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Ford Edge Accelerator Surge?



  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Well Allen - never tried left foot with MT but I can see my legs forming a big "X", & me driving into something I didn't want to.

    Pardon the pun, but my brain just automatically changes gear when I go from AT to MT to AT.

    I do remember, just once, when driving MT car I wanted to slow & attempted to do it with the clutch. A bit of a thrill but no harm, no damage. That mistake is firmly embedded in my brain.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Can anyone confirm or deny any problems with the transmissions in the new or 2011 Edge? I ask because I might consider a new purchase. I have had a 2010 Fusion (horrible trans. and sold back to
    dealer) I now have a 2011 Escape with another trans. (but not as bad as the Fusion) that just does not shift properly(flares and revs. too much). The engine groans and does not seem to want to go (it's a 4 cyl. with 6 sp. auto). I only know one person with a new Edge but he would rather cut his arms off then say anything bad about a Ford so I need honest feed back. I believe that the Asian 6sp. transmissions are problematic but Ford will NEVER admit it and God knows they have had plenty of time to do it. Please be forthcoming with your reviews. Thanks
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Actually it's the 6F35 transmission in the 2.5L and 3.0L Fusion that's somewhat problematic, not the Aisin units in the pre-09 models and the 2010+ sport. The Edge uses the 6F50 transmission and it does not have the same problems. I moderate an Edge forum and there are very few reports of transmission problems and none like the Fusion and Escape.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Thanks akirby, that is good news indeed. I am so worried about the current trannys out there and I really don't want to leave Ford but having trans. problems just irks me to no end. I have had over 22 cars (some were very old) and NEVER had any trans. issues. Someone suggested that I buy a manual. I am too old to be wearing out my left foot at this stage. Driving is hard enough. I have had 6 sticks (when I was younger) and enjoyed them a lot, even though I wore out a lot of high heels I still liked shifting. Can you tell me what if any are the problems with the 6F50 trans? Thanks again for your input.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    I think there was one problem where the tranny bangs into gear but there was a fix for that and it seems to have solved the problem (it wasn't widespread anyway). Most of the problems have been the PTU seals in the AWD unit but that seems to have also been fixed now.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    17,000+ miles on my 2011 Edge. Transmission has performed flawlessly. And I'm very sensitive to quirky shift quality.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    edited March 2012
    Thanks akirby. I know at 17,000 miles that if you had a tranny problem it woul have shown up by now. I hope that the F50 trans. is better than the F35 that Ford has been using on the Fusions and the Escapes. I have had two of the F35's and they both stink! How do you like the Edge for other reasons? Even if it's minor complaints. Thanks again akirby.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Excellent vehicle. Great seats, quiet, good handling, plenty of power, excellent mile-eater on our annual 2,000 mile migration between AZ & MI.

    Only complaint is the My touch & Nav system. The stylists & interface designers must have locked engineers and drivers out of the room when they released the package. IMO Its AWFUL.

    But, a totally new O/S is supposed to be on its way in a flash drive. From what I've read, they've done it right this time.

    Allen: Is there a forum that has feedback from owners that have the upgrade?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Yes Gary - all Edge owners are reporting excellent results with the upgrade so far. You can download it from and install it yourself but you'll have to wait for the new SD card to get Navigation working again (if you have it). Some folks have received their packages already. It should fix SOME (but probably not all) of your design and performance issues.

    Side story - my daughter totaled her 2012 Focus in November when she rear ended another car (her fault but everyone one is ok). We went looking for a new one and local dealer had one on the lot that was perfect. It was a SEL hatchback with only the MFT package. It only had 120 miles. Turns out an elderly couple bought it and traded it in one week later because they didn't like the MFT touchscreen. Of course they had never even opened the owners manual or tried to learn it. I guess we both won - we got a good deal on the Focus and they got a non-mft equipped vehicle.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    edited March 2012
    Sounds like a good deal on the Focus. How do you like the way it drives & handles?

    I'll probably go with the download.
    Not having the Nav. is no loss. My wife & I prefer my Garmin 1490.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    I like it Gary, although I don't drive it very often. It is a little cramped for legroom but I might consider the ST version shortly. The sportiness and better fuel economy is tempting. I'm only getting 18 or less in my V6 Fusion. Then again I'd really like a F150. I guess I'm not the typical shopper!
  • kutehartkutehart Posts: 11
    My dad and I both have '08 Edges. He put his car in for service yesterday for the very issue Babbs3 explained, engine banging into gear. It was a bad OSS sensor, according to dealer. I found this info about the part on another forum, if it helps:

    Insufficient input from Output Shaft Speed sensor

    Detailed Description
    The output shaft speed sensor inputs a signal to the PCM, based on the speed of the output shaft of the transmission. The PCM compares this signal with the signal of the VSS or TCSS and determines correct tire size and axle gear ratio.

    Possible causes :-
    OSS sensor circuit short to GND.
    OSS sensor circuit short to PWR.
    OSS sensor circuit open.
    Damaged OSS sensor.
    Damaged PCM.

    Diagnostic Aids
    Verify sensor signal output varies with vehicle speed.

    Output Shaft Speed (OSS) Sensor
    The output shaft speed (OSS) sensor is a magnetic pickup that provides transmission output shaft rotation speed information to the powertrain control module.

    The output shaft speed (OSS) sensor is mounted externally on the top of the transmission case. The PCM uses the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor signal to help determine electronic pressure control (EPC) pressure, shift scheduling and torque converter clutch (TCC) operation.
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