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Hyundai Genesis Test Drive Impressions



  • JohnNWJohnNW Posts: 25
    A little nervous does not begin to describe the poor ride you will experience in this car.

    "road imperfections being transmitted through the steering wheel and all a little nervous"
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    Ok, I'm looking for a quiet ride with sportiness at a reasonable price. In the last month I test drove the Acura's, all except RL, Toyota Matrix and Venza, Mazda 3, VW GTI. Acura's have nice modern interiors but suffer from to much road noise. The Toyota Matrix is not to my liking but the Venza was very quiet. Its just a little on the big side and no dark colored interior is available. The GTI had it all including of course a bad reputation for reliability.
    So while going to test drive the Mazda 3 I noticed the Genesis Coupe. I test drove the Mazda 3, 2010 and it was good. However I wanted to try the Genesis Coupe. Although I want an auto transmission I test drove the 4 cyl 6 speed. So here goes:
    It has a nice exhaust note. The inside was nice. The information display would be better in a dark background versus the light background but that's minor. The seat was perfect (225 lbs, 6 ft). I wasn't expecting a rocket however the torque felt very nice and it brought a smile to me face. You do have to push it past 3K RPM to fell it. The A/C was struggling to cool the car, it was 93F at that time. Wait this is the sedan forum right?
    I wanted a quiet ride and the Coupe has a sport ride. It lets you know its suspension is for spirited driving. So I went for a ride on the Genesis sedan. The interior is nice and the seat was comfortable. The ride is very quiet. Acura could learn from the Genesis sedan concerning sound reduction. The engine was more than adequate as the V6. The back seat had lots of leg room. The Genesis is very nice and the price is good for the V6 with premium plus package. My Realtor had an IS 250 and it rode hard compared to the Genesis. If you want a quiet luxury car this is it.
    Now the Coupe is not off my radar screen yet. Two things: it looks very nice inside/out and its rear wheel drive. This is a nicer pick for me than a Nissan Z.
  • misnarmisnar Posts: 1
    Thinking of buying 2009 Genesis 3.8 V6 w/ Tech. Live in the Denver area and have only driven FWD vehicles in the past. Are there any Genesis owners out there who can share their winter driving experiences(snow) with me? How does this RWD sedan perform in the snow? Thanks for any help! :confuse: ">
  • gripperdongripperdon Posts: 17
    I have a V6 and changed the tires to 17inch for some help. But the Hyundai "Engineer" that did the TV interview saying he does it all by the seat of his pants and does not use any computers needs to get his botton fixed. It rides like a 1980 truck. Believe me i own one. :cry: :lemon:
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