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BMW 1-Series Lease Questions



  • pj94zpj94z Posts: 3
    It is a COUPE

    that must be an error in their ad
  • Does anyone know the current MF and residual for a 2009 128i coupe? Also, any additional incentives, trunk money, etc. other than the $1500 holiday cash?
  • I was quoted: $2,150 down, $399/mo. including taxes, destination, etc. @36 mo. @10k mi/yr.
    What do you think? They said the MF was .0002 :D
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    That seems incredibly cheap... Is it $2150 due at signing? Or $2150 down, plus 1st payment, acquistion fee, document fee, etc, etc, etc.. ?

    Also.. What is the MSRP?

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  • I actually got it for less than that! They REALLY bent over backwards for me. MSRP was $37,500 and my down includes 1st month, acquistion, etc. Riverside BMW, in So. Cal. Maybe it's because I have red hair? :confuse:
  • Hi krwest1. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 128i Coupe with 15,000 miles per year are .00250 and 53%, respectively.

    You never mentioned how long you want to lease for or what mileage allowance you need, so I had to make some assumptions. Let me know if you want something different.

    When negotiating your lease on this car, make sure to take advantage of the $1,500 cash incentive that is currently available on it. That's the only cash out there that I am aware of.

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  • ams_7ams_7 Posts: 9
    Hey guys, so I am about to graduate law school and as a gift to myself after 3 hard years of school I want to get the 128i Convertible. I am not going to be getting it until next summer but I just wanted to get an idea of what kind of a deal I can expect. I live in NJ btw.
    Anyway, BMW is having lease deal for $369 /month plus $4, 494 due at signing for a an MSRP of $39,900 and 10,000 miles a year for three years.
    The BMW with the options i want is $36245 (and that is without any negotiating). However I need 15,000 miles a year. Obviously the quoted price is without taxes registration etc...
    Taking all that into consideration, do you think the monthly payment would go up because of my change in mileage or would it be offset by the 3,000 or so difference in price. And how much money should I expect for taxes, registration and fees??

    Besides this question, that down payment is a little high, I was hoping of paying close to $3000 much would the lease payment be a month with a down payment close to that? (examples of what you guys are paying would be really helpful)

    Thanks a lot in advance :)
  • Hi car_man, kydfx et al,

    I am in the process of ordering a 2010 135i Convertible to lease for 36 mos 12-15k miles/yr.

    One dealer said they could apply the $1500 holiday money to the costs (Acquisition fee, license, etc.) rather than reducing the capitalized cost. I know that reducing the capitalized cost has been discouraged due to issues if the car is totaled or possibly stolen and not recovered (you don't get the cap cost reduction back?).

    Does it make more sense to apply the Holiday money to the up front costs/fee?

    Here is one of the quotes I've received - this one applies the Holiday money to the cap cost and there is a corresponding tax on the cap reduction:

    15k miles/yr, 36 mos
    .00225 Money Factor

    47,025.00 MSRP
    27,744.75 Residual Value 59%

    44,330 Negotiated price
    ($500 over invoice - invoice price includes 380 MACO + 180 training as I understand it - Southern California dealer)

    1,500.00 Cap Reduction (Holiday money)
    42,830.00 Adjusted Cap Cost
    131.25 Tax on Cap Reduction 8.75%

    3,149.26 Customer Cash Down (Includes 1500 Holiday money as I understand it)
    I need to ask how this is derived since I can't get the numbers to add up.

    700.00 Security Deposit

    577.82 Base monthly rental
    50.56 8.75% Sales Tax
    628.38 Monthly Payment

    978.75 Up front/Acquisition Fee (BMW 775 + 150 markup, Doc fee, California tire fee)
    597.00 License Fee

    If I apply the Holiday money to costs and fees, the monthly payment goes up to 677.37 but I have less money out of pocket.

    I appreciate any feedback you may have.

    Happy Holidays,

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    It really doesn't matter where the $1500 is applied, the result is the same..

    The whole idea is to walk out with the minimum out-of-pocket.. On my last lease, that was 1st payment plus $114 in state/local licensing fees (no security deposit).

    In your case, if it were me, I'd pay 1st payment and security deposit upfront... That will be around $1400.... Add the rest of it up (selling price, acq.fee, license fees), add it to the cap cost, and have them figure the payment on that...

    According to your numbers, the $3149 is actually coming out of your pocket at lease signing.. The $1500 was already deducted from the CAP cost, so you would have to come up with that whole amount... That is too much, IMO.

    Only paying $1400 upfront will raise your payment by $55-$60 per month, but that's better than putting that mone out there... Or, you can have the dealer do as he proposes... It is much the same... Use the $1500 to pay directly against the $3149, instead of reducing the CAP cost.. That will leave $1600-$1700 for you to pay upfront, instead of the $3149 (increasing the payment, naturally)..


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  • Thanks for the speedy reply kydfx.

    I could do also do this with no security deposit, but the money factor then goes to .00240

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    Yeah.. it's a better deal to make the security deposit, rather than pay the increased money factor.

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  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Any thoughts on BMW's $339-a-month national deal for the 128i (MSRP $35,550 with premium package)? This is a 36 month lease with a $1,500 credit. Attractive monthly payment for a BMW, but a big upfront outlay. :surprise:

    • $339 First months payment
    • $2,800 Down payment
    • $350 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $4,214 Cash due at signing
  • zigster38zigster38 Posts: 72
    That's the national lease deal with Premium and Auto. I'd do this deal and wait till the 4 cylinder diesel 1-series come in and just have the dealer do some kind of swap.
  • zigster38zigster38 Posts: 72
    I guess I should add that lease is for 10k miles a year only. If you need more, you will pay extra. On the other hand, you can always negotiate lower than a national lease deal.
  • ams_7ams_7 Posts: 9
    I was wondering where did you see this deal? (what state), where I am, the deal is very similar, but the payments are 379/month.....was that something you negotiated?
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    It was the national deal here:

    I don't see it there anymore, with exactly those terms.
  • lionmilklionmilk Posts: 14
    edited June 2010
    Dear Car_man and kyfdx,

    I just got a quote to build-to-order (6 weeks waiting time) lease deal for this model:

    2011 128i Coupe

    STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission
    Premium Package
    Heated Front Seats
    Xenon Headlamps
    Metallic Paint
    Tax rate is %7.75

    Dealer quoted for MSRP (which is $36000) and gave me these info: MF is 0.002 and residual is %64 ( $23040) for 10k/yr for 3 year

    $440.85/mo with only $2190.41 due at signing. This amount due at signing represents no money down, only first months payment, security deposit, fees and upfront taxes...

    I have a 5% off from work for that dealer, which he did not include right now... I will make him include that... I also did not want to put any money down...

    What do you think of this deal, what should I do next to lower this? MF of 0.002 is a little bit high I believe, is there any way to lower that? There seems like no other incentive available for this model and there are no 2010's left in the lot unfortunately...
  • lionmilklionmilk Posts: 14
    edited June 2010
    Actually the dealer says they have given %6.625 discount for me on the car. So MSRP is $36.000 and negotiated price is $33.615. He gave me this detailed info (in addition to my first message, Message #79"):

    The $2190.41 due at signing includes the following breakdown:

    440.85 - First Payment
    450.00 - Security Deposit
    250.00 - Documentation Fee
    925.00 - Acquisition Fee
    33.50 - Title/Registration Fee
    91.06 - Upfront Taxes
    2190.41 Due at signing

    What do you guys think of it?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi lionmilk. The selling price that you were quoted for this car looks attractive to me. The dealer invoice of the car that you described is $33,185. That puts the $33,615 selling price that you were quoted at $430 over invoice.

    The money factor hat you mentioned, .00200 is right in line with BMW Financial Services' buy rate for this model. This is the lowest possible money factor that BMW dealers are allowed to charge on this car right now.

    If you like this vehicle, I personally don't see any reason not to pull the trigger on this deal.

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  • lionmilklionmilk Posts: 14
    edited June 2010
    Anybody know the "July 2010" lease rates for 2011 BMW 128 coupe for 3 10K/y years? I mean MF and residuals...

    Additionally, I received this e-mail from the dealer stating they are under invoice pricing right now, saying: "As for invoice pricing, I am telling you the truth when I say that $33,614 is $1 below invoice on this car. All of the BMW dealers in northeast Ohio share a advertising budget that gets allocated to all of the cars in the region. This cost per car is the $430 difference you see. This money goes right toward the network of BMW dealers. $33,614 is truly $1 below my cost on the car."

    ALSO, he said: "You are correct in stating that the acquisition fee is $725.00 I have mine at $925 because I have to show some profit to the dealership on the sale. We are below invoice pricing on the 128i for you because you are both an employee of (hidden) and also a loyal customer of (hidden). The extra $200.00 on the Acq. Fee is the only profit on the car."

    The car he is talking about is a $36000 MSRP, which has the invoice of $33185 as Car_man indicated in #81. So, do you think the dealer says the truth? As long as we are OK on selling price, can he jack up the Acq Fee?
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