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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • wasagabeachwasagabeach Posts: 9
    edited March 2010
    Hi Palkardot. You have my sympathies. Mine went (T6,XC90,04) at approx. 126,000 km. Are u in the States or Canada. I know a location in Canada that will fix it, all in, for $1,800.00.
  • I am in bend OR. I just had to have my tranny radiator and connecting parts replaced. I called volvo NW and they told me to talk to the service manager and have them contact them if they do not help you. Volvo NW will have a rep contact the dealer. I only had to pay a 600 "deductable". My car is a 2004 xc90 t6 with 86000. Good luck, if they give you a problem to them you are part of the class action suite and are talking with the lawyer.
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    I need information....(2005 T6 XC90)

    I am meeting with a volvo Rep on Monday. They are going to hook up to my car some meter that records the sounds of my engine as it shifts or the lack of shifting between gears.

    First, has anyone had an issue with driving in 3rd or 4th gear where you back off the gas and then it locks in the higher gear at 1500RPMs? It stays in lock-up anywhere between 38 and 45MPH and does not shift to the lower (3rd or 2nd) gear. You have to punch the gas to get it to shift into the correct gear.

    I was originally told that this was "normal". That I should shift the car manually if I didn't like it.

    Volvo dropped on me that they want to put this to rest. I want to know if this is normal. For me, this only started occuring AFTER the new transmission was put in. I have not been able to find anyone thus far who has seen this on their own vehicle. Volvo now says that they are going to have me sit in another volvo and show me this happens.

    So what is normal? My car and one other? 1 in 100? If this is normal, shouldn't this occur in every car? I have the feeling that they are going to run me over on Monday.

    Any advice that anyone can give me would be great.
  • I'm in the states. Looking around now for a used tranny so I can at least trade in for some value.
  • dunningdunning Posts: 4
    Hi jbs05 -
    I hope your meeting went well today and I wish I had seen your post sooner. Our 03 T6 is in the shop - has been for a week and a half for the tranny (we only bought it a month and a half/1700 miles ago w/ 56K on the odometer, thankfully with an $$$ extended warranty).
    Driving at 40mph was unnerving - it would do exactly the same thing that you explained - lock into 4th gear when it should have been in 3rd gear, at the most. It would also hesitate about every 10mph interval when accelerating trying to decide what it should do with itself, it seemed. I REALLY hope that when we finally get it back from the shop this will be remedied.
    Good luck to us all! Sounds like I can probably expect to go through this at least once more before my (aftermarket) warranty is up :confuse:
  • ziekziek Posts: 2

    So sad to hear of all these trany problems...and wondering if I'm about to join the club of sorry souls. I purchased an XC 90 2005 T6 with 65K, luckily with an extended warranty. After the 1st oil change at 70K, the car will not go into Reverse. The dealer replaced the oil fire box and gasket at this time due to an oil leak and replaced all fluids. It will not go into Reverse so I shift it into neutral, drive forward a few inches and when I put it into Reverse again, it will not move backward. When I step on the gas in Rev. it sounds as if something is buckling underneath...Could this be a transmission problem or are the brakes somehow locked up?
  • archtk1archtk1 Posts: 1
    My dealer recently replaced my 2004 XC90 T6 transmission, radiator, and transmission cooler for a cost of $9,000. The car had 54,000 miles on it. I had no extended warranty. I was told that the radiator fluid leaked into the transmission cooler. That's what caused the transmission failure (metal filings were seen). I was also told that there have been a number of reasons that these transmissions have failed. The radiator leakage issue was #1 in the dealer's opinion. They had not seen a failure due simply to a "undersized" transmission being used in 2004 (the Pontiac transmission). I would like to know what others have been told regarding the reason(s) that their transmissions failed. What would cause the radiator to leak into the transmission cooler? Can this happen again? The dealer did not know what model year the "remanufactured" transmission he was shipped from Volvo was. Could my replacement transmission now be a remanufactured 2004 (90% new parts)? Or, is Volvo smart enough to ship 2005 or later transmissions when a replacement is made? By the way, Volvo paid for all the work - the entire $9,000. While the vehicle was in the shop, I did pay $1,500 for new brakes, rotors, and some other stuff. I do have a one year warranty on the transmission and related work even though Volvo paid the dealer.

    BIGGER QUESTION: Beyond the cost and aggravation of the replacement noted above, another issue has surfaced. After driving the vehicle for about three days (+/- 100 miles) with the reconditioned transmission, my first gear failed almost entirely. I was trying to merge into a high speed road. Instead of accelerating normally, the vehicle moved like a slow snail. I pushed the accelerator all the way to floor and very little happened. Oncoming cars swerved, horns were honked, and I just missed getting killed! I was able to nurse the vehicle to my house. The same problem occurred each time I stopped for a light or a stop sign. It happened a total of seven times in all. No warning light on the dashboard. No issues with other gears.

    The vehicle was towed to the dealer. After a week in their shop and (I'm told) many test miles, the dealer could not replicate the problem. No computer codes came up.

    The dealer and Volvo both say they can do nothing for me unless the problem surfaces again. I explained that I was afraid to drive the vehicle again after my close call.

    Another dealer told me that the only option he saw would be to sell the vehicle for parts. Mind you, this XC90 has been pampered. It looks and runs as if it is virtually new - except for this one problem. The book value is around $16K. I really want to keep it, but the safety issue is a big problem.

    What would you do in my case? Would you drive the vehicle or sell it? What recourse, if any, do I have with either the dealer or Volvo?

    I have to make a decision in the next day or two.

  • ptz1ptz1 Posts: 1
    I've (now) been bitten by the trannie-bug (at 150km) and I'm from Canada.... so could you let me know where you've taken yours, to be repaired?

  • jr01741jr01741 Posts: 3
    I have XC90 2005, 45,500 miles. This car completely locked down this morning in my garage. It does not move either way, even in neutral. Looks like a parking break is ON, although it's not. Does anyone have had similar experience? What could be a problem? I have never seen this kind of problem in any car.
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 64

    I live in the states and took mine to a Volvo dealer called Gengras Motor Cars in East Hartford, CT.
    I would strongly recommend a Volvo dealer in case you have future problems after this.
    Good luck.

  • ziekziek Posts: 2
    Hi jr01741,
    In answer to your question...YES! I could not go into reverse at all. It would not move...just like the parking break was on. After several attempts and needing to get out, I just put in into reverse and floored it until it moved back. It did so after buckling underneath...believe me it did not sound healthy. I took it to the dealer and this was just after an oil change and inspection, and told them about the problem. They checked it out on the lift and said they didn't see anything, but that maybe it was rust in the parking break or a rock which freed itself. Who knows? I'be been driving it now for 2 days and it seems good luck! Try it!
  • jr01741jr01741 Posts: 3
    Hi Ziek,
    That sounds very scary; but thanks for the tip. Make me feel a lot better. I will call an experienced volvo mechanic in town and try your method tomorrow. Keep me posted please.
  • Mine went at 126k, xc90t6, 2004. I had wonderful service at a shop in Collingwood, Ontario called: Baywash Auto. They completely replaced and improved on the transmission with better parts etc. for $1800.00. Runs like new now and 20% cooler than before. NA Volvo is shafting customers in this year of volvo and other years with transmissions from GM used in little wee light Sunbirds. They're a terrible replacement tranny in comparision with what Sweden originally offered. There's no way they can handle the weight and torque of an SUV of this size. No brainer but the $ dictates what's "reasonable" for these big auto players. Good luck!
  • We just got rid of our xc90 not too long ago. transmission was replaced at 32 thousand miles and was already acting up again at 50 thousand miles. We took a bath on it and got 3 thousand less than we owed even though it was in mint condition. it was t6 model. watch out for your next transmission failure. I understand the stress some of you have gone through and just know hang in there and stay on there backs to cover this transmission.
  • jr01741jr01741 Posts: 3
    Hi Ziek,
    After talking to two mechanics, I decided to follow your suggestion. It worked!! Somewhat noisy and a little resistance; but it rolled out without any apparent damage. Thanks for an excellent suggestion. I will take the car to a mechanic shortly to check it up.
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    Hey dunning -

    Yes we had the meeting and am waiting to hear. Got the same crud from the rep about this being the way it "should" run. They had me test drive two other cars on the lot to prove that it does happen on other vehicles. If this is normal, I would think it would happen on ALL vehicles, not just the two they found. They are suposed to get back to me after talking with the engineers. It hangs in 4th at 1500rpms from 35 to 45 mphs. This is what they call lock-up, a gas-saving feature...yeah right.

    Anyways, I as still fighting it since I do a lot of in-town driving at 35-45 mph and it drives me crazy.
  • hhay26hhay26 Posts: 1
    I am Heather Hayslett and I have a 2004 Volvo XC90. I love my SUV and am considering purchasing a newer model. I was driving my SUV 2 days ago and the vehicle seemed to get stuck in 3rd gear and would not accelerate. It eventually caught gear and was followed by a dashboard message of "Transmission Service Urgent". I drove and parked the SUV at my mother’s home immediately. The next morning I cranked the vehicle up, the service light was gone and I drove the car home with no issues. A few hours later, I drove the SUV to run an errand and the vehicle began to respond in the same manner as it did before and the service message returned. I decided to try and make it back to my mother’s home, which was nearby and park it. While stopped at an intersection the car would not move. I pressed the gas repeatedly and car would not accelerate. I put my hazard lights on and cut the vehicle off. Once I restarted, it moved into 1st gear but would not shift any further. After a series of cutting the engine off and on repeatedly, I was able to make it to my destination, which was about 2 miles away. I noticed on your site that other complaintents, from the U.S., Australia, and Canada received repair and service at no cost to them after contacting their local Volvo dealership as well as the Volvo customer care line. I have proceeded with my complaint in the same manner. I contacted my local dealership and i;m waiting for a response. I
  • bobvobobvo Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 XC-90 with 118,0000 miles. The idiot lights went on and said get immediately for service. Had it flatbedded to dealership. Service man said the code indicated transmision problem. He said needed to spend $4500 for complete installation of transmission. You know this car has had clangin and hesitation for a year. You tell the service people this and they of course can't find a problem until its now to late. Why would I want to spend $4500 for a new transmittion. The car is compromised. I can't believe these transmissions are any good. Service man says they will talk to Volvo, maybe they will give me an allowance since we service our car routinely. Yeah right. Anybody got any information for me, Thanks

  • joeiwmsjoeiwms Posts: 10
    Yes, definitely keep up with talking to Volvo corporate. I have a 2005 xc90 with over 100,000 miles and had the same problem with my car. They paid for all of it but $1000. I was grateful because I was quoted $6500. So don't give up. I'm sure they will help out.
  • brucem01brucem01 Posts: 1
    Hay sadabout, I just bought a 2004 xc90 t6 from Lithia in medford. All the post have now left me scared. It has 65000 miles and runs beautifully at this time (5 hrs into it)
    Do you think I need to return this thing now (as in its a ticking time bomb) or do you think its worth keeping. I did by an extended warranty with the purchase.
    Any input would be grateful
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