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2010 Toyota Camry



  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Use of the A/C will have absolutely no positive effect on th exterior of the windshield other than COOLING it down to the dewpoint (the temperature at which condensation begins) of the outside atmosphere.

    But it'll prevent it on the interior.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...But it'll prevent it on the interior.."

    Not nearly as reliably as HEATING the interior surface of the windshield, and KEEPING it HEATED.

    The A/C can only work for cabin airflow dehumidification if mother nature, whimsical mother nature, deems it so. Additionally, with the use of A/C only for dehumidification you will often be left, sometimes days after, with sudden windshield fogging as a result.

    When you switch the A/C off that condensate remaining on the roughly 10,000 square inches of the evaporator vane surface area can later act as a MOISTURE BOMB, rapidly humidifying the cabin atmosphere and condensing on an interior windshield surface already below the dewpoint.
  • just bought a new 2010 camry, pretty happy with it and getting 30+ average MPG for 2.5L, automatic, amazing:

    two questions

    1) the 'handle' inside the door seem to be made of two separate piece of material, and there is a gap between them, so if I hold the handle tight it feels like it pinches or squeezes my hand or finger, this is really annoying to me. I look at all four doors, and the 'handle' all seem to have a small gap.. does you camry do that???

    2) when is a good time to do first oil change, should I wait till 5000 miles or is it better earlier during break in of the vehicle?
  • cc62966cc62966 Posts: 30
    I don't recall an issue with the door handles - I am certain all Carmys have the same door handle parts. As for the Oil Change Interval - it was extended by Toyota to 10K miles. I my self asked about getting an oil change done early - break in period and all that, but was told by a number of credible sources that it is not necessary. The engines go through a break in period before install, so there should be no metal shards left when the car is delivered with fresh oil to the customer. However, unlike Honda, the Toyota engine doesn't come with any solvents added to the car from factory - so, if you choose there is nothing preventing you from getting an oil change done early. But, keep in mind that it requires full synthetic 0-20W oil, and a change will cost around $65+. I my self waited till it turned 7.5K to get my first oil change - still the oil on the dip stick looked perfect! Keep in mind that the oil change light will still go off at 5K intervals - check your manual for re-set instructions.
  • because i bought this month, i got a 2 year/25k miles free maintenance from toyota that includes oil change, so I'm taking it to the dealer for the free oil change at 5k miles.

    can you do me a favor and check all 4 of your inside doors, if you squeeze on the 'handle', does it flex? are there a small gap on any of them??
  • dookie84dookie84 Posts: 33
    Did the revised Owners Manual that I received from Toyota after the oil change interval mention that it needs full synthetic oil? I couldn't find it. I did find it pretty funny that under the 5K maintenance schedule it says something like "check floormat".
  • awn7eawn7e Posts: 12
    I saw this 2010 Camry LE for sale. It is exactly the same as mine. But I noticed that my 2010 Camry LE has one tailpipe where this one has two.

    Does anyone know why?
  • cc62966cc62966 Posts: 30
    edited October 2010
    The one on the advertisement is a V6.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    cc62966 is right; that's common on other midsizers as well. I have a V6 Sonata with dual exhausts, but the 4-cylinder has just one. Same for Accord I4 and V6 models.
  • My 2010 SE, a 2.5 4 cylinders has twin tailpipes.
  • Update on my comment about the car feeling like it's lurching when I go from a full stop. It seems to have improved a lot - I actually don't notice anything but a smooth pull away from a stopped position. I don't think it's my imagination. Maybe the car engine broke in or something. Do new cars have any sort of break in period? My 4 cylinder Camry now has 16K on it. I'm really pleased with it. :)
  • Toyota catching up to Ford???

    Ford SAYS that they have caught up to Toyota in quality.......really?....just because Ford says so? Toyota says look at our record not rhetoric.

    What Ford does best is marketing, not building cars.

    Lets see what the long term quality of Ford vs. Toyota is before we declare Ford the king.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Actually, Ford exceeded Toyota in quality. I traded up to a 2010 Ford Fusion from a 2009 Camry and havent looked back. 23k miles on the toyota and the seats had wear in the fabric, the sunroof stuck, the dash rattled, and overall material quality was subpar for the price of the car.

    38k miles on my Fusion so far, and the only problem was a sticky caliper replaced under warranty. Seats still look like new, no rattles, no squeaks, nothing to complain about.

    After owning 2 Toyotas, and now having Fords, I will not be going back to Toyota any time soon, both my Fords are doing great with 59k between the both of them.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Hi acdii:

    Good Morning! ----- I enjoyed reading your posting! ----- Did you know that Ford engines have a problem with their spark plugs blowing out of their engines due to defective machining of the spark plug holes in the head? ------ Ford does not accept responsibility under their warranty, and the cost of repair in on the customer! ------ I can easily deal with wear on fabric seats by purchasing a vehicle with leather seats. ----- Dash rattles can be located and fixed easily, ----- but drilling out the old spark plug threads, --- cutting new threads for a steel sleeve, --- and installing it into the head to accept the spark plug is a major issue, --- and having Ford dump the "total financial responsibility" on the owner of the vehicle is very unprofessional on the part of Ford! ------ I personally like the Ford Fusion and the Mustang, but I would not purchase one because of the spark plug issue! ------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :) :confuse:
  • There is no emperical evidence other than Ford projections that they have come close to Toyota quality.
  • Ford has had a lot of problems with the 5.4 Triton. The factory plug is a 2 piece design and breaks when removed, they have a redisigned plug, but Champion makes a one piece unit that will prevent the plug breaking.
    The champions cost $20 each.

    Consumer Reports still rates Honda, Subaru and Toyota as top three picks.

    The only Chrysler product recommended is the Ram 1500, All other Chrysler products are below average rated.

    Ford has made progress, the Focus outscored the Civic this year, but to say their ENTIRE line is as good as Toyota, Honda: is marketing, not quality.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    That is old news and no longer an issue since they have redesigned their modular heads for the 5.4 and V10 engines that had these problems. The problem also is related to improper installation of the spark plugs, and has for the most part happened after a spark plug has been changed out. It also has not hurt their truck sales, they are still #1 in truck sales for something like 30 years.

    It still has no bearing on the cheap materials in a nearly $30,000 car like the Camry, I shouldn't have to spend another $1500 to have better materials in the car, I should expect to have better materials in a Camry, not Corolla material. A nearly $30k car should not have squeaks and sticking sun roofs, and noisy doors. I have nearly 40k miles on my Fusion, and not a squeak, rattle or any other problem has occurred, in fact the one problem I did have went away when I replaced the tires, and that was poor rain traction, which were the tires and not the car.
  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    edited August 2011
    2011 Camry LE I4 can be purchased for under $20K and current model is in the end of it's production cycle. While current Camry has it's shortcomings, it does deliver. I remember Car and Driver magazine choose it to be #1 sedan on the middle of unintended acceleration smear campaign. They said while Camry is not superior in every department, it does excel as a package and this is hard to beat. We'll soon see what next generation Camry has to offer, I'm sure Toyota folks worked hard to keep Camry #1 sedan on the market.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Hybrid, not low end base line cream puff model. To think that the seats in the Hybrid are no better than those in the baseline I4. It really is a moot point at this time since the Fusion I have is hands down far better than anything Toyota has to offer. I like a car that can handle curves and has a sporty suspension and that is NOT a Camry. The only reason the Camry is selling is the soft mushy ride most people are used to, and think that a car that you feel bumps in the road is bad. If I want a row boat, I would get a row boat, and the Camry is a rowboat compared to the Fusion. Wallow on down the road, wallow on down the road.
  • Not old news if you own one.

    Rather than posting in the Camry forum how bad they are, why not go to a Ford forum and post how good they are.

    Consumer reports still rates Honda, Subura and Toyota as higher quality than Ford.
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