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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • The most public issue is with the T-6, I have the V8 and I am on my FOURTH transmission. Volvo CLAIMS they switched to a better Yamaha Transmission and it solved the problem but I am having the same issues the owners of the T-6 had where the fluid leaks into the transmission and ruins it. By the way, I am the original owner, have always serviced the car on time at the dealership and I have just over 60,000 miles on it. Transmission 3 was installed at 40,000 miles and another 20,000 miles later.....I think this will prove to be a problem with the V-8s as well as the T-6s.
  • So far, Volvo has paid for all 4 transmissions - even the one that failed out of warranty. I would usually find this admirable - considering the number of issues owners have had with transmissions I'm starting to think this is more indicative of guilt. Anyone with transmission problems like these - PLEASE post a report on the NHTSB website. It may launch an investigation into this tremendous safety hazard.
  • Do you have a V-8? My 2005 XC90 V-8 is on transmission number 4 at just over 60,000 miles. I'm aware of the actions on the T-6 but I have asked an attorney to look into legal action on the V-8 as well. I was unable to find a current action on this model with the exception of the leaking moonroof which causes the moldy smell many have complained of.
  • Thanks for sharing your post. Could you please tell me who is heading up the class action suit? Do you have any contact information. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as everyone else on this blog.
    Thanks again!
  • Hi Rebekah, what country are you in? If USA the class action lawyers are Chimicles and Tikellis, google it. In Australia, contact me on
    For everyone's information, my research indicates 50% of the T6 models have had their transmissions fail.
  • My 2004 XC90 experienced transmission failure 2 years ago at 59,000 miles. The transmission was replaced though getting it done took a month. Last week, while traveling 300 miles from Atlanta, the transmission failed, again. The car had to be towed back to my Volvo dealer (a very expensive tow).

    My Volvo dealer replaced the transmission, without charge. There was no argument and no delay (and not a GM tranny). I had my car back witnin days.
  • HI to all,

    Just joined the site and am a new owner of an '05 XC90.T^. I unfortunately found out out about the issue after buying one of these units even though I searched online a bit before buying and did not see the tranny issues until too late. I bought the vehicle out of Texas and imported it into Canada. What are my chances of getting work done in the US or Canada if need be?

    The tranny is not giving me issues and although expect it is the same tranny that has all the problems, I am not sure. The tag from the tranny has a number of letters, numbers on it. I found this site and discussion based on the numbers following :

    A135 400. Other alpha-numeric identifies are as follows:

    T615TP P8689242 WKJKF TP.

    Is this the problem tranny?
  • The xc90 with the bad tranny is the 6 cylinder turbo, 2.9 liter.(the T6). These were only put in the '03, '04', and '05 models. Your post has a typo that says you have an '05 xc90 T^--I assume you meant a T6. If that's the engine you have, you have one of the bad GM trannies. An earlier poster indicated his research showed a failure rate of about 50 per cent. Most of these failures happen early--at 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Hope you got in the better half of the 50 per cent. In the edmund reviews on the '04 ( i think) xc90's, someone said they had had 167,000 trouble free miles on their T6 xc90--and no transmission problems. There's always hope I guess.
  • From my research here in Australia, the transmission failures range from 20,000kms to 165,000kms. That averages out at 95,000kms. For those of you who talk miles, that equates to an average of 59,000miles. Who could possibly think it's ok for 1 in 2 transmissions to fail in this XC90 T6 model, without Volvo taking some serious responsibility for this? How many owners do you reckon are having to cop the line from Volvo that as the three year warranty is expired, the owner is going to have to pay AUS$8000 to recondition? No matter where you bought your T6, where you've had it serviced, there was always going to be a 50% chance the transmission was going to fail and a very big chance it would be out of warranty period, and up to you to try to negotiate for Volvo cover it, or pay for it yourself. And from what you read in this forum, sometimes Volvo will help with costs, sometimes not. Note that most other reputable car brands offer warranties that are eg. 3year OR 100,000kms. Not Volvo on our T6's! Volvo are knowingly selling and reselling a vehicle that does not have reasonable reliability. Speak out about this!
  • tostiktostik Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    I agree. Totally unacceptable--and unbelieveable, given Volvo's by-gone reputation.
  • Thanks for your insight, Tim
  • I stated a few weeks ago about my transmission going out on the highway heading to Seould, Korea. I contacted Volvo, in Germany, where I purchased it, who forwarded my information to Sweden becasue there was nothing they could do to help. I sent the repair cost, W 7,000,000, which is about $6500 American dollars. Sweden informed me to contact volvo North America. Well to make a long story short, I mad the phone call and within 5 minutes the lady told me to get it fixed by a volvo dealership and mail the receipt for reimbursement. It will be in the mail tomorrow.
  • We have the same car. Transmission repaired at 35,000 for $4000 a year ago. Now engine repair $7000, 56,000 miles. Needless to say, my husband loved this car and we thought it would run forever. Guess we should have done some research. How can Volvo have such a good reputation? Everyone thinks it is safe, reliable, good value. Maybe it is because the boxy old style seems to be still out there. Unfortunately, such is not the case. My son has a 2000 Toyota Solara with 60,000 miles with the original trani and engine. Ditching the car after the repair. Has no value otherwise. At least it will have a 1 year warranty on the engine repair. Hopefully the transmission with hold out.
  • I am about to pull the trigger on a 2004 XC90 w/ the T6 tranny. Looks like this has a very high percentage rate of failure. I currently have a 2003 5 cylinder w/ 105K miles that I got used at 65K. No problems really except 2 tie rods & now my radiator is "stuck" on full blast. I was hoping to get into a new XC90 w/ lower mileage but it looks like this is a big risk w/ the 6 cylinder. I have read that some folks got a 100% replacement from Volvo USA but that doesn't seem like a certainty. Am I crazy to get this car w/ 68K miles? Maybe I should insist the 3rd party dealer gives me a warranty up to 100K or something. I don't expect to have the car after 100K (will sell it before that). Thoughts?
  • Have the "opportunity" to purchase an excellent condition and dealer maintained '05 XC90 T6 with 46K miles for a reasonable price. Am concerned with the transmission problem. Seems Volvo is now taking $$$ responsibility for the issue. But will they continue to do so??? Buy or avoid and look for an '07?
  • eldagseldags Posts: 6
    Unfortunately my 2005 T6 XC90 (with 115,000+/- miles) has the same transmission problem as everyone has, it goes to high gear right away with that alert to get the transmission serviced immediately! According to a very reliable shop I just took it to, no other choice but to replace the transmission. They don't even want it reconditioned. It will cost $ 7,000 +/-. This is my first Volvo and was convinced of its quality reputation when I bought it brand new.

    By now Volvo should no longer ignore this problem. I traded my Yukon with 125,000 mi with no problem with this Volvo. What a shame. I have a 1999 MBZ E430 with 165,000 mi with no problem.

    Does anybody have an idea as to what concerted effort we can all make to make Volvo listen to our problems?

  • kmart5kmart5 Posts: 11
    I haven't posted in a while but just put my '04 XC90 (88K) in the shop last week for a different problem but ,of course, I mentioned the tranny slipping also. The service writer indicated he was aware the problem is common but had to follow a series of Volvo-prescribed steps to determine the cause and then could possibly request financial assistance from Volvo North America. I told him (nicely) that I was following the issue on this forum and knew these tranny's were being replaced free of charge. He didn't seem surprised. He called me the next day and said Volvo approved a one-time customer retention replacement (the whole thing - trans, radiator, cooling hoses, etc.) free of charge. My dealership is Volvo of Orange County in Santa Ana, CA. I believe they must have campaigned on my behalf a least a little bit - they were very polite & and professional. I'm thankful I didn't have to argue a bit as I was bracing for a fight.
  • Mine just went out too. I have 108 on mine, Volvo will pay for the transmission, but I have to pick up labor. It looks like the same thing radiator, and some wheel items as well. I guess just paying for the labor is not as bad as the entire cost, although still expensive.
  • Stay away!!!!!! my first was replaced at 48K second at 108K , Volvo is picking up the cost of transmission I have to pick up labor
  • eldagseldags Posts: 6
    Thanks for the very important info. How much did Volvo ask for the labor cost?
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