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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    The price of te Smart Keys aren't that bad, whenI bought my 08 Altima coupe, it was used wtih 400 miles on it. The lady had it for one week, and only provided the dealership with one key. I bought a second one for $35 dollars. But the cost to get programed was $60 and it took the dealership 45 minutes to do it.
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,108
    that I got as a used first car.. --when she finally went down she had 150k hard miles as every day I took her up to redline and many trips into triple digit speed.. The car had the stock radio with the built in graphic equilizer that used to dance as the music pumped from the weak speakers.. sorry about that trip down memory lane as I miss that car. back to the future-- the 09 max has the looks as they have dipped into infinitis styling bin --the interior is as nice (better?) then my 09 G35x -- the power is there -- but where is the manual transmission.. come on --and it tops out as much as my infiniti did.. unless your getting a huge deal I would rather get the infiniti (i paid 36k for a g35x 2007, nav, prem sticker was 39.8) .. I am happy they fixed the looks as the previous MAX was pretty ugly :confuse: .. .4DSC is back.
  • Five days ago the "check engine soon" light came on. The gas cap was tight with 'three clicks'. I took it to dealer and everything checked out normal. Their computer re-set the light to off. Today the light is on again. Obviously I can't contact dealer again until Tuesday due to Labor Day. Any thoughts?
  • 2 keys provided..I was told by the dealer that they are $300 to replace. In other words, DON'T LOSE THEM!
  • Just made a service appointment for my 09 Maxima. Was cleaning the interior of the car and went to lower the rear power shade to clean the window. Pressed the botton on the center console to lower the shade and not only did the shade stay up, but the entire button went into the console!! i was heated to say the least. it felt really cheap. not sure if mines was faulty or they're all susceptible to the same. Use caution when pressing this button and the heated seat button.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    I bought a Smart Key for my Atilma coupe, the Key itself was $45 I think, its the programing that cost. It took the dealership 45 minutes to program the key. But my sales manager hooked me up with the guy that does that, and I paid him under the table... Total was $105 with the cost of the key.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    This is my third Maxima but I don't think I will keep this as long if I can't improve the ride. Didn't Nissan test this setup in snow belt states?

    Actually, the question needs to be directed to the man in the mirror - didn't you TEST DRIVE the car before you laid out $35k+/-?? Obviously, you can't gain 100% knowledge of a vehicle in 50 miles worth of test drives - but that should have identified your issue of a rough ride.

    Failure to do homework notwithstanding, I am somewhat sympatheitc to your situation. Nissan apparantly thinks that putting 18/19" wheels and 40 series tires will re-make the 2009 Maxima as a 4-door sports car. It's all show and no substance. A 3,600 FWD car is not going to handle noticably better on 19" wheels than it would on 16" ones. On a BMW 5 series, maybe, not on a Maxima.

    You can try to downsize the rims and upsize the tire profile by 1 or 2 sizes. But I would suggest you test drive other "non-sport" 2009 models first. You might be able to get the dealer to take back the car on a sympathy trade that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

    P.S. In addition to rattling your fillings, the wheel/tire insanity also costs you big time over the life of the car. In 14 years and 155k miles, I've just replaced my OEM tires for the third time, getting 50k+ miles out of each set. At $130 per tire, that's a total of about $1,600 in tires. The 18/19" will last half as long and, for a decent tire, cost nearly twice as much - meaning an extra $5,000 down the drain for anyone who wants to keep the car as long.
  • I have been following this forum for several months since I took a test ride in an 08 Maxima SL. Great year end deals, but I wanted to see the 09 Maxima. I like both the 08 and 09 Maximas and could see myself owning either. But I have some issues with either choice. First, I like a car with a sporty appearance, but don't need the premium fuel and so-so mileage that either year offers. I can save $7000 on an 08 vs. the $3000 increase in price for an 09, a $10,000 difference until the 09's are eventually discounted. I might wait for an 09 except I do not think that I want the 18" tires that come with the base model, let alone the 19" with the sport package. I was reluctant about the 08 SL with 17" tires but fiqured that it was not that much different than the 16" tires on my 94 Dodge Intrepid. The recent post on the rough ride on Northeast roads reinforced my concerns with tire size. But this comment was based on the sport package and 19" tires. Can anyone comment on the their ride experience over rough roads for the 08SL (17" tires) or the 09 (18" tires) without the sport package? I too, live in the Northeast and at times have to contend with potholes and the like in the winter months. Thanks.

    P.S. Before I would switch tires to a smaller size, I would research how that would affect the VDC (vehicle dynamic control).
  • I have had experience with an 04 SL with 17inch wheels and now an 07 SE with the 18 inch wheels, ride with either car was smooth and although the there is some additional firmness in the ride with the 18 in wheels on my 07 SE, there is no harshness or bouncing around. I cannot offer feedback on the 09 with 19 inch wheels but from what I hear, they do create quite a harsh ride. Perhaps the compromise in your case would be an 08 SE (not the SL) with 18 inch wheels, the SE wheels are better looking than the ones on the SL and they are not in any way harsh. I would caution you not to buy a 1st year of production car from Nissan, my 04 for example was a nightmare with all kinds of squeaks, rattles and other things that made the car unbearable at times. The 07 with 255 hp is powerful enough, much roomier back seat, and more distinctively styled inside and out, the new one just blends in like any other car. I wish you luck with your choice either way.
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,108
    pretty easy choice for me-- look at the 07 and then the 08--then sit in both cars..walk around each car.. drive both. if your looking for more rear leg room then the 07 is the clear choice-- if its a lower payments, again the 07 wins-- but the better car is the 08== more power and better looking from all angles plus with all the parts infiniti supplied its a clear step up. The new car blends in with any other car?? maybe if your looking at a G35-- the old one tried so hard to stick out and it did because it was ugly--the back end -the dash board -the orange gages.. good luck on your pick as both the 08 and 09 will give you years of enjoyment.. the nissan 6 is terrific --
  • I cannot comment on 2009 Max...
    But in 00-'08 max and 2000+ Infiniti I30 this is very common problem. They both have a VQ engine. Lot of folks have ro replace ignition coils at around 70K to 80K mile range.
    (google Maxima "Chk engine")

    I have 2000 infiniti I30 and that has similar problems..I have noticed following, and I dont have any explanation,

    1) Car is EXTREMELY sensitive to the gasoline you put in.
    Seems to work better (No Chk engine light) with Chevron or Shell Premium gas.

    2) If I let fuel gauge go down to below 1/4 then the probability of chk engine light goes up.

    3) Fillup in extremely hot weather followed by highway driving in 70+ mph increase the probability

    As I said these are only observation and may not be related to the problem..

    Dealers will reset the computer and charge you $300.00 for it every time it happens. Or you can disconnect the battery... sometimes overnight and it will reset the computer

  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Yep, I agree with Habitat on the test drive part here..if you are looking at a Sport Model, you really need to do your homework. Anyone who has done extensive testing of sport models vs. standard models (TL vs TL-S, G35 vs. G35S, and same for Maxima's) will know that the sport models will have a much rougher ride + side bolstered seats that make longer trips less enjoyable. Also, at the end of each model year, the "sport models" appear to be the ones still on dealers lots - this is especially true on the G35S.

    BTW: I've been VERY VERY HAPPY with the balance of ride/performance in my 2009 Maxima (non-Sport model). While I agree its not a true 4DSC like perhaps a Mitsubishi Evo, I'm very happy with its performance. It clearly beats my current generation Acura TL in performance - and I drive both these cars back-to-back on a daily basis!
  • Use premium gas. The dealer filled mine up with regular when we bought it and the service engine soon light came on! If you read you manual you will see that the new Maxima requires premium and if you must use regular to only fill it half full and do not open up the throttle! Once I filled up with premium my light stopped coming on.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    Does it say REQUIRES or RECOMMENDS premium fuel ?
  • Don't quite understand the point of your comment, what comparison are you talking about, the 07 and 08 are the same, actually the 04 through the 08 are the same Maxima, which one do you drive?

    I drive the 09.

    don;t know where the altima reference came from in your message.

    From when you wrote the following:

    This model resembles the Altima sibling more so than any previous model, why pay the difference.

    . II never said the car was a POS

    You wrote the following, and it sounds like a POS to me:

    As the owner of an 07 Maxima with CVT, fuel guzzling machine, that is the worst transmission ever put into a car. My 07 has one extra gear compared to the 04 I traded in, it also has 10 fewer horsepower and 18 inch wheels vs. 17 inches and still gets me 4 to 5 fewer miles to the gallon than the 04, go figure.

    I can say for sure that the CVT in the '09 is not the worst transmission ever put into a car.

    The bottom line is, the '09 Maxima is a very different car than your '07 Maxima, or the Nissan Altima.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    It clearly beats my current generation Acura TL in performance - and I drive both these cars back-to-back on a daily basis!

    It may not be a fair comparison, but in my opinion the performance and fun to drive factor of my 2004 TL 6-speed is way, way above the 2009 Maxima SV I drove back in July. The Nissan can almost match the TL 6-speed in straight line acceleration, but that's it. The tighter sport suspension and Brembo brakes that come along with the short throw 6-speed (a crisper gearbox than a BMW 335) all contribute to an enjoyable, sporty ride. Still not a true 4DSC as you say, given the 3,400 lb curb weight and FWD setup, but getting closer than anything with a CVT or slushbox automatic transmssion. I guess I'll go to the grave with a stickshift in my hand.
  • Well congratulations on your new car, driving something new is always a plus. Although I agree that the design of the previous model certainly had its challenges (the front grill 04-06, the SL wheels, the velour door panels 04-06) and perhaps other things, the new one simply tries so hard to overcome the 04-07 that the body looks overdone. Flares, wave hood (yes the late 90s model Taurus had the same wave), the funky headlights, and truck like front grill all put together make the design too busy. Oh and the dealer near me had the Altimas parked trunk to trunk with the new Max and from that view, the 2 cars are similar, I stood there for a while trying to talk myself out of such a notion but could not. It seems like the same team or the same team approach was used as in the new Mercedes Benz S-Class. There is a way to make a statement without so many styling cues. I also think that an SE (sport version in 07) should provide the snap of shift that the CVT does not allow even with the gate shifter in manual mode, the shifts are too smooth for the sport spirit to come through, and I repeat I get 4 miles to the gallon less than in the non-CVT. Yes the 09 is definitely different than my 07, maybe after seeing a few new ones on the road I will get used to them. I will not be looking at the 09 because I learned from my 04 not to buy 1st year of production, by the time the lease on my 07 is over, the car will have been corrected or so I hope. Enjoy yours in good health, by the way what color is yours?
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Yep, 6-speed would make the TL a much more fun car to drive over the automatic. But, life is full of trade-offs. Wife still loves her automatic TL. I'll be curious to see how well the new Acura TL does when it hits the show room floors in a few weeks.

    Longer term, it will be interesting to see which car gains more market share in 2009 - Maxima or TL. Body style on TL is definitely controversial. With the current discounts on 09 Maxima's getting close to the $4k mark, they are going to have a pretty significant price advantage over the TLs at the start.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think the 2009 TL SH-AWD with 305 horsepower will pretty much take top honors in performance and all weather versitility. That AWD set up should result in a sub 6 second 0-60 and have it be better balanced (albeit heavier) in the corners. I will be complaining that it weighs too much and doesn't come with a stick, but perhaps an "S" version down the road will take care of the latter.

    Again, I'm not trying to jinx Nissan, but I don't see the 2009 Maxima winning back that much of the market share it lost over the past 10+ years. I just don't think it is a compelling car in the way my 1995 4th generation was. But in fairness, I'm not in the market and haven't seriously shopped the competition.

    I know what you mean that life is full of trade offs. My wife drives a 2005 MDX and the only two things she doesn't like about it are the brakes and the automatic transmission. I brought home a Cayenne GT-S 6-speed manual as a loaner when my 911 was in for service and she didn't want me to give it back! Unfortunately $75k and 13 mpg don't fit into our budget right now.
  • I just picked up the 09 Max on Saturday. I opted for the SV in silver with the sport package. This will be my third Maxima, 02, 07 and now 09 all which have been the sport version. The 02 was a 5spd, the 07 had the CVT as well as the 09. The 09 sport version is probably the first Maxima out of the 3 that closely resembles the word sport. The steering is crisp and precise with the ride being noticeably stiffer (which I personally like). The whole car follows your turns as on complete unit where my 07 used have trouble at times keeping up with the turns.

    The biggest welcomed change for me is the turning radius on the 09. My 07 had the worst turning radius of any car I ever owned, now tight maneuvering is a pleasure!! The CVT was also given some tweaking for the better. It's more responsive the moment you press down on the pedal and it does not have to catch up like the 07. In my 07 if you put the hammer down quick the engine would rev to about 4-5000 rpm's and the CVT would have to catch up. Also, the CVT sounds more throatier now and seems to have shed the whining lawn mower sound.

    I am not a fan of Goodyear RSA's. That is probably the only big thing I am disliking on the car. I hated them on my 07 mainly because they had a short memory on staying balanced and they always needed to warm up in cold weather before they could be considered a round tire.

    Those are just some quick observations in my short time with the car. The car visuals are definitely eye catching, I have had a couple people pull up next to me at a light and tell me how different the car looks.

    If anyone has any 09 questions, just ask!! :D
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