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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • morning fellas I'm new to the tranny boat. However I bought my volvo used for 13000 in PA, 45 days now later and tranmission service urgent light ruined my day. Do you think volvo would cover my defect tranny as third party owner of [non-permissible content removed] tranny syndrome. I believe I will try to jump aboard for class action suit but now my car isnt working. So ? is what is critea for getting volvo to cover tranny and labor I'm broke after i bought dream car. how does one open a case with volvo/ srry mad questions.

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  • Hello All,

    There is no reason to join a class action law suit for 2003 - 2005 XC90 T6 Transmissions. Volvo will cover these 100% up to 100,000 miles! This is more than generous! What more can Volvo do? They have admitted to the problem and they will stand behind their product! Stop thinking that Volvo owns your vehicle forever! It's time to take possession of your vehicle. Your retailer is empowered to make this decision on the behalf of Volvo. There is no Extended Warranty, No Recall, just pain good old GOODWILL! So take it for what it is, enjoy the free transmission and stop complaining!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    just p[l]ain good old GOODWILL!

    Goodwill is discretionary and probably wouldn't occur at all if people did not speak out. Also, it may not be provided as generously as you may believe.

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  • Lookingtohelp....

    hmm you must work for Volvo.. sorry but the ordeal I have lived with Volvo has been more than enough. I DO accept resposibility for my vehicle but I have had mine LESS THAN ONE YEAR AND IT'S ON IT'S 2ND TRANSMISSION wait I lost count MAKE THAT IT'S 4TH TRANSMISSION since I was not informed that the car was on it's second transmission at the time of purchase.. so please, if you do not agree with the comments and frustrations from the folks that have been more than patient with Volvo like myself, then stay away from forums like these, it doesn't do nobody any good. Oh by the way, my dealership has been disgustingly unprofessional.. maybe you can send some of the good folks from your Volvo dealership over to train those near me.. thanks :lemon: :sick:
  • I purchased my T6 XC90 in 2004 for well north of $50k it gave me years of unreliable transportation and literally months where it sat in the dealers shop unusable to me (no they did not provide a loaner or pick up my rental car bill). When I had enough and went to trade it in--the value was zero...yes $0.00... unless the new transmission was put it in. Volvo did cover that minus a $300 deductible (?) I did not touch the car again delivered it to where I was purchasing my new vehicle and received $7,500 in trade in. I figured I am owed a min of $25,000 in lost value and another $10,000 in lost and unreliable use. And yes there should be punitive damages as well. I may be wrong but I don't believe Volvo ever admitted responsibility and issued a recall or corrective action. For the record I am by no means litigious and am card carrying capitalist. However,this was bad decisions by this company, it damaged me materially and I, like all the others so injured, should be compensated.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    Hi, mpmoore.

    I totally empathize with you on the hassles you've had. There's no excuse for that.

    As for being owed "$10,000 in lost and unreliable use", only you know the true value of that.

    However, your reasoning on the trade-in value escapes me. You say you paid "well north of $50K" for your 2004 XC90 T6. When you traded it in, you say you "received $7,500 in trade in. I figured I am owed a min of $25,000 in lost value..." That implies you think your trade-in should have been worth at least $32,500 in total. We're in the 2010 model year now. Regardless of the mileage or make/model, with the possible exception of some "exotic" or extremely limited vehicle, no 6 year old vehicle retains 60-65% of its original price. Not even close.
  • No I do not work for Volvo! I do own a 2004 XC90 from day1. I did need a transmission out of warranty and Volvo took care of it 100%. Volvo takes care of owners who buy new and service at their retailers. Why should Volvo help a customer who buys a used car from and Independent and does not service at it's retailers.. Goodwill is meant for loyal customers. Also, you need to remember the T6 XC90 has a GM transmission not a Volvo transmission! Yes, Volvo should have known better than to put a GM transmission in it's SUV but they are not 100% responsible for these problems. GM should take ownership for their faulty design. Check out the GM blogs. GM owner are also complaining about these transmission! I can guarantee you GM is not covering there Transmission under GOODWILL till 100,000 miles?? You also can't blame Volvo for the problems at your dealership! Volvo does not own its retailer's they are all independently owned!
    Blame the ownership for the poor service!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    but they are not 100% responsible for these problems

    Of course they are. They chose to put those transmissions in and they sold it under their own name.

    You also can't blame Volvo for the problems at your dealership!

    Then by the same token you cannot give credit to Volvo for goodwill at the dealerships. You cannot have it both ways.

    tidester, host
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  • I bought my 2004 XC90 from my son. It has 70,000 miles on it. Volvo put in a new transmission on 03/31/08. That transmission has less than 20,000 miles on it. It is now toast. I called Volvo and they estimate the cost at "at least" $6700, thank you very much. I also own a 2007 C70 Volvo convertible which has had some problems. It has fewer than 20,000 miles on it. I bought these cars based on Volvos reputation. I feel like an idiot. Why in the world would I invest $6700 in a new transmission in a car that has proven to be so unreliable? Did I hear somebody say "Class Action?"
  • Do some research. Volvo gave GM the specs for the Transmission they wanted built. GM put a gear in the transmission that could not hold up to the torque Volvo required. Yes i agree they chose the GM transmission and the reason they did is because GM makes the smallest transversely mounted transmission in the industry. This is the only transmission that would fit in the XC90 T6.

    Volvo can only recommend to their retailer's how to treat their customer's Volvo does not pay it's retailer for CSI. Once again, Volvo does not own it's retailers.
    But they do provide Goodwill to the retailers customers. The goodwill for the T6 transmission is not coming out of the retailers pocket, it comes from Volvo.

    Please get your facts right. You can have it both ways!!
  • GM providing Volvo with a transmission that doesn't stand up to the required usage should never be the problem of a consumer. In this case, GM is a supplier to Volvo and if the supplied part doesn't perform as it should base on industry norms then its a concern for us(as consumers).

    In simple terms, if we decide to buy say a reputable brand of laptop with a given specification, but the harddisk goes kaput every year. Is that a problem for you as a consumer with the company(or resellers) for that laptop or the original manufacturer/supplier of the part?

    We bought a Volvo vehicle and if that vehicle doesn't is flawed due to specific components then it should be rectified or resolved by the manufacture. In which case, early 'solutions' performed by the authorized dealer was a TCM software upgrade (akin to a firmware/driver upgrade on a laptop), its a 'soft' solution which doesn't solve the hardware issue.

    Specifically for the XC90 T6, its the transmission. In terms of the hypothetical laptop I've been referring to, the harddisk might not be able to manage the rate data is being read/written to the disk or a heat problem which kills the disk prematurely.

    In my view, without providing a permanent fix that resolves the hardware failures, Volvo is not a responsible corporate entity. I own a XC90 T6 now, but I'll never own another Volvo. I seriously have doubts if Volvo ever conducted realistic durability test on the XC90 T6 before releasing the vehicle to the market. Especially when the T6 engine & transmission were taken directly from the S80 T6 which already have seen instances of transmission failures(in a vehicle that weights roughly 1000lbs less and meant for 5 pax) I rest my case.

  • So you are saying that if I didn't buy my XC90 T6 new then I am responsible for the defective transmission?

    I bought my XC90 T6 2nd hand when it had 69,000 km on it. After I bought it I did some search and found that my vehicle had already had the original transmission replaced at 48,000 km (not miles)! My volvo has been servied only at the volvo dealership before and since my purchase. So why would I not be eligible for the good will assistance from volvo?

    Luckily, in the US the class action has already been filed on Aug 13th and hopefully it will go through for all XC90 owners to sue volvo.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Yes i agree they chose the GM transmission...

    And that's the end of that story. :)

    Please get your facts right. You can have it both ways!!

    Which facts would those be? You can't blame Volvo for the behavior of the dealerships or that you give credit to Volvo for the behavior of the dealerships? Those weren't my claims. They were yours. :confuse:

    tidester, host
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  • Volvo's warranty is 4 years 50,000 miles. you bought your car at 69,000 miles what do they owe you? Nothing! The goodwill assistance is form VCNA not VCC.

    So you must be in the USA to be considered for goodwill!
  • The fact are that Volvo's warranty is 4 years 50,000 miles. If your car is out of warranty what does Volvo owe you? Nothing! Did the customer pay for a transmission in warranty? No! Did volvo do the right thing and cover a tranmission under goodwil between 50,000 and 100,000? Yes! What more could you ask?

    Answer this question: What other manufacturer would even consider paying for a transmission 100% at 100,000 miles? Come up with an example and proof and I'll stop posting!
  • I just got the same news on my 2006 Volvo XC90 as well. My car has only 60,000 miles but suddenly my transmission service required light came on yesterday and I took the car immediately to the dealership to find out that I needed an entirely new transmission. Volvo already replaced my radiator while the car was under warranty and i had complained that the transmission seemed to not catch when accelerating but was always told that they checked it out and there was not problem....not that my warranty is up I'm being told I need a whole new transmission.....
  • We just had the Transmission Service Urgent light come on yesterday and the dealer can't get us in until Monday. Our XC90 has 70k miles on it. Is there any hope that we will be covered as the second owner?
  • Actually I have an answer from Volvo Australia that good will applies after the warranty expires. But the good will is considered on the case by case basis.

  • Fight for it, if they don't offer to cover 100 % expense straight away. They know it's a manufacturing problem. The number of owners of the vehicle makes no difference to the issue.

  • lookingtohelp: Are you serious? You really don't work for Volvo? Check out these two words: REASONABLE RELIABILITY. Two words that will give Volvo crap during the litigation of the T6 class action suit. Warranty expires at 4 years/50k miles. I agree. And the owner picks up the tab after that, PROVIDED, the car is still working. T6 transmission breaks way before that, meaning the car is dead, unless you want to revive it by paying 20% of the original car value to revive it. And don't give me that "blame the owners for poor maintenance" crap. You have no idea how people took care of their T6's and the transmission still crapped out. Bottom line, the transmission is a bad match for the engine. And that's not the owners' problem. It's Volvo's. So you need to look at Volvo and help them, if you're really "lookingtohelp".
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