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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • Well, I didn't buy mine at a Volvo dealer, I bought it at a Toyota dealer. I had no warranty and I never did any maintenance at a Volvo dealer because they're too damn expensive. However, Volvo agreed to pay for mine - not sure why wouldn't agree to pay for yours. If I were you, I would fight it and not pay for it. Keep calling Volvo. Tell them that there are thousands of complaints online that this is a well-documented problem and Volvo should stand behind their product. Print out all these complaints at volvo forums and send them a letter directly to volvo (that's what I was planning to do if they did not agree to pay for it). I think it may depend on the dealer too. My dealer, although I didn't use them for anything before (besides a fuel hatch door repair which was nothing), they fought for me and I ended up paying nothing. FIGHT for it. Keep calling them. They will pay for it. But don't forget to be nice and polite every time you call.
  • Yes the same happened to me. I did have the service done at the Volvo dealer and yes you are right they are really expensive. I declined one service and then the transmission urgent light came on. I was told that it would be 4300.00 to have it fixed. we already had a case with volvo of america so they said take it to the dealer and they would get back to us. The manger at the dealer was on the phone foe 5 minutes then said that Volvo would not fix the problem that we had to fix it. We later found out that because the car had 100 thousand miles on it volvo was not going to fix it, even when they know that the transmission is crap. We sent about 5-6 letters to Volvo of america asking them for help because we to still owe money on a car that we could not drive. They sent us a letter about a month ago asking us not to send anymore letters because they would be ignored and that there was know way that they would fix the transmission. So you can worry, Volvo will not stand behind that car.
  • I recenlty had my transmission replaced on my 2005 XC90. Shortly affter getting my truck back, I got an error message that the coolant was low. I took it back to the dealer and they told me that it needed a sensor and charged me almost $400. A few weeks later I got the same message and my "check engine" light came on. I took it back to the dealer and now they're telling me that coolant is leaking in my engine and I need my head gasket replaced and it's going to cost me about $4,400. They are saying that this is unrelated to the transmission. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • Nick

    Thank you so much for your detailed post. I own a 2004 XC90 T6 with 60K miles and had a complete transmission failure this weekend. I will begin addressing first thing monday morning. If not for my search on the internet and this forum in particular I would not have known about the transmissions issues on the XC90. I will post my progress.
  • After reading hundreds of posts on various sites about the XC90 and transmission failures, I decided to share our experiences with our XC90.
    We purchased a 2004 XC90 T-6 AWD used from a dealer in 2005. Thankfully we decided to spend the extra money and purchase an extended warranty to cover all maintenance up to 110,000 miles. We have had 2 axles, motor mounts, fuel pump, sun roof leaks and as of this past Saturday, the transmission failed on this vehicle. Like I said, we have the warranty and all of these repairs have been covered in full with exception of a small deductible. The transmission has been slipping for about 3 months now and the Volvo dealer has kept telling us that they cannot find anything wrong with it. Saturday on the way back from the beach, it started slipping real bad and slipping out of gear. About the time we arrrived home the "Transmission Service Urgent" light came on and it would not make it up our driveway. I had it towed to Volvo of Tampa on Sunday and by the time I arrived in the service department on Monday morning, they had it back in the shop, handed me the keys to a new 2010 XC90 and said to drive it until they found the problem. My service advisor called around noon that day to let me know the transmission had to be replaced and it was covered by my warranty. That extended warranty was expensive however we are way ahead now with this transmission problem. I would recommend anyone who has the XC90 to purchase an extended warranty. If you are in the Tampa area, they have the best service department I have ever dealt with. I also think that having a professional service advisor working with you can make all the difference in the world.
  • Party Punter - which Minneapolis dealer?

    We bought ours at Borton Volvo, it was under warranty, the transmission first died at 40000 miles in 2008 and it was under warranty.

    Warranty is now expired and it appears transmission has failed again - we couldn't even get it up the driveway. So we are back where we started years ago, but with no warranty.

    Any hints?
  • Can anyone tell me if you've succeeded in any class action or recall there in the USA. I'm in Australia and we are experiencing the same issues with failed transmissions, and Volvo shirking responsibility based on the fact that the 3 year warranty period is over. I'd like to hear what your solutions have been, what authorities have been interested in doing something about it, and where you're at with it. And just so you all know, Volvo state that 'they are unable to comment on what has been written on public forums, as these online forums are not a reliable source of mechanical/technical information'. How's that for listening to their customers! They are choosing to ignore the fact that they created a lemon, which coincidentally was discontinued after 2 years.
  • Post your experiences of failed transmissions on the Volvo page on Facebook. And have a look through Discussions. This is set up for Volvo customer comments and they should be made aware of how many of us have had this problem and are out of pocket with what should have been a recall.
  • HI,

    I bought mine used and ran out of warranty as well. Here is what I did and what I've posted previously and has helped many others on the Forum as well.

    1. File a written complaint to your State Attorney General
    2. File an on line complaint to the NTSB
    3. File an on line complaint to Volvo
    4. File a complaint to your State's Dept of Consumer Protection

    Let Volvo know or make one letter and cc in all parties. Let Volvo know you learned of this in this Forum-as they are aware of it-and keep pushing. This shouldn't be happening to these cars over and over again, period. Good luck and report back on the Forum how you made out, but deal with your local Volvo dealer. Some people have had luck with aftermarket transmissions, but I didn't go that route and was fortunate to have a new transmission, oil lines, cooling lines, and a brand new radiator from Volvo.

    Wishing you well!

  • Hey Alex, can you give me more detail on this class action you're talking about having begun? I'd like to find out more and get a firm in Australia on to the same thing. If Volvo won't reimburse me for my tranny, I'm sure as hell not going away quietly. They don't call me Erin Brockovitch for nothing.
    I'm in Sydney, Australia. Look forward to hearing from you, or any other readers with any class action info.
  • Hi Alex
    I purchased my Volvo from the Gold Coast and when my transmission went at 80,000klms they didnt want to know me. I phoned then emailed the Sydney HO and they offered to pay half originally and when I started referring to this being a common problem in the US that is being ignore is Australia I got some interest. Eventually they paid for the new transmission $7K and I paid for the service $1200. They had Brisbane put the new transmission in and they gave me a loan car for 3 weeks while the parts arrived. They only gave me a 12 month warranty but they are responsible as its not a reasonable expectation for a car of this value.You really have to really make a song and dance and they'll pretend its not a common problem until you start quoting the US and their class action. I would also get onto NRMA as they have standards they can quote as acceptable.
    Good Luck.
  • Greetings to all. I add my name to the shockingly long list of XC90 customers that feel completely shafted with their purchase and ownership of the "top of the line" Volvo. Just this week my 2004 XC90, with just 87,000 KM (45k miles) had its transmission without warning go out. The dealer here in Spain has offered me 4k EUR for the car "as is" or I can fix it for 6,000 EUR. What a joke! This car was purchased new just 6 years ago for nearly 60k EUR. How is that for a high cost of ownership? Volvo, place you safety and trust in us - but for the highest cost of ownership anywhere in the world. I am shocked that Volvo has not stepped forward and taken responsibility for such a clear fault on their part. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice.......Volvo you will NEVER get that chance!
  • xc90_60kxc90_60k Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    To all

    I like many here thought I was stuck with an out of warranty Volvo and even had my car towed to a transmission shop. After doing an internet search as an almost afterthought I followed the advice here and went to my dealership and politely explained my situation and acknowledged I had ceased to use the dealer for service. To my pleasant surprise I was provided a new transmission and radiator at minimal diagnostic cost. The radiator replacement I believe is due to the potential for metal in the system which could damage the new transmission. I was without the Volvo for only three days.

    My experience I think had to do with the fact that I was informed and civil and working with a similar party on the other side. I did not have to work with Volvo USA or issue threats, although those were viable follow up paths.

    My personal experience with Volvo was exemplary and exceeded all expectations.
  • 04xtc04xtc Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Yep, just bought my 2004 T6 from a corner lot 45 days ago. Transmission failure the other day - 89,000 miles,

    Took it to the large local Volvo dealer and guess what!? Volvo is paying for the brand new transmission, radiator etc. 100% including labor.

    I'm so happy!!! This dealer has won me over as new customer. After this, I'll be servicing my 2004 XC90 with them.
  • zullozullo Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Bought mine brand new off the Volvo lot . . . 10 miles on it. The transmission always sounds like it is in a high gear . . .feels jumpy when driving in the city. Think stop sign and then go . . .almost feels like the gears never smoothly transition. Took it in twice. First time, they reprogramed computer, telling me it was in a sporty setting. Next time had a tech drive with me and after a day of it being on the lot I could not duplicate how it drove when I brought it in so I figured just something I misunderstood. Now weeks later I have noticed that same sound and feeling of being in a higher gear and rpm's. What is going on? Should I find a different dealer to fix this? The car was purchased June 2010 and I want to take full advantage of the warranty before I end up cutting a check or worse, cutting out paper dolls. So far, I regret the purchase!
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 64

    Is your vehicle the XC90 or the new Volvo XC 60? I know other XC70 wagons have had complaints with the transmission as well, but they stopped making the XC90, debating about another Volvo and would like to know what you purchased.

  • zullozullo Posts: 2
    Lisa, mine is a brand new XC90. Year is 2010. I don't recall the dealer saying this was the last year to produce the car and I even saw an ad on here for the 2011 XC90 Volvo. Maybe I am misunderstanding your posting.

  • nigel7nigel7 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    G'day,a few days ago my wife informed me (I work away) that our 2005 XC90 has had transmission failure,she took it to Premier Volvo who told her it would cost us $7600 to replace transmission.I called them and reminded them that we have had all services through them,bought it second hand 18mths ago from them and car has complete history with them since new and it has only done 70,000kmsThey get back to me that as a good will gesture Volvo will pay some of cost and I will only pay $4650.Wife needs car so I say go ahead and fix it.I then started reading these forums.Unfortunately Im away from Perth otherwise I would go and see them face to face, but Im in a remote area and its not easy to make calls.Has anyone had any luck in Australia getting a better deal out of Volvo,or is this as good as I can expect to get?
  • Yes I got not help from the local dealer on the Gold Coast so rang head office in Sydney.They only offered partial assistance until I advised I was reading the blogs and this is a common problem with the XC90 that is widely reported on a number of blogs. They tried to deny it was an issue but I offered to send them numerous copies of the complaints. I also mentioned that I had spoken to the state road service and that a car of this cost, quality and reputation needing a new transmission at 80,000 klms(mine) was not normal wear and tear. Volvo eventual organised a dealer in Brisbane to do the work at a cost of a service, $1200, that I paid and they provided the new transmission at no cost to me. The dealer even loaned us another XC90 for 3 weeks while they waited for the part and did the work at no cost. Jump up and down with Volvo head office, mention the state road service getting involved and Dept of Fair Trading, even the newspapers to investigate and they'll do a deal.
    Good Luck
  • I don't have the T6 but I have a 2005 XC90 V8. Just after warranty expiration the air conditioner blower went out - $1500 to repair. Today my transmission went out for the fourth time. 3 transmissions while under warranty and now it has failed for the fourth time. I have 60,000 miles on the car. I am the original owner. Car has always been serviced on schedule by the dealership.
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