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Oldsmobile Bravada



  • rel_hockrel_hock Posts: 1
    have a 2002 Bravada. The right turn signal functions but the left does not. Fuses are good. Is it the flasher or something else?
  • have your mechanic check the switch in the steering column , they are plastic and can break.
  • jrt896jrt896 Posts: 1
    I have a simular problem, but it is with both sides, which will inflate/deflate at random. When it drops, it might re-inflate the next startup or a few miles down the road or as long as a week. I have had two mechanics look at it and they are unable to find a problem. I am trying to avoid the dealer but may end up there soon if I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
  • We purchased this truck for my son and have had nothing but problems. Now after soaking $1500 into it there is another one.

    The truck won't start, the key won't come out of the ignition, and it won't come out of park. We put a new relay in that was buzzing but it still doesn't do anything! Anyone else ever had this problem?????

    Hate this truck! :(
  • mjgorgemjgorge Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with my Bravada, found out there is a hole on the steering column underside where you can just push a pencil or whatever and a release switch will unlock your key. My problem turned out to be the battery. :blush:
  • I had the same problem with my 1996 Bravada. It was the possitive battery cable that went bad. Changed it and the car was great for many more miles.
  • xmasiaxmasia Posts: 2
    hi all just bought a 98 bravada,my flasher relay wont stop flashing the only time it stops is when i step on the brakes,as soon as i turn the key on it starts none of the lights flash unless i use a signal or i brake.any ideas?
  • lindalululindalulu OrlandoPosts: 13
    I have a 2000 Bravada and the same thing happened to me, the clicking sound drove me nuts! It lasted about 2 months and it just stopped. I'm sure that didn't help much but if you can put up with the clicking, maybe it will go away?

    Good luck! :shades:
  • bfaus06bfaus06 Posts: 4
    Hello all!
    I have a 1999 Bravada with over 140K on it. (This is the second time I've owned this same vehicle - first time was in 2006) Ever since a little while before I got it from my brother, the Service Engine light comes on and goes out at its own will (most of the time). The first time I had it, it was constantly experiencing problems with the fuel pump (which no local mechanic could seem to figure out) and was eventually replaced. That was the only problem I had with it and the SES light would only come on when someone else drove it (I swear). Now that I have it back, the SES light comes and goes. For a while it was random, we had the codes checked and replaced the two up-stream O2 sensors. It stayed off for a while and started to come on again only when I entered an in-town area. I filled my gas tank and ran some injector cleaner through it. It's still on that tank of gas but the light is coming on more frequently and at no specific time, temperature, or location. I have noticed that when the light comes on, it kills my gas mileage but when cleared, my gas mileage is instantly back to normal. For example, normally I can drive my car to and from work for 4 or 5 days on a full tank (15 miles each way). Today on my way home, the light came on again and within less than a half of a mile it drained almost 1/8 of my tank. It gets all of its regular maintenance (at least the two times I've owned it, it has) and is going to a different mechanic on Friday to have the coolant flushed and the Air Pump/Exhaust Check valve changed. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated! I can't afford to buy another car and this one is starting to drive me crazy!
  • bfaus06bfaus06 Posts: 4
    I just wanted to update the current status of my problematic car. It went to the mechanic and had the coolant flushed, it has the new O2 sensors, a new Air Pump valve, gasket, and hose, and a new tank of gas. It's still having the same problems with the SES light that it had before, as well as an exhaust leak. Any thoughts at all??? Help!! :sick:
  • bfaus06bfaus06 Posts: 4
    Well we figured out what it was... Transfer case is junk. Anyone want a 99 Bravada? This is probably the end of its previous problems but I'm getting rid of it anyhow.
  • e10e10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada and it has been completely shutting off in the middle of the road without a service engine light coming on. I have replaced the fuel pump and the PTSI sensor but it still shuts off after about going the road less than a mile. What could be the problem. is it the computer telling it to stop the fuel from coming to the fuel injectors, or what is it. can anyone give me the answer?
  • I just recently purchased a 2000 Olds Bravada. Today was my first day to truly drive it (besides the test drive). Overall it runs pretty good for an eight year old vehicle with 150,000 miles but there is one disconcerting thing that I noticed. When I was going up a rater steep hill (on-road, that is) I noticed that the vehicle surges or pulses. It seems to surge ahead a little bit then back off. It doesn't really feel like the transmission but I'm no auto mechanic. Can anyone give me some insight/advice?
  • bugbajabugbaja Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 olds bravada that jerks or shutters when you turn the steering wheel. the sharper the turn the worst it is. i had the oil changed some years ago it helped but it has been getting bad. i just changed the oil again but the problem is still there. PLEASE HELP any suggestions or ideals i will be ever in your dept. thanks Mark
  • sonny9sonny9 Posts: 1

    Has anyone ever experienced a roaring noise (sounds like roaring noise is coming from the engine) when you first start the engine or first accelerate while taking off? It seems that after a couple of minutes of driving the noise quits.We recently bought a 18' travel trailer but before we did we had the transmisson beefed up and completly rebuilt. Yesterday while driving on the interstate with the travel trailer I had the Bravada on cruise contol and as we went up a small incline the engine started roaring as if the Bravada was in neutrial and some one was pushing on the gas and revering the engine. This happened only once on the interstate. After getting off the interstate we had made a complete stop at a red light and as I accelerated the roaring noise started again. The transmission didn't seem to slip and we didn't lose any power. After that it never did it again. Our Bravada's max towing load is 5600 LBS. and we were towing 4200 Lbs. It's really hard to exactly figure out if the noise is coming from the engine or the transmission.If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to blow an engine or tear the transmission up.


  • kruzkruz Posts: 3
    I have a 1998 Blazer that I just bought that's doing the same thing. Mine happens while cruising at just above 40 mph with the tach jumping between 1000 and 1500 rpms. I can feel the "surges" that are in rapid succession while at that speed. Other than that issue, the transmission seems fine. I'd also like to know what's causing this.
  • kzenkzen Posts: 6
    I own a 2000 Bravada with 57,000 miles on it (it was pre-owned).

    About three months ago I was stopped at a traffic light and at acceleration there was a little pop under the hood and the car died in the middle of an intersection. Right before it died, all of the gauges went crazy, then nothing. It wouldn't start. Had it towed to the service station and they said it was the fuel pump. Replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter, and one month later the Service Engine light came on and a few miles later, DEAD again. I had it towed again and was told it was the fuel pump (again). It was replaced at no cost to me.

    About three weeks after that the vehicle started over heating on short (four mile drives to work), it was the radiator and I had it replaced. Now, I don't have any heat. The blower must be working because the AC works.

    Yesterday, less than one month later, the car started idling really rough while stopped at a traffic light. When I put my foot on the gas, there was no power, just hesitation, (hard to explain) then the car died, again, in the middle of a busy intersection, no warning lights came on. It started up in about a half hour but did the same thing about two miles down the road. I'm scared to death to drive it.

    Does anyone know what's going on? I have so much money invested at my service station and I don't know if they're missing something or doing something wrong. I'm scared to death to drive it because there is no warning when it dies and it's always at an intersection.

    Two days ago I spent $800.00 for new tires so I really hate to sell it, plus, aside from these last three months (I've had it for four years), I've had no problems and I do love the vehicle, it has all the bells and whistles on it and it handles great in all kinds of weather and it's in beautiful condition. Can anyone help this lady in distress?
  • my 99 bravada has low oil pressure and makes a noise. I checked the oil stick and it is dry no oil so I put 3 quarts in and still dry no oil no leaks and pressure is low is on 0 at idle when rev pressure is little below 40 but still makes noise no smoke from exhaust oh enige light is on and stays on. what could be the problem thanks Larry
  • Does your air compressor switch work on the back during this time that the bags are deflated. I had a similar problem where the whole air system wouldn't work, so I disconnected the battery terminals to reset the computer and now it works fine.
  • Me Too! I just purchased a 1995 GMC Jimmy and have noticed surges at different speeds especially noticable while using the cruise control. It just seems like its not getting a smooth flow of gasoline but its very rythmic like its pulsing.

    If I find out what it is I will let you all know unless you find out first.

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