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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • somar90somar90 Posts: 1
    I have a loaded 2004 T6 and have spent WELL over $10,000 in repairs and service (about $3,000 was my fault) since owning this vehicle. Thank god I purchased the extended warranty, it paid for itself in just one visit! Today I was driving on the freeway and experienced this "slipping" and almost crashed as I was going 75 or 80 when my car decided it would be fun to bounce off the rev-limiter and provide no power. I tried going to manual mode but got nothing, and it finally caught a gear at very high rpm, and the back axel engaged so violently the DSTC system had to intervene. I have known this transmission was going to cause me trouble at one point or another, and I guess today will be the day. I had it towed to the dealer, and will be shocked if the transmission DOESN'T need to be replaced. I hit 64,000 miles today and have never missed a service and replace the tires every year (tread is completely gone by then) and brakes about twice a year. I would say I drive this car harder than the average driver, but nothing extreme.

    And also with the popping and grinding in the front end... I have experienced the very same thing and every time I take it in the dealer "fixes it," and a week or two later its back just as bad as before. So when I ever I take in for service I tell them about it and give me this speech about how it can't be duplicated or look at me like I'm crazy. I like to think that all the problems are due to it being Volvo's first SUV, and I've heard the V8 is a whole lot better. I am hoping the new transmission is smoother or faster, but I know I shouldn't get excited!
  • radicalronradicalron Posts: 1
    I have just joined the transmission failure club at 94K miles on my 05 T6. I have been quoted 5K for repairs and that will make 10K in repairs in 3 months.

    Sign me up for a class action on this one. This is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. On top of the repairs it eats tires every 20K mils (and that is pushing it ) I have to drop $800 in rubber.
  • Update on my XC90 repair bill...

    I got the dealership to pay 60% (from 50%) of original $7500 bill for my new transmission, radiator, lines and labor. I simply pointed the Dealership Service Manager and their Volvo Account Exec from SoCal to this discussion forum to help prove my point. I would still have rather NOT pay a single dime, which is why I am in the middle of crafting a scathing letter to Volvo Corporate. Thanks for the address dcxplant.

  • kari4kari4 Posts: 15
    I would gladly write a letter as well. I am looking at endless repair bills. Now the Cruise Control disengages during highway driving. Just one more thing.... I am now at the point where I don't think this car will ever NOT have a problem and nothing surprises me anymore, actually that is a lie, I would be surprised if I were able to drive this car without having things go wrong... THAT would be surprising!
  • dcxplantdcxplant Posts: 7
    You can file a complaint with the NHTSA by going to
  • wknepperwknepper Posts: 1
    I have a Volvo xc90 2005 with a v6 engine. My transmission is slipping and the transmission urgent light is one. I am in a fight with the volvo home office. This has been an obvious issue and they need to be held accountable. My service manager in Erie, PA is fighting for us to get help with the 5200.00 expense. We are at a 1200.00 allowance thus far and am not in the least bit satisfied. The home office's response was that if they did it for one they would have to do it for all. My response was, well if there are that many transmission issues, then you are accountable!! COUNT ME IN for a class action suit!!!
  • dcxplantdcxplant Posts: 7
    Good to hear somebody is trying to help with your issue. I just called my dealership service manager to let him know that they problem they tried the fix with the help of the Volvo engineers about 3 weeks ago didn't work. My T6 XC90 now has 54000 miles and is in the early stages of what was happening in the first place. Cost $1200 to replace the CEM some module that controls the vehicle. It took a full week for this service to happen. A manufacturing defect is a defect and Volvo corporate are accountable for this transmission issue, a much as the "reputation" for safety they are quick to publicize. I sent in a complaint to the NTHSA a couple of weeks ago. :lemon:
    Write letters to Volvo USA!!!
  • dcxplantdcxplant Posts: 7
    Agree about the tires...I'm on the second set. First ones replaced for excessive wear at 21000 miles. Those were Perilli, the Michelins aren't wearing as fast but look like they have about 70-80K miles on them.
  • aalqudwahaalqudwah Posts: 3
    I have 2005 T6 XC90 and has 44,000 miles. While I was driving my car I noticed a noise comes on and off. I took it to the dealer for a check to find out that I need a new transmission. Even though the car is still under warranty but I'm afraid that once it runs out I will have the same problem again. I agree about the tires, so far I changed my tires twice. I also took it back to the dealer so many times in the past 2 years for clicks and weird noises. I'm really frustrated even though I'm not paying anything so far. I have invested dearly for this car to only get frustrations rather than satisfaction. I second all comments and count me as the last victim for now!!
  • lhn5lhn5 Posts: 37
    I have a 2004 xc90 T5 and the transmission had to be replaced at 32k miles. Of course this was under warranty. Thank goodness we also have the extended warranty. About 4 weeks ago, at around 60k miles, the car started shifting a bit off, and soon the Urgent Transmission Service light comes on. We bring it to the dealer, they reset the light, it doesnt come back on, and they say everything is fine. Under protest they kept the car for 4 days and drove it all around and stuck with their story. The car drove ok for about 2 weeks, and started acting up again. Then the light came on again. We brought it in, and they drove it and said it is fine. They will hook it up to the computer tomorrow.

    They are already hinting that they expect to find nothing, and they will require us to pay for upgrading the software and a transmission flush before much more is done.

    I guess they won't be happy until the transmission fails on the freeway and people die. Any suggestions would be great. We have to stick together.
  • boydlawboydlaw Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 T6 XC90 w/ 76K miles with a transmission that slips. The dealer - Power Volvo South Bay informed me the transmission needs to be replaced, but the warranty I bought from Volvo is refusing the pay for repairs. The word I get from Volvo is that the warranty inspector does not believe the problem is bad enough yet. The corporate warranty hotline tells me they won't pay until there is a "cause for failure" identified. I informed them of the sheer volume of complaints about the transmissions and complaints. Has a class action suit actually been filed? That's what Volvo told my husband yesterday. Where can I get info on this? Thanks.
  • dcxplantdcxplant Posts: 7
    Everyone needs to go to the NHTSA and file the problem for transmissions. The service manager told me the other day that the only way there could be a recall is if the NHTSA were to go to Volvo. And only if it is considered a safety issue will Volvo conduct a recall.

    Volvo Cars of North America, LLC -President/CEO Mr. Speck
    PO Box 914
    Rockleigh, N.J. 07647

  • willm1willm1 Posts: 1
    I want to avoid the T6, am looking at a 2008 XC90 which carries a "six-speed Geartronic automatic". Any track record for this transmission? I am assuming this is not a T6, but please advise. thanks.
  • lhn5lhn5 Posts: 37
    They put our car on the lift and apparently saw some kind of visual defect...anyway we get a new one.
  • luvmyvolvoluvmyvolvo Posts: 11
    Hello to all xc90 lemon owners! My '04 T6 just had it's first transmission replaced at 45,000 miles. I felt the car hesitate when I applied the accelerator then the transmission warning light came on. Luckily I was a half mile from home. The car had been serviced at the dealer only 2 days prior (service + transmission flush). Apparently the coolant had leaked into the transmission. Thankfully I'd purchased the extended warranty. Up to this point I thought I was lucky having only had to replace the CD changer, a cable in the rear seat, numerous brake pads and rotors, and 2 sets of tires. By the way, don't buy the pirelli scorpions, they're terrible, worse than the michelin's.
  • trout5996trout5996 Posts: 1
    Yep, had the same problems most everyone has had: tires every 25-30k miles, Michelin's and Pirelli, brakes every 1.5yrs (15k miles) and now at 64k miles the transmission! Deal is the dealer will do the material and I do the labor: $2100! Seems a whole lot of buyers are in the same boat with the vehicle issues. All this even though I've done every scheduled maintenance. I'm for a recall!
  • embargoembargo Posts: 2
    I find myself in a very similar situation. My 2005 XC90 landed at the dealership yesterday after the "Transmission Service Urgent" message appeared--got the same message from need a new transmission. I was shocked when I got this message considering the fact my vehicle only had 77,000 miles on it however; to my surprise after reading this forum this is NOT unusual--where is the reliability Volvo? We by no means drive our SUV hard. I spoke with the service manager at my dealership and he indicated to me that he would speak with a Volvo rep about providing some assistance with the repair cost, which made me a little curious---he's never offered to pay for any of my service outside of my warranty--then I realized he must be guilty of something and found all of your post. This is completely ridiculous and I haven't recieved a call about the price of my new transmission [yet] but I'm not sure I'm comfortable paying for anything to be honest with you.
  • embargoembargo Posts: 2
    Not sure if I should be felling good about having to pay anything. But, given all the information shared on this site (and my submission of a compliant to the Office of Defects Investigation on I was able to negotiate an out-of-pocket cost of $500--essentially they treated it as if it were a under an extended warranty. I'm sure I could have pushed for more, but this seem to be a fair deal given the orginally quoted price of $6800.00. BTW...this included the replacement of my radiator not sure I know the relationship? I hope this helps other in the future.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I was able to negotiate an out-of-pocket cost of $500

    Considering the alternative, that sounds pretty good!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • dredgiedredgie Posts: 2
    I was just stranded last week with the Transmission service urgent message - 50 miles from home at 11pm. My dealer coolly informed me that the 2003 xc90 T6 needs a new transmission - $5300. This is outrageous for a car with only 85,000 miles. I am going to start writing letters today.

    It is too bad, I had a 740 GLE for 12years and was never stranded by that car. I have always loved Volvo.
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