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Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Problems



  • liroyliroy Posts: 1
    same here .. any idea?
  • I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee and my radio does the same. You can only change radio stations if they are preset but you can only get on am/fm if the display is working.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    I have an '01 JGC with similar issues. 1. The wires from the body into the doors are famous for breaking after years of being flexed as the door swings. 2. I have also found that years of thumping bass notes can make the braided wires coming off the door speaker cones break.

    1. Look for wire breaks in the harness entering the doors. The best approach is to use an ohmmeter (DMM) to measure continuity of the wire.

    2. Remove the speaker and examine the point where the braid is soldered to the connector jack. Sometimes the wire can be resoldered, but be careful not to shorten the braid so much that the cone cannot move freely for its full excursion.

    If you have the Infinity Gold radio, there is also an amplifier under the rear seat. Speaker-level signals are sent in from the head unit, and amplified speaker-level are sent out to the speakers. Breaks in this chain will also lead to no sound.
  • It sounds like what's going on with our radio (NAV). We have no display. It has sound but I can't change channels except by using the preset buttons. The volume works but nothing else. Every once in awhile when I start it and it rained out the display and all buttons work for a split second then it goes out. Any idea what's going on here? Have you figured yours out yet?
  • 2011 Jeep GRAND Cherokee overland .I am having problems with everything electronic.Monday they are going to replace the instrument cluster! they hope that will fix the problems. All the setting are gone haywire. My alerts dont work i have no sound. My uconnect is always doing the same where it wont work then it will. nothing in the setting is working. I have just over 4500 miles on this overland 2011.It sound as if they are guessing on all of it. This car went threw quality control. Does anyone know what they do during quality check?
  • hansohanso Posts: 2
    I bought a "new" radio unit for around 100 Euro and now it works fine.
  • I own a 2005 Grand Cherokee. It seems that the satellite module has gone bad. I would like to know exactly where the module is located so I can replace it. I have been told it is in the rear quarter panel, but need to where and which side to limit all the work involved in getting to it.
  • Hi, I am having the same problem with 2011 Overland. I called the dealer and they said they never heard of that happening before. Did changing the instrument cluster help?
  • jeepppjeeppp Posts: 1
    Hi, i have a 2011 GC overland with similar problem but sounding like i might need to bring this back for service soon. Its very annoying driving without control of the radio and all display.
  • I took my 2011 Overland to the dealer. They re-installed a fuse. They said the fuse was not properly installed during dealer prep. 2 days and a bunch of left turns and everything is still working. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
  • I have the exact issue with my '05. I've had it for 3 years and this just started. Did you ever find the solution?
  • pdi57pdi57 Posts: 1
    My parents 2005 JGC does the same thing. It was intermittent for a while, but is now completely blank. A new radio will cost $2500. We would like to exhaust all other possibilities before spending this.

    It has never had any of the firmware updates (dealers didn't know how to do them!) and it is the radio that has the cd player, sirius, and navigation system included.

    If anyone has any ideas of what to try, please let me know. I have to drive their jeep every day and it's really annoying to listen to their radio station! :-)
  • You may want to try contacting Navtec and asking whether their update, Version 3.0, will correct the problem. I have just completed the update myself by purchasing it through them at $149. It will uodate the Navigation Radion as well as the navigation maps. Do NOT have a dealer do it because they charge $100, and it just involves inserting 2 discs and waiting for the system to reboot several times. Good luck.
  • chuckcwrchuckcwr Posts: 1
    Both drivers side doors speakers don't work. The passenger side doors speakers and in dash speakers work but only at max volume and faintly.
  • I have a 2006 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7, and I am experiencing the same issue. When I start my vehicle sometimes the radio will turn on. If I turn the car off to "go into a store" or "get gas" the radio may not come back on. This happens on and off throughout the day. Any corrections for this problem? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  • bozomaskbozomask Posts: 1
    I had same problem and same symptoms. Knowing the fuses were not blown I went a step further. Knowing 12vdc was available at the ACC pin on the gray radio plug, I assumed it was not getting to where it should be going. I removed the top cover, took out 4 screws that held in the CD player and unplugged the ribbon cable. Removed all the screws from the diecast heatsink on the left hand side of the radio. There are two more screws to remove that secure the radio harness plug bracket, and a module that plugs into the main chassis. Remove the module, then slip out the harness plug bracket and unplug its connector from the main chassis board. This was enough to put my radio back in operation when it was reassembled. Contact cleaner may be of benefit, but just the unplugging and replugging of these components restored contact and the current flow through the ACC connection.

    Good Luck!

  • jeepgc2jeepgc2 Posts: 1
    Bought a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee at auction - everything was fine but the radio. All the controls worked - displays worked - played CD - NO sound. Went into Jeep forums - suggested I needed a new radio. Bought the exact same radio - single CD AM/FM only difference an AUX plug. Installed - NO sound. Frustrated!! Would appreciate some help in this matter.
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