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BMW X5 Diesel Reliability



  • You mentioned that the roof rails are noisy. For sure the noise is coming from the rails? I just ordered a 35d and have time to delete the rails. I don't plan on using them. I thought they suit the car well.
  • I've owned a 2010 X5 35d for 13 months now and am on my 4th "check engine" light. Can't say I'm thrilled about the reliability since I've never had any car even have the light go on until this one - let alone 4 times in a year. Also have some electrical issue with the rear license plate light - sometimes it's on, sometimes not - expect a lot more from such an expensive car. Runs great though otherwise. I had also hit the buttons in my pocket too.

    Haven't seen any other posts with the level of problems I've had - keep hoping they have the issues worked out of mine but they haven't yet.
  • utkutk Posts: 2
    I have a 2009 X5 Diesel only 3800miles so far I had taken the car to the dealer 6 times for a check engine light and they still havent been able to figure out what the problem is! However, BMW dealer is good at figuring out how to be rude and arrogant to the customer..has any anyone had the same problem?
  • utkutk Posts: 2
    I've also owned an x5 diesel for a number of months and I've had my car in for the 5-6th time for a check engine light!! What have they told you the problem is?
  • I have had the same check engine light and licence plate light issues (which was fixed with a new bulb). The engine light has been on for most of the 15 months I have owned the vehicle. Dealer has replaced seveal pumps and filters, as well as the valve cover (leaking oil- took 6 weeks to get a replacement part from Germany) and also uploaded updated software, but the light always comes back on after driving for a period of time. Evidently could be a potential problem with the intercooler, and BMW is supposedly aware of this issue. I am tired of having my car in the shop. This is my 3rd BMW, but I will look to Audi next time.
  • I guess I don't feel lonely anymore. I've had two "check engine lights" in the last month (the car is only 6 mos old). The techs couldn't figure out the problem so they went back to BMW USA for help and were told that there was a failure of the EGR valve.

    Not only were there no EGR valves at the dealership, there were no EGR valves in the USA. They are so rare that the main factory in Germany had to manufacture one.

    Once the new valve was received and installed, it took about 20 minutes of driving for the check engine light to reappear.

    The techs went back to BMW USA asking for help and in the meantime, a new car will barely 7k miles on it is standing at the repair bay waiting for some kind of tech assist.

    And..BTW, this is only one example of issues I've had with this car. I had a major control module fail, emissions tests failures, steering wheel bushing problems and...well forget it.
  • I had the same story at 6K on mine - a year ago. Funny thing is, this is my 4th time and they told me the EGR also needs replacing just yesterday (2nd time) and, like you, there are none in the world so I have to pick my car up and wait for it to come in before they can fix it. Hopefully I'll get more than 2 weeks out of mine - usually get about 3 months. Too bad my dealership is 80 miles away so this EGR failure is also causing me 640 miles or back and forth driving not to mention the time/money.

    They told the me "the factory is working on it" and this is common in the WA/OR area - you don't happen to live in one of those states do you? Have a hard time believing this is common if they don't even have any in the world for spares. Heard the factory story a year ago too...hope they step up the pace...the truth is out there.
  • The license plate light turned out to be a wire rubbed raw and shorting in the rear tailgate. Said it looked like a repair was done in there after the fact but it came that way. Check your repair records for a "charge air temp sensor" being replaced - I'm on my 5th one (first one + 4 replacements) and I've heard the factory is working on it for a year now. Maybe I'm lucky with only the intercooler problem - told me it was a regional problem and not all areas are having it - what are are you in? I'm in the NW. :confuse:
  • I will check my records, I have has 2 or 3 pumps and sensors replaced. I can't remember which ones, I will check. I am in Ontario, so if my problems are the same as yours it isn't a regional thing.
  • Here is what I have had done to address the check engine light issue as it has come on at various times:
    - update DDE software (whatever that is)
    - replace throttle assembly/valve
    -replace air temp sensor
    - replace cylinder head cover
    -replace scr delivery module
    -replace air temp sensor (again)
  • The problem that caused the check engine light this time was a failure of the coolant temperature sensor. It was replaced and so far no reappearance of the check engine light.

    My question now is whether this sensor caused the problem with the EGR valve or if this is a separate issue.

    I've written a formal letter of complaint to BMW USA and after two weeks of waiting, still have received no response.
  • I have roof rails and they are not noisy...maybe someone has something loose but when they're installed right they don't make any noise.
  • schanockschanock Posts: 1
    My son just purchased a 2009 x5 35D with 3800 miles on it and had a warning about his truck would not start atfer 180 miles because of the urea being low. He brought it back to dealer and they said they never heard of it because it was full.
  • autosportautosport Posts: 1
    bmw x5 3.0i 2001 when I start up in morning reverse out my garage put it into drive and accelarte the revs just climb and the car does not move. then suddenly she will go. It only happens in the morning when engine is cold and only in drive not reverse. people tell me this is normal, due to some cold start. can anyone help. is this normal.
  • shrishri Posts: 1
    I purchased the diesel model last december. With 3700 miles on it,The car had transmission failure (transaxle box). I was really shocked to find the major failure with a brand new car ,that too BMW with such low miles.
    The dealership replaced the transmission under warranty. This is my first BMW.But my confidence in the BMW brand is shaken.
    I drove many brands befoe but never had transmission failure even with very high miles on the car. I am now skeptical about taking this car for long trip.
    Does any one have similar problem?
  • X5 deisel with 41,000 miles and the check engine light has come on 11 or 12 times??? each time some sensors have been changed. But the sensors can run up to $500.00 @, when off warranty???
  • kwf2kwf2 Posts: 1
    I just bought a x5 diesel. Filled it up twice using the funnel provided.
    Over-filled both times and spilled diesel on side of car, myself and payment.
    Is there a trick to using the funnel? Salesman admitted he spilled diesel all over him self when he filled it.
    Small diesel nozzles will not go in tank without funnel.
    How are you folks filling w/o spills?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited October 2012
    Not sure where you are located? We have only filled up three times since buying in early September and all 3 of the Shell/BP stations in Virginia and Maryland that we have gone to have nozzles that fit the tank. It can be a bit tricky as the nozzle just barely fits and needs to be aligned just right, but it goes in. It only goes in about haldf as far as gas nozzle, so I hold it in place while pumping. So far, no runs, drips or errors.

    I thought the funnel was used if the diesel nozzle is too big to go into the tank - you are saying it's too small? That sounds like the reverse situation of our experience - not sure why it's not going in if is smaller than the filler neck?
  • My 2009 has no funnel. There are 2 types of diesel pump nozzles, thick (for trucks etc) and thinner. The thinner one fits into my gas tank no problem.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    X5 diesel with 41,000 miles and the check engine light has come on 11 or 12 times??? each time some sensors have been changed. But the sensors can run up to $500.00 , when off warranty???

    Has a sensor been changed each time the Check Engine light has come on? IF so you might want to talk to the dealer about the lemon law...
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