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Nissan Murano Brake Problems



  • discount80discount80 Posts: 27
    I have a 2009 Murano with 20k miles on it and for the last couple montsh I have been having loud squeals and squeeks when pressure is applied to the brakes. My question is what is the normal wear period on pads? is it possible I need pads or is this just more of the same problems with brakes making noises that people on here are speaking of? I look forward to anyones input. Thanks!
  • pbeanspbeans Posts: 5
    I had the same problem on my '07 when I got it new. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) which Nissan has sent to the dealers on this issue. They need to add a shim kit to your brake pads. I had the front done and then a few months later the rears done and for 2 years no noise.

    You can search the TSBs for the veh on edmunds. Go to the dealer. Tell him about the TSB and make him look it up. If he doesn't know what you are talking about then go to a dealer than has some idea how to service the vehicles they sell.
  • I think the 2007's problem is a design defect they can not fix with their current material approach to it. I live in the northeast where it is damp, and the problem happens with brake squeal after the car has been standing and upon backing up and turning the wheel mostly. It can get alarmingly loud. My car is garage kept also, so not exposed to the worse conditions. The fixes last about two months, if done by Nissan, and include disk work, pad lubricating. I know they have changed the pads twice, in 20k miles. I know of one person who will not buy one because they heard my problem, and as you say Nissan can not fix it. I am going to lodge a formal complaint with HQ, Otherwise the car is great, rides well, handle good and is comfortable. Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed in the 2010?
  • Over a period of 3 years we had the ongoing probelm with the brakes on the 2007 Murano. Kits fitted, Shimes fitted, rebuilt, everything was done but still to no avail. After the ongoing problems i contacted Lemon Law Lawyer. They looked into it and told me that as i had not taken action in the 1st 12 month period, i could not proceed with the full extent of the Lemon Law. That is when pressed for a replacement vehicle or taking the vehicle back, Nissan stated they were in the clear because of the Lemon Law rule in Colorado. As i had not done anything within that 12 month period after buying the vehicle they were in the clear.. If i had pushed the case and followed through there was every chance i would have lost and been up for costs.
    Here i was trying to do the right thing, get the vehicle repaired within the 36 month period and all the time not knowing that i had to take legal action within that 12 month period. After consultation with Nissan they took the vehicle back, rebuilt the brakes front and rear, putting Ceramic pads on and offering $2000 cash as a type of " now run away and dont bother us again" payment. I told them i wanted more but they said that this was a one time offer, Take it or leave it!..I took it.
    The stupid part is that all the time i had dealings about the brakes i kept asking they fit Ceramic pads and Nissan refused all along. Yet in the end they said they were going to solve the problem by putting Ceramic pads on. Sure beats me!
    So, that is my dealings with them over the brakes. That was back in June and as yet things are okay. Sooo far anyway.
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