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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • upsetatvolvoupsetatvolvo Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    Having driven the car for the last few weeks since the second TCM update, I can say that Volvo has sucked the Turbo right out of the engine. Also, the shifting is still not right; revving high RPMs before kicking into 3rd gear and sometimes missing 1st gear when accelerating from a stoplight. Haven't gotten any service messages yet... Does anyone know what type of replacement transmission Volvo is currently putting in these cars? Is it refurbished or new? Is it the same type of GM transmission or have they made improvements?
  • Refurbished because it is the only one that fits. They say they have FIXED the issues and then I read others are on their 3-4th tranny. The car will always runn like a tank after the new tranny is in and it still revs weird and it is like driving a minivan/bus/tank. I thought it would be better running with a new tranny but that is NOT the case. We are selling this Spring and it will be at a major loss for us!!! I will never buy another Volvo. Should have bought the BMWX5 they have held their value and did not have issues like this. This should be a class action law suit. They made a huge mistake with the combo of a T6 engine a nd a GM tranny and it should have been we pay the price and lose $$$$ on it and peace of mind for safety as I have 2 young kids!!! It is a mystery as to what they have changed on the tranny. They also replace the radiator cause it goes too!!! Good luck!!!
  • Extremely pissed off right now.
    A week ago, I took my XC90 T6 (2004) in to a local Volco service because of the transmission failure. They put new tranny, radiator, etc and the Volvo covered it. No cost paid out of my pocket.
    So why am I pissed off?
    Immediately I picked up my car on Friday (right before they closed), I felt the power steering was really heavy, felt like it lacked a power steering fluid. I returned to the service center, but they were closed, so I left them a message informing a problem.
    Next day, I took the car to a local engine oil shop, but they said it was not the lack of fluid.
    Now I just got a call from the Volvo service (where my car is currently in), they said it will cost me about $300 to fix the power steering problem.

    I went to fix the tranny problem, and, while the car's tranny was fixed, it came back with a new problem. The local Volvo service said this new issue does not have anything to do with a transmission replacement.
    I am not buying it!!! What do you think?
  • this is true my wife just bought an 05 xc90 with 83000 miles two weeks later the transmission service urgent light came on. I called volvo and they said to bring it in when i did they gave me a loner car and said they would call me that night. they did and they said that volvo would cover the cost of a new transmission, trans cooler, all hoses, radiator, and they also found that the left axle was bad so they replaced that as well. they also gave us a two year unlimited mile warranty on their work. so call volvo they know its an ongoing problem and will fix it.
  • My transmission light came on at 140,000 miles. I have a 2004 XC90. This will be my 3rd transmission. I took it to the certified Volvo service shop that I have been going to for the last 5 years. I was told the codes were for the transmission. I then went to a transmission specialist who thoroughly checked my car and said it was my transmission and everything else on my car was in excellent condition. I took it to Volvo. They said my transmission is fine but I was missing some computer software upgrades. I asked the about the radiator (because of this site). They said they weren't aware of a connection between the radiator and transmission but would look into it. I had also talked to another Volvo service staff at another dealership who told me that I would need another radiator because my radiator wasn't changed with the other two transmissions. The Volvo service dealer called me back and confirmed that my transmission was fine and it was just a computer upgrade but they are going to give me a new radiator for free because they noticed a leak. This is fishy to me. This is the same dealer who didn't want to get me a new transmission 3 years ago because I don't service my car there. What do you think?
  • As a XC90 owner who has experienced the loss and replacement of one of these transmissions, I offer the following:

    The dealers response certainly does sound "fishey" but you have left out some important details that need to be considered in your situation. For example, who replaced the transmission the first two times. If in either case it was not Volvo, I doubt that you have a claim against them.

    It does sound as if the current dealer is trying to cover his "a**" by replacing the radiator he should have replaced in the first place. The replacement of the radiator is mandatory in the case of 2003-2005 XC90 Defective Transmissions. A failed transmission leaves metallic residue in the transmission cooling system which can only be effectively removed by total replacement of the radiator and associated lines. A failed radiator is very unlikely to cause a Transmission Service Fault Light to be triggered. In my opinion, if the radiator was not replaced in conjunction with your original failure it is likely the reason you have had additional failures, and it is highly likely that you have had another transmission fail.

    Assuming you have had all the transmission replacements performed by Volvo, I believe you have a very good argument for them to fully take care of you now. Be advised however, that the budget for these "good will" replacements is allocated on a District basis and if your area has had a large number of claims it may take a very strong argument to be successful.

    You should also be aware that many of the Volvo owners who had this transmission replaced have experienced a significant loss of gas mileage because of the modified shifting pattern. Volvo has revised the software for the new transmission multiple times and each time it appears that the gas mileage has gone down as they attempt to reduce the torque forces on the unit.

    Good Luck,
  • Wow I never knew about the gas mileage but it makes sense as my car does not shift like it use to and drives like a tank...I have also noticed the gas consumption is greater than before. I think I'll be getting rid of this car this spring if possible. I feel for all those who have had 2-4 transmissions put in...what a disgrace to Volvo for not recalling it and fixing it properly. Yes the radiator and lines are a must so make sure you ask for it when you have the work done everyone!!!
  • This is my 4th Volvo, I guess some people never learn. I didn't have any warning lights come on just some slipping. My first tranny was at 48,700 and still under the warranty. After taking it to 2 repair shops, I was told to keep an eye for messages! $400 dollars later I drove the car home. Now it's back at the Volvo shop being diagnosed. We need to start a class action suit in the West coast!! Enough is enough!
  • I posted a message about my XC90 on 2/20/12 not knowing what the outcome was going to be.
    I am happy to report that my Volvo was repaired at Modesto Volvo where it was towed at no cost to me. I was totally ready to fight to the end, but I didn't have to. I am not sure if I am going to keep it, now that I know people are on their 3rd and 4th.
  • I wrote messages 862 and 863 and now I am waiting to the tow truck to once again pick up my 05 xc90 and tow it to European Volvo in Modesto, CA. Picked up my Volvo Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 and drove it a total of 100 miles. It started howling and not shifting. I turned it off and now it won't run at all. There was no charges to me for the 2nd transmission and everything else they installed but no Warranty either. I am very discouraged and doubt if I buy another Volvo ever.
    I will keep everyone informed to the next chapter of the piece of junk I now own.
  • I too am the second owner of an XC90 T6 who had to have transmission rebuilt 16 months ago at 68,000 miles but radiator was not replaced. Now, at 85,000 miles I am starting to hear knocking sounds. I plan to contact Volvo, North America and make strong case that they need to stand behind their product. Hopefully if enough customers with the same problem come forward, they will need to fix these inferior transmissions.
  • mattn1mattn1 Posts: 1
    How did you get Volvo to pay for this??? I am having my done at a local certified mechanic shop b/c the volvo dealership would not pay for it and they wanted to charge about 7K...the other mechanic will charge 4.5K for a rebuilt one...

    please let me know..

  • lemon2004lemon2004 Posts: 21
    Call Volvo headquarters Canada or North America and tell them your transmission is gone(you'll need to get the mechanic to certify this) It is well documented on her so do your reseached beforhand and you should get parts only in Canada and parts/labour in US. You have to get a case # from headoffice and if you are under 100k miles they will cover it...they should even if you are over cause it is their faulty tranny. Don't get the rebuilt hold off and talk to Volvo and you need to strike a deal if the cover the parts cost with a Volvo dealership...I paid $1500 all in for labour so shop around your area after you get an ok. Soem even include a fre dianostic but I had to pay $2oo fopr them to tell me duh it was fried!!! Good luck and let us know how you made out next week.
  • Hello Matt:

    Excellent question, and one our dealer didn't even know about. I called Volvo North America's HQ in NJ, who told me that I should ask my dealer to invoke the Volvo Goodwill Assistance Program, which they did. My dealer then communicated with Volvo N.A. with my VIN, and photos of my car, transmission, and serial numbers, all of which were emailed to Volvo N.A.'s regional rep for review; I had a replacement transmission approved within 12hrs, whereby Volvo N.A. paid [$5000] for the new transmission, radiator, and all coolant lines and fluids, while I paid [$2000] for the labor. The new one works exceptionally well, and have had no issues with it incidental to the replacement. If questions, look up Traverse Motors, Inc., (in Traverse City, MI) and ask for the service manager, Todd, who is now familiar with the process. All the best.

  • I am a second owner of 2004 XC90 TC. My previous owner repaired Trans at 48,000 at a local shop. I thought it could last very long because it has repaired trans. Now, It has 85,000 miles and begins to make weird noise whenever I release gas pedal at lower gear. I can hear that noise when I am at a slope especially. I am scared to check from the dealer. Anyone had similar experience?
  • jennellejennelle Posts: 6
    I'm having same problem. At just 65,000 miles transmission and drive shaft shot. Just got off the phone with ex-volvo mechanic. He told me that Volvo knows about the problem and the cars transmission and radiator should be recalled and they know it.

    The radiator leaks fluid into the transmission causing the failure... I want in the law suit.
  • rtaylor5rtaylor5 Posts: 1
    Just got back from viewing a used 2003 Volvo XC90 T6 with 115,000 miles on it. The car was in pristine condition and had been meticulously maintained exclusively at the dealership by its only owner. They wanted $8,000 for it and we were just about sold.

    I took it for a test drive and it was making a relatively loud humming/buzzing noise whenever I gave it a little gas. I had a mechanic look at it and he said the noise was coming from the transaxle and it would most likely need to be replaced. He estimated the cost at $4,000 to $5,000.

    After reading some of the comments here, all I can say is NO THANKS!!!!! I don't want to drop 8K for a car, then 5K for repairs, and then 30K miles later have to drop another 5K to perpetually replace one of the main components of the vehicle.

    I dodged a bullet on that one!
  • jennellejennelle Posts: 6
    So far, an atty. contacted Volvo on my behalf. They've offered to pay his fees and $2,500. That wont' even cover parts.
    Any advise?
  • hi there, im also interested with PDF scans of the manual pages. pls send to i also own 2004 xc90 with tranny problem & need info from other xc90's owners. thank you in advance. -romi-
  • jennellejennelle Posts: 6
    Huge news today. For those that haven’t already heard. My 2005 VolvoXC90 w 60,000 mile transmission failed. $6-8000.00 to repair. I learned from blogs it was a defective part several class action law suits. At first they said so sorry, out of warranty. Next they offered to pay 5%, next they offered $2000., next offer was $2750. Over the past month I’ve been through hell without a car. Following the advice on the blogs I went directly to Volvo Canadian or No Amer. main office. They instructed me what to do. I did it and long story short, today I got a call. Volvo is replacing my transmission FREE! Moral of the story… FIGHT BACK. Now all I need is a ride to pick it up ;)
    My advice, do not take the car anywhere until you talk to Volvo No Amer or Canada. Let no one touch the car, reset the codes or open the transmission. I could have resolved this much faster has I called Volvo corp office 1st. I spent $550.00 for diagnoses from local mechanic, $295. towing to closest Volvo dealer and about $400-$500 hundred on rental cars. Not happy about that
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