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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • Please stop. Buy a Buick. Put plastic seatcovers on and enjoy it.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    I have to agree with Habitat1 here.

    Going 0 to 60 in 6 seconds does not constitute a sports car. Nissan has in some ways lost its way...

    1995 Max was better handling car then 09 Max
    Older Sentra's (SER versions) were better then current Sentra

    I would go as far as saying that my 1995 Infiniti G20 with a 4 cylinder, 140 hp corners much better then 2009 Maxima. Maxima does have lot of raw power (to propel it in a streight line) compare to G20...but on twisties it cannot dance like relatively underpowered G20 (a light weight cars).

    Having said that 09 Nissan is better then the car it replaces.

    Comparing it to a buick is little far out there...However it remains a bloated car with an exceptional interior and good creature comforts....
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    Going 0 to 60 in 6 seconds does not constitute a sports car. Nissan has in some ways lost its way...

    I don't believe either of you have really driven this 2009 Maxima.... I'll bet you haven't even driven the Sport model. Or better yet driven the vehicle in Ds mode...

    This car is by far the best 4dsc Nissan has ever put out. It is a 100 times friendlier user than a BMW 5 series....

    Listen everyone has a opinion but I think your just being biased :sick:

    To who ever owns one congratulations. Enjoy :shades:

  • westgmnwestgmn Posts: 11
    As a long time observer in these forums i rarely comment but i feel i should after that last post.

    1. If you had read habitat's previous few posts in this forum you would have learned that he had driven the new maxima while his old one was in for servicing.

    2. Stop claiming that the maxima is a "4dsc" because it simply is not. It is overweight with a front wheel drive layout and without an option for a manual transmission.

    3. Don't claim that the people who disagree with you are biased, but then yourself state "This car is by far the best 4dsc Nissan has ever put out. It is a 100 times friendlier user than a BMW 5 series...." I really hope you have test driven the 5 series extensively so you can make that statement. I also hope that you have driven "older" maxima's as well since this would help in determining which is "by far the best."
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    I don't believe either of you have really driven this 2009 Maxima.... I'll bet you haven't even driven the Sport model. Or better yet driven the vehicle in Ds mode...

    I am currently looking for G20 replacement and Maxima was one of the choices. I dont have to, nor do I want to convince you that I test drove the car. What I said was just my OPINION.

    Listen everyone has a opinion but I think your just being biased

    You probably are right..I am biased because I had better expectations from Nissan. Specially after what they have done with Altima, Infiniti Division, Brought skyline to I thought 4DSC will family sports car.

    We have owned several Nissan (Original Sentra SE-R, First gen Altima, G20, J30, first gen Q45, and 2000 I30 (essentially a max clone). Of all these cars 2000 I30 was the worst handling-good highway cruiser car

    2009 Max is leagues above 2000 I30, but as I said it cannot touch earlier Max/Nissans.

    If I was in the market for a FWD family sports car in 35K range I probably would consider Max a good buy for what it is...Not for what it pretends to be

    Also please read relatively lukewarm (from drivers perspective) driving impressions in current issue of Car and Driver...and contrast it with 95 Max review of same car in the same mag in which they compare it to BMW (per habitat1)

    I think I am digressing so will refrain from any more posting on this topic.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Food for thought....

    Lots of earlier discussions about comparing older Maxima's to the new generation Maxima (performance, styling, etc...) Yet, one item not in the discussion is how much safety features have improved over the years.

    Example: Morgan Freeman's unfortunate accident in a 1997 Maxima which left him with broken bones. I wonder what the extent of his injuries would have been had he been in a 2009 Maxima with all of those extra air bags and more body rigidity!!

    Given that I currently I drive (or my kids mostly drive) a 1997 Maxima, I'm left to ponder this safety question. Of course, I'm sure my kids would be more than fine for good ole' dad to do the safety upgrade for them:)
  • billeveebillevee Posts: 15
    Buy a Lexus for the same amount of money!!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    $79 to fill up the tank in an Altima??? Flightnurse, how can this be? Are you pretty much at empty when you're filling up? I'm paying $50 to $54 a week to fill up my Lexus RX350 SUV; granted I usually have a quarter of a tank in it when I fill up every seven days, and my tank holds 19 gallons. You're not the first one that has mentioned these kind of figures. A friend of mine has a 2000 Altima and she's paying 50.00 a week to fill up. But, she does drive more miles per week than me, as I live closer to work than her.
  • Hey guys,

    Just bought the SV w/ premium and tech and I love it. They're throwing in a free spoiler and now I'm not so sure I want it. Does the spoiler decrease the MPG b/c it increases drag? And is there a way to remove it so that it doesn't leave a mark?

    Thanks in advance.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    It is a 100 times friendlier user than a BMW 5 series

    I have driven quite a few of them...

    I also hope that you have driven "older" maxima's as well since this would help in determining which is "by far the best."

    I have been selling Nissan for 6 years and feel confident on my comment.

    I appreciate you keeping me honest :shades:

  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    And is there a way to remove it so that it doesn't leave a mark?

    Once it is in it is in. They screw it in. :sick:

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    U miss the point altogether, there are people who want a FWD Lux car that is sporty, and that is what the new MAX is. I havae never heard Nisan say the new MAX is a true sports car....

    I think it's U that is missing the point. I would NEVER call my old 1995 Maxima SE a "true sports car". I've had a Honda S2000 and Porsche 911S in the meantime and I certainly know the difference between a sports car and a sport sedan..

    But, by the same token, "sporty" has become a silly, meaningless term. Slap a non-functional spoiler and 18" wheels on any underengineered piece of crap car and someone will call it "sporty".

    My issue is with substance. In 1995, the Maxima was three rungs above of any other FWD mid size sedan produced by Japan in terms of overall performance and driving dynamics. That included the V6 Camry, Accord, TL and ES, Mazda 626, etc. And it offered a proper manual transmission for those who didn't want to make fake shifting noises, but actually enjoyed DRIVING and having complete control of the transmission. The 1995 Maxima, was good enough that, even with a FWD platform, it held its own against the RWD 328i, the benchmark of driving dynamics.

    Today, every friggin $25k+ sedan from Japan is called "sporty". And, unfortunately, the Maxima isn't any better than most of them in substance. It pissed away a significant competitive advantage and leadership position - along with about 65% of it's former sales volume - trying to out Avalon an Avalon. Or out ES an ES. Or out "friendly" a BMW. :confuse:

    In any event, if you want to call the Maxima a "sporty" family sedan, it would be fruitless for me to try to deter you. But please don't try to put it in the "sport sedan" category. The transmission alone is disqualification.
  • rakesh1rakesh1 Posts: 4
    In which color does new Maxima looks better & which options is better, SV + SP + TP or SV + PP + TP. In Tech Package does it have DVD options & Rear View Camera.
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    well in previous generations it increased drag by .02 from .28 to .30, but it did not reflect on EPA FE ratings. Personally i don't think it is useful in FWD vehicle, but in some makes it look better
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Each person is going to answer differently as to which color looks best...its really a case of personal taste. Darker colored cars typically do better in northern climates whereas lighter colored cars do better in the south. Based on visiting all of my nearby Nissan dealers over the past 30 days, SV package with silver ext/black interior is by far the most common vehicle to find.

    Backup camera....
    - Premium package gets you a backup camera (regardless of whether or not you get the Tech/Navi package
    - Tech/Navi package gets you the rear view camera (along with the Navi and 9.3 Gb harddrive to store your music files).
    - Both these packages provide an auxillary audio/video jacks to display DVDs on the 7" color screen on the front console.
  • rakesh1rakesh1 Posts: 4
    Thanx a lot chief, basically waiting to buy, as its still not launched in middle east. looks like the dealers have imported a lot of altimas so they are delaying the launch.
  • fthalerfthaler Posts: 3
    Now that some of you have had the 2009 Maxima for awhile, please provide your real world MPG experience and whether you are using regular or premium fuel.

    I've seen conflicting information regarding "required" use of premium fuel.

  • briroganbrirogan Posts: 17
    I put regular gas, every few tanks I will put premium but I dont see that it makes any difference at all. I do keep my foot in it so I average about 21mpg city/ hwy. I have a 15 minute commute to work but Im in sales so I drive around often during the day and a tank will last me an week or sometimes over a week. I think I get great gas mileage considering how I drive it. Dont fool yourself by thinking you will take it easy because this car is way too much fun to drive.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Something I learned a few weeks ago.....

    I was considering purchasing a Lexus GS350 a few weeks ago. As part of the "sales pitch", they introduced me to the Lexus head mechanic as I often ask very technical questions during my purchasing process. If you ever want to stump a sales person, just ask him a simple question of "how do you change the oil filter and where is it"? Deer in the headlights comes to mind with most sales guys. If they answer that question, ask them how to upgrade Navi system? The answer to this question gets a bit harder when you have a hard disk Navi system like the Maxima (vs a DVD-based Navi). Bet most folks didn't know that the Navi in the Maxima is actually a 30Gb harddrive - capable of adding 10Gb more of POIs over time. That's one of the big advantages of hard disk vs. DVD based Navi's.

    Anyways, I asked him about changing Octane levels - based on driving demands and gas prices:-) He strongly suggested I not do that as a car's octane sensor is not fast enough to continuously be checking octane levels with each different gas tank. It "learns" the octane levels over several tanks of gas and adjusts engine timing accordingly.

    Finally, I took the plunge and picked the Nissan Maxima over the GS 350. After I've had more time with the car, I'll do a review. So far, I LOVE this car!!!
  • I'm glad you ask "very technical" questions during your purchase process, but in this case, I'm not sure you learned much.

    Next time, you might want to ask "how does a 3,600 lb FWD Nissan Maxima with a 62/38 front weight bias overcome its torque steer, corner plowing and handling imbalance compared to a nearly ideal 50/50 balanced RWD GS350".

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Lexus and have never owned one. But when I came across the "four door sports car" debate/discussion in this forum, I had to keep my laughter under control. The Maxima may have a nice 30Gb navigation system with a million points of interest. But it offers hardly a single point of interest to someone serious about a driver oriented sport sedan. Not that the GS350 is much competition for a 535i, but at least they power the correct wheels.

    P.S. Regarding octane, sounds like the Lexus mechanic needs to go back to elementary school. The octane sensor can and does adjust the timing instantaneously. It doesn't need to "learn" over several tanks of gas. If it did, all the damage would be done to a high performance engine after 500+ miles of pinging away. Even a Lexus mechanic should know that.

    What he should have told you was that at a 4-5% difference in cost (15-20 cents a gallon in my area), you would be a financial idiot to put regular octane gas in a high compression engine designed to extract the maximum performance (MPG and acceleration) out of premium octane gas. You will lose at least a similar percentage in fuel efficiency, completely offsetting your savings - and, in the case of high performance engines, risk other long term problems.
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