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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    Have you joined a class action lawsuit? What is the status? I would love to join.
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 64
    IF you look at earlier posts, there is talk of this. I believe the attorney is out of Penn-but he wants the old parts. Word to the wise, if you go this route, ask to have the parts saved for you-however-when dealing with a warranty issue, the dealer has the right to keep the parts themselves!
    Good luck!
  • eldagseldags Posts: 6
    I'm in so there's 2 of us now.

    Let's see if the headcount increases. I'm wondering how many we need for a class action.

    Good luck!

    I thought that I had read somewhere that a class action suit had already begun. I found this link
  • skier7skier7 Posts: 2
    My '04 xc90 just blew it's THIRD tranny. The first was fully covered. The second I covered labor. Its been five days now and I still haven't received the verdict on who's paying for the third. I'm sitting here stewing because I'm without a car, the dealer said they wouldn't offer a rental, and when I check-in on where we stand, they act like I'm a pain in the butt. And this is after the service manager said he'd have an answer "within a few hours" on MLK Day. BTW I bought the car and have had it serviced at the same place. How Volvo can brand themselves this way is beyond belief. Volvo has lost it's soul and whatever conscience it had. I will never buy another and I'm telling everyone why.
  • I know the frustration well. I'm currently without my car right now because my transmission is shot and Volvo is working on it. Apparently it takes 2 Weeks to file all the "paper work" get the sign offs and approvals, and order the new, yet still crappy, transmission. I get more and more pissed off as I think about it so I try not to. Thank you for sharing your horror story This is my first transmission to have to replace, but because of stories like yours it will be my last for this car. I'm getting rid of it. Volvo did tell me there woudl be a 2 year unlimited warranty on the new transmission though. They seem to be very inconsistent on how they are handling this "issue." Mine is being replaced where Volvo is covering 75% of the cost and I cover 25%. They tell me that my portion will be about 1500.00.

    Good luck everyone. I'll let you know when I actually get my car back. Hopefully next Friday.

    I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 that I purchased new through the overseas delivery program. My family chose this car for it's supposed safety and reliability. Along with other problems that needed attention in the first 50,000 miles, my main issue has been the transmission(s) on this car. At approximately 52K miles, the XC90 1st generation transmission went bad and had to be replaced. Fortunately, the Carlsen Volvo (Palo Alto, CA) service rep agreed to cover the cost of the transmission replacement. I was very pleased with the service and went on my way. In early December 2010 at ~107,000K miles, the transmission started to hesitate & function erratically while driving. The danger was frightening, e.g., when trying to accelerate onto a highway, it would not accelerate immediately, and caused a real danger to me and my children. Within a few days, the car was parked at my home, and was unable to engage in forward or reverse. I again called Carlsen Volvo,and talked to my service rep, who stated that I should bring the car in and have it officially diagnosed; she also stated that she would talk to the local factory rep regarding compensation. Apparently, the 2nd generation transmissions on the XC90 are also faulty, and have been replaced in at least 50% of the cars. My car was towed to the dealer and it was confirmed that the transmission had an internal problem and needed to be replaced. The dealer rep called Volvo N.A. rep, Wyatt, who offered to pay for the parts (~$3,500) but I would have to pay for the labor(~$1,500). My husband countered that we would like the whole thing paid for since it was well-known factory defect. When Wyatt heard of our counter offer, he not only denied this, but simply stated that the deal was off the table, period. The next day, I reconsidered and asked the service rep to call Wyatt again with our acceptance of the initial deal. Wyatt refused to put the deal back on the table and said we should pay for the repairs ourselves. I then called Volvo Customer Care who documented the complete story, contacted Wyatt via email to again present my case, however, Wyatt again refused. Apparently, because I have chosen in the past to have a personal mechanic service my car, change the oil and tires, etc., I am considered to be a "Disloyal Volvo Customer" and this was a consideration in Wyatt's decision to pay for my transmission, even though it is a defective part. At this point, I had to have my car back, and told Carlsen to replace the transmission. Carlsen offered a 10% discount off the total price. A very kind gesture, however, I had to pay $4,600 out of pocket for another new transmission for this car. It is well documented that the 1st and 2nd generation transmissions for this model have been defective. It is unheard of that a car should have a failed transmission every 50,000 miles.
  • I'd love a little advice! My husband is on deployment, and I'm trying to deal with our car issues with a rather limited auto knowledge. We had a 2005 XC90 with the bad T6 engine - we loved the vehicle, but I don't need to be dealing with transmission issues. I just traded it in as the transmission was starting to give me major problems, and the warranty was almost up. We now have a 2008 XC70, but I miss the extra row of seats when we have extra guests.
    My husband badly needs to upgrade his vehicle, and we had planned to do it as soon as he returns. However, I just found a good deal on a 2004 XC90 with what is listed as a 5-cylinder engine. Am I correct in saying that's not the same as the engine that we originally had? I'm heavily considering trading in my husband's vehicle for this one. Before I go to the dealership, I just want to be absolutely sure that I understand the transmission issues, and that this vehicle doesn't have the same engine as the problematic model. Can anyone offer me a bit of clarification? Also, any major problems with the 2004 5-cylinder that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance!
  • skier7skier7 Posts: 2
    In the spirit of being fair, Volvo replaced our THIRD tranny 100%. It took 7 business days to get the verdict but they paid for everything. Keep in mind we bought the 2004 XC 90 brand new and have had it serviced at the same dealer ever since. Why it took this long for them to agree to completely cover parts and labor is difficult to fathom. (first one was covered 100% with rental car, 2nd was parts only and no rental). So now we have our fourth tranny and I hope it lasts long enough to trade the car. I can't deal with this anymore. It's also galling to think I had to pay labor to repalce the 2nd one. Good luck everyone. Off to test drive the BMW X5 and Audi Q7.
  • My former 2005 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD was ready last Wednesday evening. I went by paid my 25% (1610.00) to pick up my car. The car felt great and drove home fine. the car did smell funny after the drive home. The next day the same, almost transmission fluid burning smell. This had no affect on the car's ride. The shifter stick started catching odd and felt strange to shift into drive. Past that I can't tell you anymore. I traded the car in on a BMW this weekend and I'm thrilled with it. Volvo did provide a 2 Year unlimiyed mileage warranty on the transmission. This was verbal though and nothing was written to that effect. I was very unimpressed with the way things went. I do believe it had to do with a DEALER Loyalty, and not Volvo Loyalty. I don't think the Volvo Dealership I took my car to felt I was a customer of theirs and I believe this is why they only paid 75% of the expense. This was my 3rd Volvo and I do believe it was my last. Good luck to those of you still sffering with these transmissions.
  • Re failed transmission at 67,000kms. When I wrote in my 5th letter to Volvo that I was now ready to tell the world in any way I could that this T6 is Volvo's dirty little secret, they had their lawyers send me a letter warning me to stop making veiled threats! Now nobody at Volvo Worldwide will have anything to do with me because they will not entertain any more corrrespondence as my case has been put in the hands of their lawyers! Easy way out for them, but won't stop me telling everyone I can the story of my personal experience.
  • Hi Andrew, I bought my lemon T6 in Brookvale (Australia) and was steered by my mechanic to a transmission specialist too - seems that's not the right procedure according to Volvo. Can you contact me on my email address as listed in my Edmunds profile? Thanks!
  • If you're finding it hard to be heard regarding your compensation for transmission failure, try the CTTT (Consumer Trading and Tenancy Tribunal).
  • I am also new to the Forum. I purchased a low mileage 04 XC90 from Carmax in 2007 and have had nothing but (extremely dangerous) problems with it from engine "backfires" disabling the vehicle in traffic which took over 2 years and thousands of dollars to fix (I believe a similar scenario with Volvo paying 50%) to most recently a transmission issue.

    It has 61,940 miles on it (~24K when purchased) and the transmission is intermittently "slipping" when going from a stop into first gear. I thought I was imagining it at first until it became a "stutter-like" sound for a few seconds and slammed into gear. this has happened three times and in between it has been occasionally slipping as I noted. It has been going on for about three weeks (at least that is how long I have noticded it).

    I thought about getting the transmission fluid flushed/changed but I couldn't find anything in the owners manual about it so an Auto parts store associate said he had heard of problems with the these transmissions and to look it up on-line and I happened to find this.

    We don't drive the vehicle hard AT ALL. In fact, as you can see we have averaged less than 10K per year on it since ownership. We go through tires and brakes frequently but this transmission thing is scary and I don't have $5-7K to pay for a new transmission! Does anyone have the name, number and/or contact information for the SoCal mfg rep? If so, I will gladly call or write a letter. I am familiar with several class action "incubation" attorneys in the Los Angeles area and if Volvo won't help me with what seems to be such a frequent and dangerous issue I would glady hop on board with such an action. I have two little kids and a wife with cancer and I am through with letting big companies make billions of dollars while seemingly shirking responsibility from such exposures until people die.

    The only reason I purchased this vehicle was because of Volvo's safety record /reputation and I didn't want a minivan. I can't be constantly worrying that I am going to get in an accident with my kids because of this!!!
  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    I hate to tell you, but Vovlo will blow you off unless you have a valid warranty. We have purchased nothing but Volvos since 1984 but have had regular servicing done at an independent garage that does only Volvos. However I was told that dealer loyalty has nothing to do with how many Volvos you own. Loyalty is based solely on if you have your car services at a Volvo dealer - nothing else. When I appealed my latest fiasco to the USA HQ, after 20 minutes of relating my story, their wonderful customer rep said, and I quote, "Get a lawyer, Mr. Moyer." So, if you want to get a class action suit going, I'm in! I have been told that the lawyer will want the parts that Volvo replaces and most dealers will not give them to you. I do not have the defective parts. At this point we are selling our XC 90 T6 and will never buy another Volvo.
  • I purchased a 2004 Volvo XC90 T6 new and have had it serviced at the dealer regularly. My transmission failed at 83,000 miles. Volvo covered the entire cost of replacing the transmission, oil cooler and radiator. My dealer Weiss Brentwood Volvo in St Louis, MO facilitated the entire transaction. I brought the car in for repair not knowing of this common problem and the dealer contacted Volvo imediately to resolve, I never even had to talk with Volvo. Thank you Volvo and Weiss Brentwood Volvo.
  • Same with my vehicle. The colder it gets, the worse the noise. Was -20deg this morning, clanked like crazy. Several different items affected this clanking.
    1. Cold weather = cold square tires, same affect as point 2.
    2. Bent rim, and out of balance wheels: sent shake through the system, causing vibration at the joint. Had the vehicle up on stands on all four wheels - see the drive shaft and hear it clanging.
    3. Worn out cv joint at the front of the driveshaft. Mechanic just took it apart, worn out at 43000 miles.
    Looking for new or rebuilt shaft for delivery to Canada.
  • Hello, I own the same vehicle. My trans is starting to slip at 72,000.
    I'm curious aren't you out of warranty .

    Thank you
  • verot6verot6 Posts: 21
    I am on my way to NJ (Volvo North America) from Florida this mornig to give my deposition in at least one class action lawsuit that is being brought against Volvo regarding as you say their "dirty little secret".

    Same experience for me, local dealer said I had no loyalty to them or Volvo since I had not purchased the car from them nor did I have them ever perform service (I bought my 03 T6 used from 3rd party). I'm out $5,000 for my transmission.

    The mechanic I had do the work used a modified rebuild & I know have over 40K miles on it & no troubles so far (knock on wood).

    Hopefully today will open some doors for the rest of us who have suffered financially & in other ways from this blatant disregard for Volvo taking responsibilty in this problem.

    I wonder how many 03 - 05 T6 are out there that have had this problem. looks like there has been over 600 according the numbers of posts on this forum.

    Wish me luck.

  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    Keep all of us informed. I will certainly join the lawsuit.
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