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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • kmart5kmart5 Posts: 11
    When I was at the dealer, they had me sign the work order and they gave me a copy but my copy just has "no charge" where the rates would be. The service writer put a lot of text on the invoice including "the customer has realized over $7000 is savings". Also, something like " this is a one-time repair with no warrantee"
  • This just happened to my 2005 XC90 T6 as well. I have not gotten an error message, but the transmission started slipping hard last night on my way home. I read these posts here and was hopefull that Volvo will do the same for me. My car has 93K miles on it. I just dropped it off at the dealership. They stated they have not heard about anything on the replacing of the transmission but assured me they would have the service manager look into it. Thanks to everyone for posting their experiences. Has anyone had any luck with the new transmission lasting or should I consider getting rid of the car when it is repaired? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  • Jan 11, 2011... Just bought a used Volvo xc90 t6 turbo with 80K for $8,000 from a "mini cooper" dealer. When we got home we found a paper in the glove box that the previous owner left. It was a sales receipt from a Volvo dealer from 2 months ago. (Volvo had 79K at the time) Apparently the transmission, radiator, hoses, oil lines, hose clamps, and sealing rings were ALL replaced. Under Price it says "Warrenty". So if you are having transmission problems with your Volvo XC90 more then likely it will be covered under warrenty EVEN if your Volvo has 80+ thousand miles. Hopefully the new transmission they put in will last another 80,000 miles!!! :)
  • Count me in.....the XC 90 is by far the worst car I have ever owned.....and I have owned 6 Volvos and have driven them all past 250 thousand miles. So I was an apostle until this vehicle. I bought it use, seemly pristine shape with about 59 thousand on it. I have replaced the throttle body, computers, windshield wiper motor among other things. And yes the transmission. Repairs are at about $10,000.
    In fact i found out it had two transmissions previously. It appears the radiator can bleed into the transmission frying if you replace the transmission you need to replace the radiator for good measure. It is a GM transmission--that is---made in Japan--for a car that was owned by Ford, and now the Chinese.

    Today i just replaced the ignition lock and switch....(around $650) and also needed the shifter cable and other parts to the gear shift replaced ($712)
    The gear shift problem is probably related to the fact that it has had three transmissions....and the car has only has 94,000 on it.
  • eldagseldags Posts: 6
    I emailed Volvo NA and was called by a customer service personnel within 48 hours as they promised . I was advised to bring my car to Escondido Volvo to get evaluated. The transmission problem as you said is due to radiator breaching the transmission where they may find glycol in the transmission and the other breaching point is the axle where they may find grease residue in the transmission. If this is the case, the repair will be done based on "goodwill," which means no cost. I will find out in 5-7 days exactly where I stand. "I'm crossing my fingers."
  • crys0125crys0125 Posts: 4
    edited January 2011
    So... I got the awesome Transmission Service Urgent message last week. I barely made it up the hill to my house. Had the gas floored and just seemed to creep up the hill. My XC90 usually dominates this hill. So called the Volvo Dealership (Jim Fisher Volvo in Portland), said to bring it in. I wasn't risking driving 30 miles down the I5 to get stranded. So I had it towed. A few days later and a bunch of diagnostics tests... apparently wasn't exhibiting slippage on the road test but when they hooked it up to the computers confirmed internal transmission failure. So.. the guy in the service department was very nice and has kept me updated everyday. Apparently due to known issues this has an extended service contract (warranty). I was told there were 3 levels or options I guess you would call it. 1) the warranty, 2) Volvo corporate, and 3) ME. So, on Monday this was submitted to warranty for review, then it will go to Volvo - I am assuming and hoping that there will be goodwill assistance. Then I guess whatever they don't cover will come to me. Well.. update after tonight.. Whomever they have to call in Atlanta has been closed since yesterday due to the freak snow/ice storm. So no response on assistance yet. Maybe they will be open tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they take care of this. I will keep everyone posted as soon as I get word on the decision.
  • I drove my XC90 home Tuesday night with no word from Volvo. The Service guy was real helpful and nice. On my way home the Urgent Transmission Service Message poped up. JOY! I left it at home until the Service guy gave me some feedback. They just called me and offered a 75/25 split to do the replacement. I'm pushing back now in hopes of getting the 100% covereage as the other people on here have stated. I asked the Service Manager to give me a call to discuss. After that I guess I have to call Volvo Corporate. I'll post more updates...
  • So.. update... apparently my warranty is non-transferrable. When I purchased my XC90 from the dealership per the Volvo Service Center- it was not transferred within 30 days from the previous owner to me. So... no warranty.... Called the local Volvo that has my car and he is going to make some more calls. But said this is odd that it is non-transferrable. So...... I am still waiting. I was told to call the dealership I bought the car from to see why it was not transferred. I am currently waiting for a call from the Finance guy at the dealership.. And the saga continues...
  • What Volvo dealership are you going through? I am at Jim Fisher in Portland, OR
  • Fellows i need your help.I picture of a transmission lights up on my dash only if i go over 70mph,then goes off if i re-start the car.I had my local mechanic re set the codes but it comes back on after 70mpg.The car shifts and drives fine.What shall i do.I know if i go to volvo they will try to sell me a transmission<she only has 69,000 miles thanks frank
  • OK.. new update... Volvo Corporate is picking up parts and labor for new transmission- 100%- YAY!!! But... I have a few sensors that are sending off faults... so, $1500.00 out of my pocket to fix... Boooo!!! But I guess I got off fairly easy. I have about 85k miles so I guess it is to be expected. Good luck to all my fellow horrible transmissions. Don't give up and keep asking! Now lets hope this one last me long enough until I can trade it in..Thanks to Rich at Jim Fisher Volvo in Portland, OR for all his help.
  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    I'm going through it again right now. Replaced tranny at 79500 and now (89000) they tell me the axle is leaking oil into the tranny. My cost totally. I found out that even though we have 7 Volvos from 1978 to today, Loyalty is based on service and we do not use certified Volvo service because it is 20 to 25% higher than the Volvo guy we use. Very disappointed.
  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    Would love feedback
  • I'm going through Volvo Of Houston in Houston Texas. Unfortunantly they have stuck to their offer of 75%. SUCKS! My part will be about 1400-1800. The story I was given was that it is up to the Rgeional guy to make the decision. I tell you what. I'm pretty bumed about the whole deal. I loved Volvos and I'm pretty turned off of Volvo now as a whole. I was impressed that Volvo was picking up the tab for what is ovious a poor design. I can understand a slip in design every now and then and then making up for it as needed. My first Volvo was a 97 850R that I bought from this dealer (Nil's Siefeldt then) and every since then I was impressed by the service and quality of Volvo. This is my third Volvo, and sadly I believe it will be my last, due to the way the "Regional guy" decided to handle my case. No loaner either. I'm stuck without a car to haul myself or my kids (I have 4 of them, so I need the room) around in for 2 weeks, and probably every bit of 1800.00. Good luck to everyone on getting what they need to resore their faith and confidence in Volvo. Mine is gone.
  • I recently purchased a 2006 XC90 T6 auto from a reputable dealer in Brookvale, NSW with 77000km on the clock. Two days later, I got the Transmission Service Urgent Light appear. I took the car back and the dealer and the car was taken to an Auto Electrician who was unable to find the problem. The dealer stated that the problem was probably a glitch in one of the sensors but was now fixed. The following day the light re appeared and so I again took the car back and insisted that the transmission be checked. The car was taken to Col Voss Transmissions and he down-loaded the code that is generated when the warning is activated. This car was then checked and it was found to have a shot 4th gear. Col Voss stated that the T6 transmissions are a real problem because of the poor quality of the auto tansmission clutch plate. The transmission is currently in the process of being re-built. The Volvo clutch plate is to be scrapped and replaced with a heavy duty one that is guaranteed for 3 years. So if you have to replace a transmission get a heavy duty clutch plate fitted to avoid having the same problem again.
  • Hi All,

    Seems my tranny is acting up, or so I think. No lights coming on, but there are some clunking and cracking noises occurring, particularly in this cold spell (-20C, 0 F). It started with some light clunking, knocking, and seems to be getting louder. Thought it might be lose wheel nuts, ice build up on the rims, etc, but no such luck. What have your symptoms been with your trannies as they approached the end of their useful lives?

    The previous item discusses a heavy duty clutch plate to resolve the issue. I spoke with a Volvo rep who stated that the engine T6 (high rpm) is mated to a low rpm tranny causing premature failure through shearing, etc. Perhaps this heavy duty plate will last (or cause something else to wear, worse??) Any thoughts? If I have to fix mine, I would like to try the heavy duty plate.

    Cheers, happy trucking.....
  • One last question: From previous posts, it seemed like the worst case was the 2003-2005 T6 units, although I see the V8's are bad too! Not sure, but how different is the setup in a 2006 or 2007 vs the 03-05 years? If not very different, why can't the trannies/cooling systems be switched for the newer ones - I am thinking this is something Volvo does not even want to entertain as it would likely be more costly. However, are they not all the same T6 engines, bolting pattens, frame setup, etc? How difficult can it be?
  • With mine, about a month prior. It would shift real hard from Park to Reverse when on an incline. The night Mine failed I was dreiving down the road and it felt like I just ran over a few logs in the road and then the engine reved real high. Eventually the gear would catch. It felt like the right front side of my car had fallen off, or I lost a wheel. I pulled over to see if I had a flat, but no. The next day I took it in to Volvo. they confirmed it was an issue, and on the way hoime that night the Error message popped up nice an RED alert in the middle. Hope that helps.
  • eldagseldags Posts: 6
    I believe before we saw the "Transmission Service Urgent" message, there were clunking noise that we heard a few months before. We had it looked at but nothing can be found.

    Anyway, my bad news is Volvo decided not to grant me the "goodwill" because my mileage is over 100,000 and that strictly speaking the warranty is done after 4 years and 50,000 mi. Volvo is asking $5,600.95 for the repair and had the guts to tell me that they are doing it for cost, so in a way, I was given a "goodwill"

    I hope there is a good lawyer that can compile these transmission problems and file a class action law suit against Volvo.
  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    Anyone interested in joining in a class action lawsuit against Volvo? We would need quite a few people and then find a lawyer willing to pursue the case. I have gone to the top of Volvo and am getting nasty answers, the last of which was, "Your next step would be to hire a lawyer."
    Let's get after them.
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