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Honda CR-V Power Door Locks



  • It's on youtube. It's done on a 2008 but thats the same as your 07.
  • I have the same problem. It has been repaired by the dealer on two different occasions. The first repair cost approximately $240 each. I must have screamed loud enough on the second failure. It was declared a warranty repair which was on July 12, 2012. The doors are acting up again so I anticipate I will be taking the car into the dealer sometime in the future. Yes, I am looking at replacing the Honda. It was my first Honda and, I believe, it will be my last. I always drove Toyota's in the past.
  • I have a 2008 CRV and had this same issue with the front passenger door approximately 2 years ago. Under warranty at the time so it didn't cost me anything except my time. Now the same thing is happening with the two rear passenger doors. Locks have a mind of their own. Auto door locks are nice until they no longer work. What a pain!
  • I have a 2002 Honda CRV EX.

    My problem: Power mirrors don't work on either side (power feature), the rear glass doesn't pop when you post the button on the d/s door and the door locks don't work via switch..lock or unlock. What module is everyone referring to and where is it located? Does anyone have a honda part number or a actual exact name?

    Much help is appreciated, I see a lot of 2002-2004 Honda CRV's and this information would be genuine.


  • fin905fin905 Posts: 1

    I have a 2007 Honda CRV EXL. Has never been wrecked & is garaged & well-maintained.

    This week I have been locked out of my Honda three times, twice while engine was running & once while getting gas. One time was with a young child in his child-seat & almost needed to break out a window. I was fortunately able to call family for a key. When I close a door, all doors immediately lock, whether the car is running or not.

    The scary part is that I have also been locked in the CRV. The electric door lock will unlock but one has less than a second to open the door. The manual door lock will not disengage & unlock.

    Honda hotline told me to get a diagnosis from the dealership & to report back. The Honda dealership wanted $200+ to diagnose even though they agreed it was a potential safety issue. I told Honda hotline that I would refer this safety issue to NTSB & to the current class action suit. Perhaps a few deaths and $1 billion fine will convince Honda to do what is right.

    I bought this vehicle believing it would be trouble free & that Honda backs their product. I was wrong on both counts.

    As a footnote, interesting the one Honda Service Rep. told me he had never heard of this problem before while a Honda Mechanic at the same dealership stated this has been a common problem with CRVs.

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