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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • laws65laws65 Posts: 64
    My personal recommendations that have worked for myself and many others in this thread are as follows:

    Contact the NTSB-again online
    File an email complaint with your state's Attorney General
    File an email complaint with your state's Consumer Protection
    Mention this website and how Volvo has done "Goodwill" transmissions to others.

    Good luck!

    Lisa A Souza
  • bart76bart76 Posts: 2
    Ok, following up as promised...I'm pretty satisfied with the way Volvo handled the case. Guys from the service took one day to check everything and of course transmission was broken, same case as alll others. Because of holidays it took them long time to get approval, total I was 14 days without my car, but I excuse them for that. Once the dealer got approval from headquater on Friday. Tuesday my car was rady. They replaced tranny and radiator. I'd say everybody makes mistakes, as long as they fix them it's fine. I love the car itself, I guess I'll stick with Volvo.
  • That's great news! Did you buy the car new?
  • I too have a 04 XC90 Turbo with about 90,000. A week ago the Transmission Service Urgent light came on while I was driving home. I got home and started researching online, found this site and was shocked to learn the massive costs associated with this problem.

    On Monday morning I took my car to the dealer. When I arrived I told them that the light came on, and that I had researched the issue online, and asked the tech what the process was for working with Volvo on this issue. He said that we needed to see what was wrong, and then we could make a plan.

    Five hours later he called me and told me that yes my transmission needed to be replaced, but he had contacted volvo and they were going to pay for the entire thing, but he couldn't get the part for a week or so. The car was running fine, and he told me I could come get it until the parts came in.

    I took the car in yesterday and got it back today. They replaced the transmission, radiator, aux cooler lines and upgraded tcm. The total cost to me was 0 dollars. I did have to pay for a rental car, and I did ask them to do an oil change which I paid for.

    My dealership here in Minneapolis was great to work with. I purchased this car used, not from the dealer. I have had some work done at the dealer, but I have had work done other places too. I do not have a Warranty.

    If you have any questions please let me know. I was so scared at the thought of $9000 into a car that I bought because I thought it would last forever. I have new faith in Volvo.
  • csg5csg5 Posts: 2
    My concern here is if the transmission goes out again (may be in next 2 or 3 years) will Volvo be kind in enough to chip in? In my case I had to ~$1300 for labor,
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    That would be great to know. I asked that earlier in this thread and did not hear of anyone who has had it go out twice. My first one was under warranty in October. I am dreading a second one going out. Maybe since it will then be out of warrranty, they will pay for mine, if pushed.

    Anyone have it go the second time and have it paid for? And, on the second time, about how many miles did you have in between breakdowns?
  • The amount of 'good will' seems to vary greatly depending on where you are.

    I have an XC90 which I bought used with 69,000 km on it. My research showed that my vehicle had the original transmission replaced at 48,000 km. So I'm currently on my second transmission. I doubt it will be the last one.

    Someone I know who lives in Australia like me just had the transmission fail on his XC90 T6. He was not the original owner. Volvo Australia flatly refused to contribute anything because he is not the original owner! In the US, it seems, different rules apply, presumably due to the class action being close to resolution by the courts.

    Volvo Australia said that because his car is out of warranty and he purchased it used he cannot expect Volvo to fix it at their expense and they also mentioned that they cannot predict the durability of each single component in their cars which is BS as transmission units are supposed to be reasonably durable!

    Good luck

  • The transmission in my 2005 XC90 has been "slipping" since July! I have taken it to me Volvo dealership and they confirm that it is slipping in low gear but they say they can't do anything until the system shows a failure "code". Has anyone heard of Volvo fixing a car before the transmission failure code shows up? We all know it's going to happen....I just don't want to be stranded somewhere with my 4 year old in tow!
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    Yes, I took mine in prior to the light coming on BUT mine was under warranty. So that may be the difference. I took it in for something else and and mentioned that the car was slipping. He said he would take a look and "run it through some tests." I don't know what the tests were but next thing I know I was getting the transmission replaced.
  • I have an '05 Volvo XC90 with almost 80k miles. The "check engine" light came on and I took it to my local mechanic and he diagnosed "turbo" failure and said he thought Volvo would cover that....
    Took the car to Volvo and they diagnosed it with....transmission failure.
    I have had to get a new transmission and it was difficult to get them to agree to pay for it because I had had all my "work" done elsewhere.
    They are paying for the transmission, but after looking at all the others in the same situation this car is soon to be sold....with a new transmission.
  • My new 2010 Volvo XC90 has a similar problem. I have now driven about 1,800 miles. PROBLEM: From stop the transmission "slips" as I accelerate, then shifts into higher gear and all is fine. This happens every time I start from stop. The service rep & head of service dept. says it is normal..and I was told the transmission is computer controlled and needed to adjust to my driving habits. I am a BIT doubtful.

    Another problem is the annoying engine vibration when I am in stopped at a light or stop sign. The engine vibrates slightly until I accelerate then runs smoothly. Again I was told that this is normal. Again, I don't think so.

    Any thoughts?
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    I am sorry to hear this but am concerned because ever since I received my new transmission, this has been occuring (see earlier posts). I had not heard of anyone else having this problem on this board.

    Though I have brought it back to Volvo three times for this and have had two ride-a-longs with Volvo mechanics, they continue to tell me that is the computer that controls the shifting. They can not change it since it is set at the factory. They told me my only work-a-round was to shift the car manually if I didn't like it. Great!
  • llb4llb4 Posts: 1
    Here's just another Volvo XC90 I can add to the list that's had horrible transmission issues. I bought my 2003 XC90 T6 in April of 06. Five months later, the transmission needed replaced with only about 35,000 miles. Luckily it was under warranty at the time. Fast forward to January 2010 about a week and a half ago. My 'service transmission required' light comes on, so I take it to Volvo dealership to get checked out. Said the seal that connects to bevel gear is damaged and will also need a new transmission as well....if I pay $8000!! It has 104000 miles on it now...just 4000 over my warranty go figure! The fact that Volvo discontinued that certain model because of this issue and didn't take the responsibility to have a recall for it angers me to no end. Volvo should be ashamed of theirselves for making such crappy, unreliable cars and then not take responsibility for manufacturing errors. I have always gotten regular maintance done on it as required at a Volvo dealership. Not to mention, I've had to take that thing in about every 3 to 4 months for numerous other issues for things that needed fixed. I can guarantee that I nor anyone in my family will every own another Volvo
  • Has anyone with a new 2010 Volvo XC90 had problems with transmission slipping at beginning acceleration from stop?

    The dealer says this is normal...hmmm.
    and the vibration while brake stopped with motor running?...hmmmm
  • joeiwmsjoeiwms Posts: 10
    I have taken my XC90 in 4 times now with the urgent transmission service light the dealer has reset the light a couple times and once did a computer update saying the computer just needed updating. Two days ago I picked it up after the computer update and drove it maybe 10 miles and same things happened again with the transmission service light coming on and slipping out of gear from a stop and I took it straight back to the dealer. The mechanic took it for a drive told me it was unsafe and said now they will contact Volvo. I am now waiting for a decision from Volvo to see what they decide.
  • I posted a couple of time stating my transmission failure and this last time I took my XC90 in the dealership said they would contact Volvo now and see what they would do regarding paying for the transmission. I just heard from the dealer and Volvo said they would pay for half which results in me paying $2700.00 Would anyone please let me know if they would settle for this or would try to get Volvo to pay for the entire transmission.
  • This is exactly what happened to me. The entire time I remained calm and pleasing to both Volvo and the dealership. After I was offered half of the repairs I contacted me rep at Volvo corporate and asked how the decision was made. I explained to her thar I was very aware of them taking care of many identical transmission problems at 100 percent. Basically I just acted appreciative of what they had offered but how the decision was made.

    Volvo corporate called back the next day and said to just take the car into our local Volvo dealership and they would take care of 100 percent of the transmision replacement as well as the axle and anything else involved.
  • I need help. My beloved suv that I bought almost 2 yrs ago decided to stranden me on the side of the road a week ago. Prior to this I started to hear a noise in the motor (so I thought) the week prior, the vehicle didn't have as much power and I was going through the gas something terrible. It was just starting to feel like something was almost slipping once in awhile, but nothing major and it didn't happen all the time. All of a sudden it felt like something just gave away and then the grinding started. Pulled over and put it into Park and that's how it went downhill from there. So, here are my questions. Isn't there some sort of 100k warranty on the motor or transmission on these vehicles, considering the "High Quality" vehicle they are suppose to be? Is there anything I can go or get from a Volvo dealer to help pitch in on the Outrageous cost it will take to repair it? I only have 95k miles on the darn thing and had it less than 2 years now. Honestly, this is a bunch of garbage. I'm without a vehicle and don't have the $6500-$8000 to fix it right now...who does? Looking for any advice from anyone. Thanks for listening. :cry: :mad:
  • I own a '03 T6! I replaced the tranny at 43k miles in '07. I just replaced the tranny again this past week at 84K miles. The first replacement they did for me was a nightmare! They fought me hard on it and ended up paying for half of the total replacement cost. This past week when I had it replaced the guys at Ken Garff (Jon Mayer, parts Manager) were super good about replacing it. Not only did they replace the tranny but they also replaced the radiator as well as a number of smaller things at no cost to this Cat!
    My initial contact with them the second time around was much more pleasant than the first time. All in all, I'm pretty sure Volvo is very aware of the faulty GM tranny they put in the T6's. The guys at Ken Garff told me they were going to recalibrate the software for the torque that the T6 puts out in attempt to reduce the wear and tear on the tranny.
    I bought the Volvo because my wife is hauling my 3 young children around and I wanted to get her a solid and safe car. I was told the Volvo was bullet proof! After owning this XC90 I can honestly say I would be hard pressed to purchase another newer Volvo!
    I think the domestic companies (Ford in this case) get their hands on the engineering and parts in the Volvo and the car goes to crap. If I wanted domestic, I would have purchased a Jeep! But, I think they know that. That is why they are mucking up what the Swedes did pretty well.
    My other ride is a Jeep. I am a patriot, just please let the Swedes continue on with their parts and design of a great car.

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your disaster! It sounds to me like the tranny went out and could have therefore seized the engine. Were you traveling at high speeds when this all happened? Was the tachometer registering at above normal RPM's when you were driving steady? If it started because of the tranny, I would certainly get in touch with your local dealer and speak with them.
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