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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • laura66laura66 Posts: 1
    The EXACT same situation happened with my 04 XC90. My car is currently in the shop awaiting a response from Volvo, as to whether or not they are going to provide some assistance with the cost of replacing the new transmission. I had all 4 of my kids in the car at the time, and was nearly hit from behind, when my car failed to accelerate at the traffic light.
    Good Luck
  • Just took my wife car in today tranny went. 04 xc90 T6 . Almost got hit from behind when i was on my way to the dealer. Car would not accelerate had to pull over real quick because a truck was behind. Waiting on a response too. She is pretty upset she really like the car. Wanted to buy her a BMW X5 but that's what she liked. Because it's rated for safety and seats seven. It proves today that it's far from being safe.

    ps. They wanted to charge me almost $7000 to replace it.
  • klk52klk52 Posts: 1
    Dropped off my 04 XC90 yesterday at the dealer. Received a call from the dealer that Volvo was taking care of the Transmission and also a new Radiator. No fuss, No hassles. I bought this car used 2 years ago because I thought it would be a reliable car that would last. I love the car and am glad that Volvo sees there is a problem and is taking care of it.
  • They are trying to tell me that they will only cover a third of the cost.
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 64
    Hi Everyone,

    So, I'm one of the many unfortunate masses that is on my second transmission. I'm now being told I need new tie rod ends, this on a 2005? I thought I had seen some posts where other XC90 owners had major front end issues. Any of you still out there?

  • badxc90badxc90 Posts: 1
    My 2nd transmission just went out on my 101000 mile XC90. first one was covered under the extended warranty plan and this one is about 1000 miles over. Dealer wants 7500.00 to replace would you happen to have contact infor for Volvo NW??
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 64

    I talked to Volvo myself this week to no avail on tie rods. But with the transmission, this is what I did.
    First, filed a complaint with Volvo on line
    Second, complaint to NTSB on line
    Third, complaint to Consumer Protection for my state
    Fourth, complaint to Atty General for my state-all on line.

    Let Volvo know when I spoke to them that I was not happy again, as there was a recall on the ball joints-but she wouldn't budge. They are very aware of all the postings on this site due to all these issues. Keep bugging, and the more we all put in writing, the more I hope we make an impact-these cars shouldn't have these types of issues.
    Good luck

  • brouha_habrouha_ha Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I'm going through the same problem that you did. My transmission cooler ruptured and there was cross talk between the cooling lines and the transmission. The result was shuddering and a strawberry milkshake in the overflow reservoir. Fortunately the dealer that sold me the vehicle is fixing it as a goodwill gesture as I had owned it for only a month. They really are stepping up for me and I appreciate it.

    I was wondering if any of you that had this problem had any subsequent problems after getting this repaired. The Volvo dealer is going to replace the radiator and Transmission and I believe the lines between them. But this was scary. I think I need an extended warranty. Any suggestions?


    2006 XC90 V8 w 50k miles
  • volvoinozvolvoinoz Posts: 2
    Hi Heather & Laura
    The exact same thing happened with my 2004 XC90 at about the same time except we are the other side of the world in australia. Did you have any luck with your complaint to Volvo? I am not happy as today on the way to its 105 000km service the "Transmission Service Urgent" went on again and I nearly had a car ride into the back of me when I failed to accelerate going around a traffic circle! Every time I stopped I didn't know if I would get going again!
  • volvoinozvolvoinoz Posts: 2
    ps they said we need a new transmission at AU$7500 so i'm really not happy!
  • goldentixgoldentix Posts: 13
    I bought a brand new 2004 Volvo XC 90 and my first transmission crapped out at only 15,000 miles. So I got a brand new transmission. And 35,000 miles that one crapped out again. Once again, a new transmission. I only have 51,000 miles on my car now but my extended warranty is going to end next year and it's already paid for one transmission. Bottom line....I traded in the car today because I feel certain I will need another transmission again based on what's already happened to me. And I certainly don't want to risk spending $6,000 to $10,000 more on a transmission on a car that is already devalued due to the transmission problem. I am losing money on my trade-in, and my dealer said "it would be worth probably $4,000 more if it wasn't known to have a transmission problem."

    Ironically, I have traded it for the Volvo XC60 as I loved everything about the Volvo except for the transmission and there have been no problems I have heard about with the XC 60.

    And the bottom line is that, with only 51,000 miles on the car, I absolutely would have kept the XC 90 it except that I didn't want to risk paying for a new transmission which I felt certain I would do based on it's history (and note that I only did flat road and freeway driving---never did anything unusual with the car).
  • tomv4tomv4 Posts: 1
    I just had my transmission and radiator and lines all replaced free in Portland Or said there was a computer problem with the shifting but I was glad i did not pay anything with 88,000 miles. I also had my tie rods done about 3,000 miles free there must of been some kind of problem but I am having some tie rod problems again and they don't want to fix them again? I love the car but I wish it got better gas mileage. Tomv4
  • maggie44maggie44 Posts: 1
    I had the same surprising experience. My 2005 XC 90 with 84K miles needed a new transmission and radiator. The price quoted was $6700. I asked my service advisor to call the regional sales manager to see what Volvo would contribute. I also called Volvo USA at 800-458-1552 and they opened a "case." The rep at Volvo USA told me Volvo was aware there was a problem with the T6 transmission and if the car had under 100K miles, "Volvo would do the right thing." She was right. Without any arguing or haggling on my part, Volvo is paying for 100% of the new transmission. I was dealing with Superior Volvo in Kansas City. It is part of the Hendricks automotive group. Good luck to everyone else.
  • kschnitzkschnitz Posts: 5
    I have a 2005 XC90 with about the same mileage. My transmission has been showing problems for about a year now but it just keeps on trucking! Volvo has checked it out twice now and has even replicated the problem but says they can't do anything until the "trasmission urgent" light comes on...which it hasn't!! Did you expereience problems leading up to your transmission failure? Did you get a "transmission urgent" code when your transmission failed? I'm just worried with the mileage that they I will go beyone 100,000 and they won't fix the problem.
  • kimnjackkimnjack Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 XC90 (93,0000 miles) that has given us intermittent transmission problems over the last 2 years. The dealership had not been able to replicate the problem until recently. We were out of town in a torrential rain storm and on our way home, the car would not shift out of 3rd gear. We finally gunned the engine and it shifted and we made our way home. The dealership diagnosed the problem and said we needed a new transmission--the cost over $5000. We contacted Volvo after reading about the extensive widespread transmission problem. They agreed to pay for the parts if we covered the labor. After having my car for over 3 weeks, we finally got it back and it's performing well. It was definately undriveable and scary before it was repaired. I would be interested in learning why Volvo hasn't recalled the transmission and is replacing them all for free. However, the manager told me to keep my receipt and if they ever do recall the transmissions, I'll get my $1200 back.
  • maltesqmaltesq Posts: 1
    My XC90 has 101K miles and the transmission just went with no warning except the dreaded message "Transmission Service Urgent".. It would seem to me that the message would better read "$7,500 repair ahead". My dealer offered us a slight discount on the repair and I filed a complaint with Volvocare. No response yet. Given the enormous issues with the XC90 transmissions, I'm surprised no one has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer for defective engineering design.
  • jsw66jsw66 Posts: 2
    I am a single mom with a transmission that has just died on my 2005 XC90 at only 65,000K. I have called Volvo USA and they said I had to start with the dealership. Do you still have any of the information or contacts that helped you with this? I bought this car thinking it would last me years and now I am in this nightmare!
  • jsw66jsw66 Posts: 2
    i am seeing several people state that their transmission problem was taken care of at no cost. Where was yours replaced??
  • kimnjackkimnjack Posts: 2
    When I filed a claim with Volvo, my major complaint was that I had problems with the transmission several services before the warranty ran out. They checked with the dealership and confirmed this so they agreed to pay for the parts. I think if we didn't have problems earlier, they may not have been so generous.
  • I too am having the problems with the 2004 XC90. I bought this for my wife in April, before I left for Iraq ,as it was supposed to be a great family car and we needed the room for our upcoming baby. Unfortunately about 2 months later the transmission started crapping out. I contacted Volvo NA, even though we are in Germany, since the vehicle was purchased through Military Car Sales. They are trying to help me as much as they can. We are waiting on the results of the Service Center test. If it states that we need a new transmission then Volvo will investigate. It's frustrating though since I am stuck in Iraq and my wife is 2 weeks from childbirth. The Service Center tech said it would cost between 5-6,000 EURO to replace if we need a new transmission. It will probably be the last Volvo I ever buy.
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