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Are The Japanese Poised to Dethrone the 911 AND the Z06?



  • Which YouTube videos were you referring to?
  • revmattrevmatt Posts: 14
    AddedNew GTR R35 VS Corvette C6 Z06 Race in Oman. Uncut Version
    06:26 From: Oman911Turbo
    Views: 7,089

  • Everyone knows the Z06 has a higher trap speed. That video proves nothing new. And I don't think anyone who owned a GT-R would be so elated from those results.

    No US-spec GT-Rs were released on the West Coast prior to July 11th, except the promotional #1.

    If you do own a GT-R (which I doubt) the likely reason you can't track it as fast as a Z06 is your skill driving an AWD car.
  • revmattrevmatt Posts: 14
    I am soooo tired of auto-mags hyping everything BUT US autos. The latest MT and R & T are perfect examples. Where are the 60 ft times, 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times? The GT-R is a very sporty family car. Getting an early one is due to my Dads old connections via the IADAC. (Independent Auto-Dealers Assoc) He was their executive director and lobbyist for a spell.
    My wife wants me to drive a car with a back seat. I prefer the V-8 rwd exceptionally sporty appearance and performance/feel of the Z06. There's no accounting for taste... she drives a 2005 Jag S type R.
  • You're still not describing the GT-R accurately. Its not 'sporty' by any means, and certainly doesn't fit the description of 'family car.' Its a touring car. And a bang/buck borderline supercar.

    Its not hype, its called data:

    Same old stuff we already knew. If you want straight-line bragging rights, the Z06 always was the way to go.

    And if any car has taken a lot of crap from the existence of the GT-R, its Porsche, not Chevy. The 997T came in last here, mind you. Its not an anti-American review.

    If you expected the stock GT-R to be a 1/4-mile monster, you would have bought the wrong car. Hang out at NAGTROC, and I'm sure no knowledgeable person would have advised you to do that.

    Why would you have bought a car you didn't prefer anyway just because your wife told you to? Keep the Mustang for cry-it-out-loud. Or get the Camaro when it comes out if that's your cup of tea.

    But when you say 'the GT-R CANNOT keep up', thats probably more driver style than the car's ability. You can't drive it like a RWD car. It took me a long time switching between drivetrain types to get the confidence to toss and power through corners. Its really not the same style at all.

    Its not feasible that with every magazine putting the GT-R around almost any track with corners faster than a Z06 is all hype. The Stig wasn't paid 2 years in advance to sandbag the Z06, because one day the GT-R might be sent to Top Gear. The Z06 is a 3-year old model. It was hot stuff when it came out, but it was bound to get beat at some point.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    It's interesting that no one mentions the Viper ACR, although it finished ahead of both the GT-R and Z06, according to Road & Track. Perhaps that's the reason.

    Here's the article: 4-Track-Free-for-All

    Here's a quote from the article: "The results are clear. You want to go to the track? Buy a Viper ACR and destroy the competition for roughly $100,000. Want to amaze your friends by defying physics? Get a Nissan GT-R."
  • From C&D:

    the shocks have 13 compression settings and 18 rebound settings. Jeff Reece, an attending Chrysler engineer, suggested relaxing them back a notch or two for our undulating venue while jacking the ride height a quarter-inch to keep the body off the bump stops. As the Viper became more pliable, our courage returned and lap times fell. Car setup is in the ACR’s lesson plan, too.

    Because every test the ACR wins, Chrysler sends an engineer to setup the suspension mid-test for optimum lap times. Its not like you get an engineer in the trunk at puchase. If the ACR was going to be the fastest with a single setup, they probably wouldn't have sent the engineer.

    The drivers said that if the GT2 came with a Porsche engineer, the GT2 would have done much better as well. So putting things in perspective, that's why the ACR doesn't always get the credit.

    Even for having a stock setup, the GT-R nearly keeps up with the 'tuned' ACR in the long-track test (Willow Springs) below.

    That's why its so impressive. On the high-speed courses its among the fastest stock setups out there. And keeps up on all the other courses as well.

    It doesn't win everything, it has a niche.
  • revmattrevmatt Posts: 14
    Add $20,000.00 worth of upgrades to the Z06 and GT-R and the Viper would not even be in the same race!

    True, I am unaccustomed to awd. My previous SVTs and wifes Jag do not handle AT ALL like the GT-R!
    It just feels odd! I do not get a real feel... "road talking to me" like my current other vehicles... or previous ones... :confuse:
    I still have a hard time BUYING the MT and R&T articles!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Add $20,000.00 worth of upgrades to the Z06 and GT-R and the Viper would not even be in the same race!

    The same could be said of the ACR Viper if you add $20k worth of upgrades to it. The test was run with the original equipment from the factory.
  • Here I'm going to have to agree with Revmatt,

    The ACR already is a stripped out track horse. Do the same treatment to the Z06 (read: ultra-wide Michelin Pilot Sport Cups, aero tune + adjustable suspension + strip anything unnecessary from interior) and you'd have a factory C6R for 100K, which should give the ACR a significant run for its money.

    Just because Dodge road-legalizes a club racer doesn't mean it maintains all the functionality of a touring car. The fact that the GT-R comes very close indeed to a tuned ACR says a lot.
  • Whereas I'm getting to be almost too confident when it comes to tossing an AWD car around corners and giving it the power. The traditional feedback from the steering wheel won't really exist in the same way.

    Thats actually why the gamers have an easier time with driving rally-style cars. Their mind is trained to take queues only from the eyes, never the hands.

    But I think its pretty unfathomable that:

    EVO magazine
    R & T
    Top Gear

    And a handful of others are all sandbagging other cars. Nissan has got to be doing something right.
  • revmattrevmatt Posts: 14
    $20,000.00 would bring the GT-R and Z06 closer to the cost of the Viper! :D
  • I watched this on Friday, but couldn't find it all weekend until I got back to work today and checked my history tab.

    I'm not positive how good this guy's times actually are on this particular track, but it certainly does look like he's carrying tremendous speed through the corners.

    Audi R8 sounds better though, IMO. I really wish that car has more power :(

    The rest of the video is funny yet stupid.
  • Drivers Republic set out to prove a GT-R on Bridgestones is slower than a GT2... ok... we knew that already but they seem to feel like they've stuck automotive journalistic gold.


    GT-R claim on Bridestones (dry): 7:38
    GT2 claim (dry): 7:32

    6 seconds faster

    GT-R in the cold and wet on Bridgestones: 7:55
    GT2 in the cold and wet: 7:49

    6 seconds faster

    Wow. Shocker.

    This proves nothing about the GT-R on Dunlops, or how fast they are in the dry.

    But this is exactly what Nissan claimed the results would be on those tires.

    With both cars 17 seconds behind their claim, its only natural that if one would be faster than this, so would the other.

    The only thing Sport Auto and Drivers Republic have managed to prove so far is that cars are not hovercraft. They slow down over water.
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