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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    >>>P.S. I had a 2009 TL w/Tech package as a loaner while one of my Acura's was having major service work. 2009 Maxima is a much better car in many areas - only area where I think TL does a better job is in the instrument panel.

    Surely you jest!

    The nav screen on the Maxima is about as primitive as you could find in 2009. I can't even be considered in the same league as the nav screen of the TL. The engine is loud when accelerating (and not in a good way), the interior screams "cheap" in just about every regard and the CVT is horrible beyond description.

    How you could even think of comparing this car to a TL w/ Tech is simply astonishing. The only place I think the Maxima beats the TL is in its steering (which is very good indeed). Otherwise the TL outclasses it in every possible respect.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Maxima and Acura TL appeals to a bit of a different audience. I will give you that the 09 TL does have a much better NAV system. Then again, Garmin NAV systems are much more up-to-date than Acura and Maxima's. So, NAV capabilities shouldn't make or break a car.

    When you get the Premium Package in the Maxima, its feature/luxury content is FAR SUPERIOR to the Acura (dual moon roofs, superior iPOD integration, sun shade, air conditioned seats, rear AC/Radio controls, heated steering wheel, etc...) Plus, add in the better horsepower-to-weight ratio and better gas mileage, I vote the Maxima superior.
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    I can't imagine that the ipod integration could be any better than the one in the TL. Then we still have the incredibly low rez screen of the Maxima don't we? The rest of that stuff is pure "gee whiz" and has no bearing on the driving experience. Do you acknowledge that the engine is totally unacceptably loud on acceleration and that the CVT tranny is awful beyond description?

    Frankly, if the Maxima were a better car in every other respect (it isn't), the CVT alone would disqualify it from any further consideration.
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 18
    Inredibility [sic] low rez screen...what do you want, at 1080i HD screen? And as if TL doesn't have it's fair share of "gee whiz" gadetry that does little for the driving experience. I'll give you point that the acceleration is a bit loud, but so what. Are you planning on driving every second with the gas pedal to the floor and accelerating constantly? As for the CVT, it more that gets the job done. It floats through traffic and cruises with ease.

    Acura - luxury label for Honda
    Nissan - standard label

    We got it. You think the TL is a better car. Go spend the extra $4k and enjoy the chrome beak. Shouldn't you be on the G37 forum pumping up the TL and breaking out your tape measure rather than here.
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    >>>what do you want, at 1080i HD screen?<<<

    I'd prefer a 1080p screen. (lol)

    G37? Boy racer, cramped inside, engine too loud, nav screen very low rez, no back seat room. For pure straight ahead power at a price point it has few equals; as a daily driver, it's TL all the way.

    To be fair to the Maxima it's steering is stellar...far better than the TL, the brakes are superb...the equal of the TL and the suspension and handling are pretty darn good...again, about a tie with the TL. What kills the Maxima for me (and I did test drive it and would have bought it in a second were it not for these things) is the CVT, the horrible engine roar, the low rez navi screen and the generally cheap looking interior. I really do like the exterior design. Probably better than the TL.

    See, I'm trying to be fair. ;-)
  • jspagna1jspagna1 Posts: 34
    They totally ruined the design of the new TL. The old body style was much nicer. I can't get past that front grille at all. The rearend's not bad, kind of Cadillac CTS. A lot of edges.
    I like the front of the Max better and the rearend only looks good with a spoiler IMO. A freind of mine drove a new Max and he loved it. The TL seems overweight?
    Sometimes they should just leave well enough alone.
  • greenacuragreenacura Posts: 42
    OK, I just leased a 2009 maxima prem & tech. I have driven acura's for many years ('97 TL, '00 TL, '04 TL & '07 TL) but made the change to the maxima after the redesigned TL. First impression, which I haven't gotten over yet, is that the car is too big. I've been somewhat uncomfortable driving it. The maxima is only a few inches bigger than the 2007 TL I drove for 2 years but it feels much bigger. I love the low speed handling in the maxima, plus the seats and radio are much better. The maxima is all about the music with the XM, Ipod and flash drive. The maxima navigation isn't as good as the TL. I had higher hopes because the Maxima was hard drive vs. DVD based in the TL, but there aren't as many trip options, it is harder to locate places such as places to eat, hotels, stores by name. Also, if you locate a destination, the phone number (tied into the bluetooth) isn't available like on the TL. also, the resolution in the maxima isn't as good as the TL. The dash seems a little cheap looking, I don't really like the plastic which reminds me of styrofoam painted black. Also, the controls for the seat heater and seat a/c is at an akward location that is difficult to easily reach. Finally, I think the seat rocks back and forth on hard braking and the sunroof making a very low quality sound when opening. Over all, do I like it? I preferred my '07 TL over this car, if I could have gotten a better buyout o the lease, I would have purchased the '07 TL, I don't quite yet have buyers regret but I am certainly not smitten by the maxima. The best news is the very low lease rate I got (39/15k, zero down, sign & drive at $435 per month for a car listing $39,475.00). Let's hope I like it better and the weeks roll on, I'll keep you posted.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    yeah its so ugly and poor design thats why my local nissan dealers (plural) are selling out of their maxima inventory at the end of each week and have to wait for a new shipments or swaps in order to get more on the lot; your an idiot!!!; want something poorly designed and ugly go buy a 2009 Acura TL; that car looks like a snow plow on steriods!!!
  • greenacuragreenacura Posts: 42
    So what exactly do you drive? I am basing this on my experience with the 2009 maxima. It's not comparable to a near luxury car such as the TL. Sure the maxima is much better looking but it's all in the details and the maxima is clearly not comparable to the 2007 TL when it comes to the details. I leased the maxima because I thought it looked great and the price was right, basically $8,000 off sticker. If they were in such high demand, why is the car so highly discounted? It actually leased less than the 2009 Accord EXL. After 5 TL's I was willing to try something new especially since the new TL isn't exactly good looking. Well, I clearly got what I paid for, the maxima is great compared to the accord but the TL would have been a superior car. Something else that concerns me is now I am driving a car that attract followers like your self. This forum is an exchange of ideas and auto experiences and costs. Name calling such as what you did in the email above clearly isn't what the website is about.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    FIrst off some regions sell more of a certain car then others, that is why when you search a on a web site they ask for your zip code.

    Second, I disgree with you, the Max is a near luxury car and it does go up against the TL in comparisons. Remember the MAX and TL are both front drivers. You can not put a TL up with a BMW or G37 sedan...

  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    The TL is, indeed, in a class above the Maxima. I test drove both before I bought the TL and I have to tell you, it wasn't even close. The Maxima felt and looked "cheap" inside, the nav screen was pathetically low resolution, the tech features weren't even in the same league as the TL and the CVT transmission felt like a loose rubber band around a pulley (which is essentially what it is). Oh, and the engine was intrusively loud under acceleration. Now for its good's a nice looking car from the outside and its steering, brakes and suspension were excellent. The trunk is nicely shaped and reasonably spacious anthough the overall interior didn't feel as large as the TL. The leather in the TL is better and the audio system in the TL is quite simply state of the art. The Maxima's wasn't even in the same league. So, for about the same money I went with the clearly superior car. Oh, and because this is a purchase for me, resale value, depreciation and relaibility were important variable and here, again, the TL was tops in its class.
  • greenacuragreenacura Posts: 42
    I agree with draz2 on all the items except the audio system. I think the maxima was superior in this area. While shopping around, the maxima was always about $125 -140 less per month (on a 3 year lease) than the TL so I took a chance with the maxima. For me, the maxima short falls were worth saving the $4,500+ over the lease. I'm hoping the maxima will grow on me more, right now I think my old 2007 TL was superior & I would have bought it if the residual value wasn't so high. I hope I feel the same way about the maxima 3 years from now.
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    >>>all the items except the audio system. I think the maxima was superior in this area.<<<

    Are you sure you're talking about the '09 TL with tech? The one that gets you the superb 440 watt ELS audio system? I came from a Lexus with the Mark Levinson adio system.And while that was great, the ELS system in the TL is simply in a different league. It's almost as good as an audiophile home system (and while clearly nothing in a car environment can approach a good home audiophile system, the ELS comes darn close).

    I agree though, if I was leasing I might have gone a different direction as leases on the TL are not that great. As a purchase, however, I'm convinced the TL is grossly underpriced.
  • greenacuragreenacura Posts: 42
    I was comparing the Maxima to the 2009 TL Audio system. Maybe I didn't get enough time to fully appreciate the '09 TL Audio. I can say that Maxima is superior to audio in my old 2007 TL. I also agree that the 2009 TL is going to have much better resale value than the 2009 Maxima. Just curious draz2, what made you leave Lexus. It seems to me that the Lexus people never change brands. The ES is a fine car but wasn't leasing competively. I had thought about purchasing a used ES with nav and Mark Levinson audio. Lexus has a great pre-owned warranty but the dealers didn't have any used in the color & options I wanted.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Add me to the group that find the front-end redesign of the TL a complete deal-breaker. While I drive an 07 Maxima, I really wanted the 07 TL but could not talk the price down far enough. Had always planned on going back to the TL for my next car.

    Now, every time I see an 09 TL on the road, I just cringe. I keep looking for the head of an 18th century Frenchman to stick out from under the guillotine on the front of the car.
  • greenacuragreenacura Posts: 42
    How has your 2007 Maxima been? Good reliability? Has the maint. costs been reasonable? I found my '07 Acura TL was very expensive to maintain. Regarding the 2009 TL, sure the front end is terrible, but I didn't even like the look from the side or rear. It is a terrible design, I wonder if Acura will make a change soon.
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    I left the Lexus 'family' after three years with the '07 ES350 because I wanted something that was a lot more fun to drive. The ES was a wonderful car for what it was....which is nothing more than a conveyance. I wanted something with better braking, a more linear linkage between engine and transmission and a tighter, more communicative suspension. The TL fit that bill perfectly. And I'm an acknowledged gadget freak so I immediately fell in love with all the wonderful tech features in the TL as well. As to the front end of the car, I love it. I think it looks distinctive, elegant and aggressive (in a good way). Do any of you remember the public's response when the CTS or BMW's Chris Bangle designs were introduced? I do. Universal outrage and disgust don't even come close to describing the reaction from the automobile cogniscenti. What is their reaction now? And how have sales been for BMW and the CTS?
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    How has your 2007 Maxima been? Good reliability? Has the maint. costs been reasonable?

    Maintenance has not been too bad. I went with the SL rather than the SE specifically to cut down on some of the maintenance costs, particularly the tires (SL's have slightly wider profile, a bit closer to mainstream tire size, and therefore cheaper to replace). I had to have the armrest console cover and the bracket securing the driver's visor replaced due to breaks in plastic latches, but they were done under warranty and I now know to be a bit more careful with these components. Brake replacements were a bit of a shock but the higher end brakes on performance sedans always are.

    The only other large maintenance costs have been the recommended 15k incremental maintenance packages. I made the mistake at 15k of not asking the dealership exactly what they included in their 15k maint plan, and turns out it was more than the factory recommendation. Scaled back to recommended services only at 30k, and started to do some of the basic stuff myself (in-cabin filters) at 45k now that the car is out of warranty.
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    draz2, I'm glad you like your car. Or, alternatively, I'm sorry you aren't confident enough in your liking of your car to avoid flaming anyone who likes one of its principal competitors.

    I don't have a horse in this race, personally. But I was a great admirer of the '04-'08 TL, test drove it and recently test drove the new Maxima.

    I'm sure the new TL is dynamically excellent. But I can't bring myself to bother test-driving it because I personally believe that Acura butchered the styling beyond redemption, inside and out. I agree that the Maxima has some downscale touches inside, like the middle of the dash, but they're easily topped (bottomed?) by the plastic "aluminum" junk counter that is the TL dash, not to mention the nigh-on-incomprehensible clutter of buttons that stick out in the middle like a tumor.

    On the move, the CVT is a little odd at times, but it is responsive in all modes and returns decent mileage for such a powerful car. And while the engine is a bit crude, it does have a really entertaining feral roar at full throttle. In sum, compared to the TL, it's a car that's good enough with looks that don't make me throw up.

    One footnote on Bangle: You might want to choose a more favorable example. If you check again, you'll note that BMW has quietly kicked Bangle upstairs and is backing off his edgier styling in models like the 3 and the 7 just as fast as their Germanic ego permits.
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    Tony, Tony, Tony I hardly know where to begin. I can certainly understand your dislike of the TL's exterior (read: beak) but the interior has garnered nothing but universal praise. Holy crap, man, it won Wards Automotive Best Interior this year.The "vast array of buttons" you refer to in incredibly intuitive to use and is easily understood with about an hour behind the wheel. As to the is awful at all speeds and it has no place whatsoever in a car with pretenses to being "entry level high end," no less in a car that they badge with their comical acronym "4DSC." The Maxima's nav screen is decidedly inferior to that in the TL and the nav system itself is much slower and doesn't provide anywhere near as much useful information as the TL's. It doesn't have navtraffic or weather and it's audio system can't hold a candle to the ELS system in the TL. You can call the engine intrusive noise level "feral" if that makes you feel better, but the fact is that it's just plain loud...and not in a particularly sonorous way. The entire interior just screams "NISSAN" (which has never made a decent interior in any of their cars and is thus, not a compliment) and it doesn't feel as spacious or roomy as the TL from the driver's seat. So while I agree that its a nice looking car from the outside that has excellent steering, brakes and ride characteristics it fails miserably in its transmission, engine noise, tech features, inferior navi system/screen and audio.

    As to the Bangle issue you really need to do your homework. Under his design leadership, BMW sales and market share jumped dramatically, both in the USA and in Europe. He was not "kicked" anywhere...he wanted the change.

    Final note. Why are Acura's resale values the highest in the business and Nissan's mid to bottom pack?
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