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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • Did the 2006 cars have the same transmission? If they did----and I'm not sure if it was fixed by then with a different transmission----then sorry---get rid of it. I already had TWO new transmissions by that point and knew that there would soon be a third transmission coming up. As you can see from hundreds of postings here---this car should have been recalled a long time ago or only been sold with a huge caveat. I loved my XC90 and I had intended to keep it for a long time---but defensively knew I had to dump it before my final extended warranty was about to expire lest I pay for a third transmission--. Good luck.
  • Looking at buying a used XC90. I have been told this problem is mostly with the XC90 T6 and V8 models but not the I5. Should I stay away from all XC90s, just pre-2006 models or just the pre-2006 T6 and V8? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • I think most of the issues occurred with the 2006 and earlier models (mine was the 2006 V8 model, only 60,000 miles with all service requirements completed on time and on schedule ). But I, and it sounds like most people posting on this forum, were treated so poorly by what we thought was a reputable car company that I will NEVER own another Volvo again. They have proven they do not care about their customers, leaving us to take on a costly burden that was due to their negligence. Learn from this and DO NOT BUY A VOLVO, no matter the model, because they do not care about their customers, or doing the right thing.
  • This is just my opinion. Its informed - based only my my own experiences. Others may have different opinions.

    You ask which models to avoid. My opinion is that you should stay away from Volvo full stop.

    The issue isn't that their cars don't last or that their gearboxes fail after about 50,000 miles or even that a new gar box costs more than the value of the car - all cars wear out and some are better than Volvo and some are worse. The issue for me is that they are putting their profit ahead of customer safety and appear to be doing so in plain sight. Its the opposite of what I thought I was buying when I spent £50,000 on my XC90.

    In the US there is a class action suit for this issue. There are customers from the UK, Australia, South Africa and Canada also experiencing the same problems but although its the same vehicle and the same gearbox and the same fault they will not admit that its the same problem even when Volvo drivers are at risk and could cause risk to others.

    In my mind that is simply not good enough. Volvo in Sweden would not even discuss the matter. I bought my Volvo because I thought it was safe and I have a young family. When I approached them after the gearbox fault left us stranded in the path of oncoming traffic Volvo told me that this was the first time they had ever heard of the fault. I called them because the patrol guy had correctly guessed the exact defect in the most minute detail from the side of the road based only on the make and model of the car and its mileage.

    Then when the accident inspection service in the UK asked Volvo to comment Volvo said they had "no knowledge" and the matter is on hold pending further 'incidents'. Someone else has to suffer or get injured or die before the defect is looked into further. Then it transpired that at the very same time they said they had no knowledge, Volvo were in court in the US over the exact same issue.

    This is not about trying to find a decent model Volvo from those available, its about how safe you and your family are in a Volvo. Volvo have chosen not do something about a gearbox defect that can suddenly and completely incapacitate your car as you are driving along even though there is a risk to you, your family and other road users when you come to an unexpected stop. They knew of the defect while the vehicles were under warranty and did actually extend the warranty because of it, but did not warn drivers and did not recall the cars. Instead they have chosen to profit from the repairs to the original gearboxes and the replacements which also fail.

    In my case the "gestures of goodwill" after the event were not enough. Its my opinion that Volvo should have told me or my dealer that they were aware of a problem - before the catastrophe struck. They should have addressed it before the accident and before anyone else was put at risk, but they didn't. Ours came to an abrupt stop at around 56000 miles - just a few hundred miles after a main dealer 96000 mile service. The incident was avoidable and its unforgivable when they knew already that the fault was there.

    The closest they ever came to giving a warning was instructing the dealers to carry out extra work during the service if the vehicle is used for towing caravans, although we have never been asked what we tow with the vehicle.

    It appears that Volvo were already dealing with hundreds of other drivers who had hit the critical mileage and experienced the defect well before we did yet they took no action at all to prevent the same happening to us.

    These and many other forums are full of Volvo customers and victims that have unwittingly bought Volvos only to find themselves stranded, injured or facing repair bills well in excess of the value of the vehicle often very soon after buying the car and its not fair or decent.

    The bottom line? A new gearbox costs around £4000 - £5000 (retail price) and to Volvo that money was more important to them than the safety of my family.


    As I said, thats just my experience and just my opinion.
  • We ordered our 2004 XC90 new from the Massachusetts dealer in late 2003 and had the dealer do all of the service for the first 90000 miles. Since then we've been using a very trustworthy independent Volvo mechanic. Volvo's are not cheap to keep … having owned at least 1 for the last 31 years … and the XC90 is no exception. However, the day that we feared would come arrived three days ago when our transmission died. I suppose that I should feel fortunate that we got 170,000 miles out of the original transmission given the experience of many other owners who are on their 3rd or 4th transmission with fewer miles. Our dealer has offered to replace the dead unit with a new transmission to the tune of $7500 … less a 10% discount on parts and labor. They'll also give us a 2 year warranty. My wife loves this car we are considering the new transmission in the hope that we can get another 50000 miles out of it. But I am having 2nd thoughts about this given all of the negative experience that's been shared on this site. I think I've read every post and I don't recall one single post saying "we replaced the transmission and everything was fine after that".

  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13

    I received a goodwill notice from Volvo the day before Christmas that they are launching a service campaign. They are upgrading, for free, the TCM software installed on our xc90. I already had it completed. Back history... We only have 80k miles on it currently and the original transmission did not go out but started to slip at 32k. Volvo replaced that one free and have not had any problems since.

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