems. would love to take yours off your hands but I am on a low fixed income, but im thinking it may help me out with parts to make a good vehicle to get back and forth to Dr,s. appt.,s Please let me know if you can help out a single sick woman?
  • netski56netski56 Posts: 7
    I have a 2003 Olds Bravada that has no acceleration. It also seems to be making a humming noise. Once I get on the expressway up to about 60 it runs ok. Any suggestions on what the problem can be? The fuel filter was just changed so I don't think it's that. Thanks!
  • We went through the acceleration problem and come to find out the other fuel pumps we replaced on the Oldsmobile Bravada were no good. We had to purchase the good one from the dealer. You might want to try and go that way. The car runs smooth now. It has been several months since that was done and we told the owner of the car that she also had a bad water pump and that is getting replaced now. I surely hope we dont have to go to the dealer for this tooo.
  • hon45hon45 Posts: 1
    Dump the Oldsmobile if you get painful... I have a bad expensive with 2002 Bravada before. 3 years old 4WD drive system sounded noise like high pitch pulse. I went to the service in MANY times due to the AWD. The drive system is going to be bad. The repairing costs a lot of money! I read the customer report to review the Chevrolet Trailblazer which is same as my Bravada. Trailblazer is very horrible and unreliable in the history. So I decided to dump my SUV. Customer report reviews Honda, Toyota, and Subaru are highly recommended and reliable. I got the new 2007 Honda CRV with automatic 4WD. I LOVE IT! 4 years old drive system is almost perfect! No need going to the 4WD service. Japanese SUV saves money!
  • i had to change the oil pump on my 1999 bravada. after taking it all apart and putting the new pump and the oil pan back on i cannot fit the differential housing back in. im wondering if im going to have to drop the pan again. i tried putting the diff in first but then the pan wouldnt clear even with the diff pushed as far forward as it could go. what is the trick to getting the blasted thing back in?
  • kzenkzen Posts: 6
    Did you ever get any replies about the ECM on your 2000 Bravada? I've been having the same problem with the car shutting off while driving it, mostly in hot weather, but no one seems to know how to fix it. I've had 3 fuel pumps, a new radiator, a thermostat, and only my mechanic knows what all else. I was chatting with my brother yesterday and he told me to look into replacing the ECM. The car only has 68,000 miles on it, I'd like to hold onto it for a while but want to be sure about the ECM before going forward with replacing it. Any thoughts?
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