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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • fthalerfthaler Posts: 3
    Can you move your rants to another board? Some of us feel comfortable making our own decisions about what car to purchase. we don't want to be called names. We're looking for relevant information from other people in our situation. Clearly you are not considering purchasing a 2009 Maxima. We don't care about your opinion on how the vehicle's being marketed. Oh, and we're not interested in hearing about how great your 15-20 year old cars are.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Skip my posts if you (or "we") don't want to read them. But I think 155k miles in a Maxima entitles me to an opinion just as much as you, "we", or whoever.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    What do you get when you mix the following things?
    - The front grill of a Scion TC/Honda Ridge line/previous Pathfinder
    - The hood of a past generation Ford Taurus
    - The fender flares of an old Isuzu Rodeo/Old Chevy Blazer
    - The trunk and tail of a Toyota Camry/Altima/Lexus ES
    - Side window design and interior design of a Lexus ES
    - A/C vents from current and past Pontiac
    - Same seats as the Altima
    DO YOU GIVE UP? You get the new 09 MAXIMA
    The previous model at least resembled the Lexus GS series, mid range luxury, as opposed to the ES, entry level series resembled by the current model.
    As the owner of an 07 Maxima with CVT, fuel guzzling machine, that is the worst transmission ever put into a car. My 07 has one extra gear compared to the 04 I traded in, it also has 10 fewer horsepower and 18 inch wheels vs. 17 inches and still gets me 4 to 5 fewer miles to the gallon than the 04, go figure.
    All of that coupled with 5 of the eight colors available being some shade of black, the fact that the sport package restricts you to the grey seats and not the beige seats, and some tacky trim around the shifter and doors, and you get the idea that the new Maxima is so off the mark it is a miracle why someone would buy/lease one. Nissan needs to realize that the flagship car of a company should afford the buyer more choices in trim, color, package combinations, and interior apparel. :) Oh and they even changed the 4 tip exhaust pipes for the 2 tip pipes, I give up. This model resembles the Altima sibling more so than any previous model, why pay the difference.
  • I just got back from the nissan dealership and they offered me a deal. How does this sound??

  • Seems like a fairly good deal, what was your purchase price excluding TTL? I just came home today with the following:

    Winter Frost, Latte Interior
    Premium + Technology package
    Carpet Floor mats
    Trunk Organzier w/ Emergency Kit
    Lojack (dealer install these automatically on all their cars)
    $35,200 excluding TTL.

    This was demo model. They just didn't have this car in stock in NJ and I didn't feel like waiting for one to come in with these specs. However they did an excellent job on the detail and you would have never known this car had any mileage on it.

    They were not offering any finance incentives on the 09 Maxima, so i used my credit union 4.5%. I was not big on this CVT engine during the test drive, especially after playing with those paddle shifters. However after getting on the open road a little bit this car really can accelerate. This is coming from someone that drives a G35 Coupe.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    "This is coming from someone that drives a G35 Coupe."

    Why didn't you wait for the 09 G37 Sedan with the 7 speed transmission?
    Fixes the only real problem with the G35 (excessive highway RPM).
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134

    The question is how much of a discount off MSRP are you getting?
    The out the door price can vary widely depending on tax rate, dealer fees, etc.
    I am guessing the MSRP is close to your out the door price?
    So you got the tax & title for free?
  • To be honest, I just am not a big fan of the styling of the new G35 sedan or coupes...... I'm a first gen coupe owner and I just wish infiniti made the car a little bit more aggressive. I get sedan loaners when I bring my car in for service and the car is just underwhelming from a visual standpoint.
  • no thats pretty much it...i mean i am financing with my credit union 4.99 and all i have to do is cut the check and thats..all taxes and fees and b.s. included.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think what tom17 was trying to politely suggest is subtract taxes, what did you actually pay for the CAR? That's the relvant comparison.

    These "out the door" and "sing and drive" prices are useless for comaprisons in this forum. What might look like a decent deal in California or Taxachusetts is a crappy deal in Delaware with 0 sales tax. Even some counties add a sales tax surcharge. In Washington DC, you pay an extra 1% (7% vs. 6%) on vehicles with a curb weight of over 3,500 lbs. (And unfortunately the Maxima now qualifies for this "SUV / Heavy Car" surcharge).
  • Before Taxes the final price was 34, 709.00
    Again thats the SV w/premium package tints and spoiler.
  • bigdad3bigdad3 Posts: 3
    Bought a new 2009 Maxima Sv with sport package and am not happy at all. The car itself is wonderful. Love the CVT and the power. And I am also getting 25mpg in combined driving. However the combination of the sport suspension and the low profile tires makes for an unacceptably(for me) rough ride for me. On fairly smooth roads, the ride is fine. But here in Ohio, half our roads are pretty pockmarked and rough. The ride is just too jarring for me. Would getting a different brand of tire other than the OEM Goodyears help? Looking at the reviews at Tire Rack, it seems there are much better tires with higher comfort rating. Any other ideas on how to improve the ride on rough roads? This is my third Maxima but I don't think I will keep this as long if I can't improve the ride. Didn't Nissan test this setup in snow belt states? I realize it is a "sports sedan" but for most people it is an everyday car and has to be usable on roads traveled in real life, not on a test track. This is my first car with a sport suspension and low profile tires.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    Hey not to scare you but wait until you have about 5k miles on that car and the rattles, squeaks, and odd noises start to appear with all that harsh driving, it is a nightmare. People forget that the Maxima is an American built car, the quality control department is non-existent at Nissan and they just push the crap out the door to make money, then the dealers fight you and make up all kinds of excuses when you complain about the annoyances of the car. I don't see where the rule that bigger wheels and bright shiny metal pieces allover the interior makes for a sports car, it takes more than that.....Good luck though.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    Hey 421229, have you considered leasing. I drive an 07 33,000 sticker, out the door with tax, title, license plates, fees for 429 a month for 39 months with 15000 miles per year. Considering that after the warranty is over, the car starts to act up, leasing is the best option. So I am driving my car for 50% of the sticker price for almost 4 years then I get to take it back and regardless of depreciation schedules, drive out in a new one. Also, how much do you really love that color combination, I cannot figure out the love affair with black/charcoal interiors. Audi is probably the best car company out there when it comes to interior colors, Nissan needs to take some lessons there.
  • I'll agree that your 07 Maxima is a POS, but the rest of your post is ridiculous. And the Altima/Maxima comparison ended with the 08 Maxima.

    With 09, the flagship is back.
  • bigdad3bigdad3 Posts: 3
    I had a 1990 Max for 14 years and a 2000 Max for 9 years. Loved them both, but never had a sport edition model. I think Nissan quality has gone downhill since hooking up with Renault. My 2009 Max, in addition to my issues with the ride quality, has a dark area on top of left fender that needs to be re-painted. This is on a $35,000 car! But Nissan does make a great engine and transmission.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    Don't quite understand the point of your comment, what comparison are you talking about, the 07 and 08 are the same, actually the 04 through the 08 are the same Maxima, which one do you drive? don;t know where the altima reference came from in your message. II never said the car was a POS, those were your words, I do however realize after an 04 and an 07 model, that there are annoyances with the vehicle that should not be in a 37,000 car. Perhaps taking your user name into consideration should have explained why you wrote what you did, but I will give even you the benefit of the doubt.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    I could not agree with you more, Carlos Goshn from Renault has sacrificed quality for profit and it showed with the 04-08 models. There is a reason why Renault does not sell cars in the U.S. My 04 always had a shimmy in the ride, wide pane gaps, squeaks and rattles, and a whole bunch of other annoyances. My 07 has uneven interior panels and the same exterior panel gaps plus the metal strip that decorates the roof are already fading, oh and it sucks up gas like crazy, that CVT has to have something to do with it, the engine on the other hand is a dream. My 2001, which is the same model as your 2000, was flawless except for the speaker tray could not handle the power of the Bose system, other than that it was a perfect car. Every time I see an 00-03 Maxima SE I miss that car. The 09 is simply less distinctive and has styling cues from way too many other cars and even trucks, the design is way too busy.
  • For those of you that purchased the 09 Nissan Maxima, how many smart keys were you provided with and how much would it cost to obtain additional keys???
  • Two smart keys are provided. I don't know the cost of additional ones.
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