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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Lease Questions



  • How are you guys doing? Im new here but let me tell u this hole leasing process was the most stressful time in my life!! Honestly its been an ongoing process now for almost a month...but thanks to all you guys on here i got a GREAT deal in my books.

    I originally went to a nissan dealer by my hometown here in cleveland, ohio and was quoted on a base model rouge awd s model $400/mnth, 15k, $400 out of pocket that was including paying of my last 4 payments from my previous lease ($1356.00) and i was at a tier 2.

    So i kept going back and forth and going from dealer to dealer and playing there games. Lets just say it worked! I ended up getting a Rouge SL Awd Premium Package $370/mnth, 15k, $500 total out of pocket, they paid off my other lease ($1356.00) and 2 years free maintenance plus. I love this rouge and honestly ya some of you guys might of gotten a better deal but after driving this i could of cared less to pay $450 a month! ha.

    So for the guys on here trying to buy or lease a car, just play there games. Go back and forth and tell them that the other dealer will give it to u for cheaper, if its possible theyll do it! i got a $27290 car for $23900. So its possible!!

    Take care! :)
  • beachbum73beachbum73 Posts: 2
    :) Nice! This is the exact kind of great results I was looking for... Great Job enjoy the Rouge!!
  • Hello.

    Please ignore my inquiry from a few days earlier regarding an offer. I ended up getting the following (in NY):

    2009 Rogue SL FWD
    Premium and Leather (no moonroof)
    Security+ Warranty (39 months)
    39 months lease, 12k/year

    I gave them a trade worth about $1500, plus $1700 total cash on top of that (including all taxes, fees, etc.). They also threw in a $500 gas card. My monthly payment is $225.

    To me, this seemed like a great deal, so I took it. What do you think?

  • to: heinekenator
    sounds like a very very good deal. can you share the dealer's info?
    the lowest I was offered to SL with moonroof only was $245 for 39 months, with $1999 total out of pocket (including Lease Inseption Fees). no leather, no premium.
    thanks so much,
  • Legend Nissan in Syosset.
  • will see them next week. thanks so much.
  • rogue8rogue8 Posts: 2
    hello..i am interested in leaseing a rogue sl within two months.. have read many of the postings and understand the process as i have leased several question is ..leaseing at the end of the model year would seem that it would increase the residuals as the auto is already one year old..Is it better to wait for the new year model are out for this reason??
  • sae82sae82 Posts: 1
    We put a deposit on the 09 Rogue S AWD for $199 a month (for 39 months) with roughly $1400 down in bank fees & delivery fees (excluding taxes of course). It was part of the national Nissan tent event. This seemed like a great deal. Can anyone confirm?
  • MSRP $ 27,645

    With Universal Nissan of Orlando; ZERO Down, $370 per month (38 months - first month paid by Dealer), $15K per annum.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi heinekenator. Do you know this vehicle's MSRP and selling price? These are very important numbers to know when leasing. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without these numbers, it is difficult to tell how large a dealer discount you are being given. Let me know what they are and I'm sure that either myself or another knowledgeable community member will be happy to let you know what they think.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi rogue8. You're right, vehicles' residual values naturally fall as the model year progresses. Some times it is indeed better to lease a vehicle at the beginning of the model year than at the end. Whether or not this is the case depends upon what the lease support on the new model looks like compared to the lease support on the leftover one. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to know what Nissan's lease program will look like on the 2010 Rogue at this point.

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  • 02whttrib02whttrib Posts: 39
    Hi everyone, I'm interested in leasing an 09 Rogue SL AWD that is hard loaded with a MSRP sticker of $30,995 (every option) that has 5700 miles on it placed by the dealership/ demonstrator, but never titled. I did the back and forth salesman/ sales manager thing for about 2 hours on Friday with them finally giving me a quoted lease of:

    $405.00/ mth for 39 months, 1st payment down only, 12,000 miles/yr. I've never leased a vehicle before but this seemed rather high for payments based on the price of this vehicle, I was finally able to get the salesman to tell me that they had knocked the MSRP down to $27,9xx, (the residual was $18,3xx) but then again that seemed rather high figuring that the vehicle was made in July 2008 and has been sitting on the lot/ in use for a almost a year and the new 10's will be out soon.

    He also mentioned that I could get VPP A plan pricing if I had a close family member that worked for Nissan of which I don't. Do they verify this or can I tell a white lie? My next door neighbor does indeed work for Nissan in Canton, MS, but alas no relation, says he will vouch for me!!

    I was able to leave the d-ship with my sanity intact guessing that I might could get a better deal but I do LOVE the vehicle. Any other leverage I might have here? Is this a fair price? Decent lease prices? The salesman also told me the Nissan Tent Event would be off tomorrow, June 1st so not sure what difference that will make.

  • sahm2kgasahm2kga Posts: 11
    We are currently pricing out a CR-V and the Rogue.
    Our neighbor works for Nissan is is getting us a Friends Discount (assuming it is some kind of PIN). I used to work for Ford, and I am familiar with the A/X/Z Plan- where the price is the same regardless of the dealer. Is this the same of Nissan?

    Can I go into any dealer with this PIN and get the same deal (we currently lease, so we will have no trade in to haggle with), or do I have to negotiate?

  • g35floodedg35flooded Posts: 44
    Hey guys. I was wondering if you could help me out. My mom is looing to lease the Rouge and she got the following deal...

    $350 a month for an AWD Rouge SL 4cyl fully loaded (pop in nav, sun roof, heated leather seats, etc..). Nothing down except $500 at signing for doc fee, plate fee and registration. She was unable to get the money factor and residual value. I am unsure what she is leasing the car for since she did not get any information. I will be going back with her on Monday to get that info but to me it looks like a good deal. They are also going to pay for the rest of her lease on her Chevy Equinox.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • I think that is a great deal, in fact it sounds low for the vehicle. That vehicle lists on the sticker for more than $30,000 . How many payments does she have left on the Equinox? Just make sure it's actually $350 that you are paying, what state are you from and city?
  • g35floodedg35flooded Posts: 44
    I live in NY. I believe she has 1 month left on her lease... Possibly 2 I am not 100% sure on that though. At first the guy wanted $359 with no navi, but a friend of mine just got the $350 deal with navi in Long Island so I gave the guy his name and he looked it up in the computer and lowered the payment by $9 and threw in the navi.

    She put a $100 refundable deposit down to hold the car until Monday morning...I'm pretty sure she is going to take it. Her Equinox is in great shape and has under 30k miles on it so they said they will actually buy the car from Chevy and then sell it themselves and make money on it. So I think they really want that truck (I don't know why, it's a POS!) lol.
  • abukiabuki Posts: 7
    Hi, could you please let us know which dealer did she fet this deal from in NY?
    Thank you
  • g35floodedg35flooded Posts: 44
    Sorry for the delay. She got the rouge fully loaded for $370 a month with nothing down with the navi (portable garmin no big deal IMO).

    The deal for $350 was for some crappy bank that she had to take a $250 deductable on and her insurance was going to go through the roof so she went with the Nissan bank and it came out to $370 a month. I honestly thought that was B.S. I wasn't there to help her out but she thought hte deal was still good so she took it.

    The dealership she went to was Staten Island Nissan I believe. My friend on the other hand went to a Nissan dealership in long island and he got the truck for $350 a month with the Nissan bank so go figure.

    Anyway. I really like the truck. I have an Infiniti G35X sedan so I like most Nissans since it's the same company and the cars are all made very similar. The truck is great, drives nice, tight steering and decent room in the back seat and trunk. Def. a solid buy for my momma dukes.
  • abukiabuki Posts: 7
    Thank you for the detailed reply, much appreciated....
  • jmcbmwjmcbmw Posts: 62
    Car_man, Still searching for the right replacement for my ending X3 lease. Will you please inform of the June lease info for the Rogue? 15K, 36 or 39 mos Residuals and base Money Factor would be great. Not sure if different for FWD and AWD so please advise. Thanks
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