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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • My 09 is not broken in yet but my first real highway trip was 28 mpg. After my 07 was broken in I averaged 30 mpg for highway trips. I am not sure if I will hit 30 with this one though.
  • The premium package does not have navigation. The technology package contains the navigation. There are cars available that do not have both packages.
  • I had to get a new paint job because I got in an accident. The paint job came out great. I was very satisfied with it. To keep my car clean I purchased a car cover from i'm just waiting to see if i should use it or not. I'm still unsre if its the right itme to use it...but yea, I like the paint job on it tho. So don't really want to ruin that.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    No, Premium Package does not contain Navigation. Its an additional $1800 (or so) to get the Technology package which contains the Navigation system and the hard disk unit to save your music CDs. It has capacity to save about 290 CDs to the hard disk.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    I own both an 09 Maxima and an 04 Acura TL. On the pure highway, the Maxima gets 28 mpg whereas the TL will get about 30 mpg. In mostly city driving, Maxima gets about 22mpg whereas the TL gets 23mpg. So, TL gets slightly better gas mileage.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Maxima Fans,

    Today's USA Today newspaper contained a full review of the 2009 Maxima. Overall, a positive review with some minor gripes. In my opinion, he spent too much time discussing the "little stuff" like praising the glove box size and criticizing the noise of the sunroof open/close function. Personally, I've not noticed any unusual noises opening/closing the sunroof. m
  • Thank you for your comment, I also hate grey tone cars for the same reason as yours, especially silver (no life to that color at all especially boring when bought with black seats). For some reason when I was on the dealer lot the day I got my car, Precision Grey looked especially nice, it had depth and gloss, and continues to catch my eye especially when just washed and waxed.
    I am more of a gold tone customer but they did away with sunlit sand, coral sand, pebble beach, and spirited bronze so precision grey it is.
    In checking inventory in 5 dealerships near my zip code, I found that the 24 cars available were available only in some shade of black/grey (from white, silver, precision grey, slate, and black, they are all some shade of black in my opinion). To add insult to injury all the cars had charcoal (black in my book) interiors, it was like going to a funeral home and picking out a coffin, just not good. The blue is a carry over from last year. Tuscan Sun is a new better looking, deeper, and darker version of last years Sonoma Sunset. The the new green color is called Mystic Jade. So in reality only 3 colors are non-shade-of-black, not much variety in a flagship vehicle.
    The interesting thing about precision grey is that most often it looks like a darker color than it is especially in the shade, very nice.
  • My 07 with 8k miles averages 27 mpg hwy at speeds below 70, 24-25 mpg at speeds 70 to 74, and below 24 above 70. Keep in mind that the car now has 6 speeds with the CVT, my 04 had only 5 speed non-CVT and got me 30-33 mpg hwy at even 75-80 mph. I just don't get the math, one more gear and less mileage, how does that happen? I won't even tell you what I get in the city....
  • WOW a polyester suit salesman can surely ruin the experience of getting a car.
    I got my 07 SE, $32,830 sticker, out the door by giving the dealer a check for $429.00 for the first monthly payment and nothing else, 39 months, 15,000 miles, tax, tag, and fees included. Really just 429.00 and out the door with only 38 payments left to pay. Monthly payment formula I use is .012 to .015 multiplied by sticker price, as long as I am within that, I sign and run, it has worked for me 5 times so far.
  • Not for nothing but the TL and Maxima comparisons are getting old on this page. One thing to consider is that the Maxima is a Nissan product. The TL is an Acura product which is a dressed up Honda, fufu car from its upscale luxury division (what a crock).
    If you are going to accurately compare vehicles, based on the division they are produced by, and target market, then do Maxima vs. Honda Accord and TL vs. Infinity G34 (Nissan's fufu upscale luxury division (what another crock)). Any continued comparison of the non upscale Nissan division product to the upscale Honda division product are unfair and not accurately matched.
    So let's see how it would work:
    Honda Accord vs Nissan Maxima vs Toyota Avalon /and/ Acura TL vs Infinity G35 vs Lexus ES 350
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    They register it(get the plates) and insurance and call me to say they had the car shipped from other location to come in and do the final paper work

    The dealer went so far as to get a car from another dealer AND register it with the state AND you had not finished negotiating the sale terms ???
    Obviously the dealer had a signed contract with a negotiated price on it.
    I would never let a dealer go and get a car from another dealer w/o a signed contract for the price I wanted.
    I am surprised the dealer was able to register the car.
    Here in Florida there are numerous forms the buyer has to sign to get the car registered and titled.

    Is this the first car you ever bought ???
    Have they let you out of the deal ???
  • (Obviously the dealer had a signed contract with a negotiated price on it.)

    Yeah the signed contract was for $479 a month with 3500.....all of a sudden when I go there to pickup the car with the plates and insurance sitting on the finance managers desk....he's putting info into the computer and they guy looks at me and says payments are $525 a month?? we had to put you on a different tier?

    I stormed out of that place...called my insurance co and cancelled the insurance. I wonder if I'll get my $100 back.

    Yes, first time buying new...have negotiated many previous loans in the past on used in dealerships.
  • Here is how leasing should work.
    1- Check out the sticker price of course
    2- Ask the dealer to give you the residual value of the car at the end of the lease. (this is how much the car will be worth at the end of the lease, usually about 55 to 60% of sticker for a Japanese car 36 to 39 month lease).
    3-Subtract 2 from 1 and divide by the term of the lease, this will give you the base monthly payments.
    4- Ask for the tax amount, tags, and dealer acquisition fees if any (usually the acquisition fees are like 395 to 500), there usually is a lease termination fee and a security deposit if you are a first time customer.
    5- Add up all taxes and fees and also divide by term of lease and you will get your monthly payment.
    5- Now you negotiate the discount off the sticker price, reduction of fees and target the .012 to .015 monthly payment based on actual full sticker.

    BEWARE of any hidden fees and nonsense from salesmen, they are ALL charlatans and live off of the lies they tell their customers. Do not hesitate to walk right out of a dealer if something does not seem right, always buy late at night and towards the last day of the month (just hints). If I were you I would file a complaint with Nissan Customer Service because that dealer took your 100.00 bucks. Always be prepared to go to more than one dealer and find your best price. If not go to and let a professional service work the deal for you for a minimal fee, they will find the car you want and have it brought to your dealer of choice. Good luck.
  • ^Thanks for the helpful information...
  • I have a nice new shiny $35,000 Maxima with 800 miles sitting in the garage with a "check engine" light. This has been going on for three weeks with three trips to dealer service with no resolution. They run a bunch of checks, replace gas cap, re-set light, and a few days later the light is on again. At this point I have major buyers remorse. On Monday I'm going to contact Nissan and request a refund so I can buy a reliable car. Yes, I know, good luck with that.
  • One of the things I wrote when I joined this blog was to look out for first year production vehicles from Nissan, I learned that lesson the hard way with my 04 Max. Good luck in trying to get Nissan to even consider helping you, their customer service sucks, much less will they work on a refund. I endured 3 years of shakes, rattles, and squeaks with Nissan customer service just telling me to take it in for service, I wish you better luck than me.
    Are you using high octane fuel? that may help, also change the brand of the gas and try out different ones. Run the car hard and blow out some deposits that may be affecting engine breathing and/or fuel flow. Again good luck, I hope it is in a nice color so that at least it looks good in your garage or driveway...
  • Yes, it's a very nice color. Perhaps I'll park it in driveway and use it as a $35,000 planter.
  • (I would file a complaint with Nissan Customer Service because that dealer took your 100.00 bucks)

    Yeah I'm giving them 2 weeks to send my money by mail then after that I'm filing a complaint with nissan.

    How would I go about doing this? I've searched online and found nothing...anyone have a link?

    For the guy with the $35000 planter, I would file a complaint with the better business bureau against that dealership!
  • Have you asked them the code it is throwing out? Take it to Auto Zone today and have them plug it in and they will tell you what is up. They do not charge for the service.

    What octane/brand of gas are you using?
  • That is one expensive planter, I am sure that the problem will be solved, sorry it may take a few trips and research to get it done. I had a Pontiac and an Altima a few years ago on which the check-engine light would come on and by running the engine hard the light would turn off. Emissions is one big cause of check-engine lights coming on.
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