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Nissan Armada Maintenance and Repair



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Just a guess but it could be one of the speed sensor, hydraulic control unit or the electronic control unit for your ABS system. Anyone else have any ideas?

    tidester, host
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  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I believe it's a software update on the brake control unit. Fairly common on the Armada and has been discussed I believe higher up in this thread.

  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Had the same problem. There is a TSB out on it. The need to reprogram the ABS module. It takes abou an hour or so.
  • gbajagbaja Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info guys. BTW if there is a TSB (to reprogram the TSB module) are they going to fix it for free if your are out of warranty? Thanks again............
  • To all who have had problems with the Armada stalling and losing power, you also cant accelerate, my dealer is very good and helpful and after many weeks in the shop we think we conquered it. We worked through the main airflow filter down to the catalytic converter, inbetween also the airflow manifold also was replaced all seems well now , the mechanic kept the car and kept driving it each time it happened he put it on the computer and fixed the problem that came up reset the computer and drove it again.
  • kap78kap78 Posts: 1
    It happend to me while test driving w/the sales rep. this was a 05. He acted like he never heard of such a thing, but after reading all of these threads, i call B.S.
  • To all who read that we have found the answer to the stalling and loss of power problem we have had a reoccurrence and the Armada is back in the shop, the head mechanic who is supposed to be one of the top ones on the east coast said if i cant find the answer Nissan Headquarters will be contacted. I will keep you updated.
  • I have a 04 Armada that after you have stopped and taken the keys out and have left the car, it will flash the lights, blow the horn and lock the doors on its own. It will repeat this every 15 to 30 minutes. Sooner or later it will quit, but will start back up later. It also does it when you are driving sometime. I wanted to see if anyone has run into this problem? :confuse:
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Sounds like it's going into panic mode. I've hit the panic button by accident and set it off.

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  • My question to you guys is I am in the market for A new large SUV & I love the 2008 Armada, but from what I read like Consumer Reports, J.D. Powers and most of the unbias consumer mags. They rip on the Armada like no other large SUV on the market. I have owned several Nissans & they have all been great cars. Is the Armada that bad of A SUV ? Would it be throwing good money away if I purchased one? If they are such A bad SUV why has Nissan not done A better job in their large SUV segment and fix the problems. I don't know, I want the new 2008 Armada but I am very worried that it's A very large piece of JUNK!!!! What should I do? Thanks guys, Steveo1515
  • Take a look at the 2008 Consumer Reports Buying Guide and you will see a huge improvement in the frequency of repair history for the '06 Armada versus the two earlier years. Granted in '06 there was still lots of room for improvement, but if you read the posts here from owners of '07's and '08's there seems to be a clear trend towards improvement. CR has continued to predict low reliability ratings because of all the disappointing past experiences, because that's all the data they had when they tabulated the results recently published. Sounds to me like Nissan is on the right track, but if having a problem free vehicle is your highest concern, this may not be the truck for you. I still don't think you can buy one today and expect a completely problem free vehicle. But will the issues be as severe as they were in '04 and '05, not likely. If you really love the truck, I would suggest it's now worth a look, keeping in mind that the truck may still not yet be bulletproof. Five months ago I bought a new QX56 (Infiniti's sister to the Armada) and I've had no trouble at all, perhaps I've been lucky.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    My 04 has been nearly trouble free (had to tighten a sway bar, and had the brake upgrades done by nissan, both covered under warranty).

    For the $ you aren't going to find a more comfortable, capable vehicle. As with any vehicle there will be bad ones and good ones. Just the luck of the draw.

    I haven't heard any catch fire like the new GM SUVs I heard on the news last night.

    I tow 10,000lb High Performance Boat with mine and it tows it well and gets 10.5mpg at 65mph on the highway. Not too shabby if you ask me.

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • Thanks guys for you quick reply to my many questions, about negutave reviews on the 2008 Armada. Your answers have help me and my wife on this subject. But when spending very close to 50K I want to make A good and wise choice. If anyone else wants to reply I would like to here what you guys think. Also would the extra money for the Inf. QX56 be the better choice????????????
    Thanks Again,

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Having gone through the numbers. It looks like the QX56 for 08 is a bit more expensive, and only gets HID headlights (you could get them for the Armada for about $135 on Amazon) a different look, painted roof rails, Infinity dealer service (loaner cars?), adaptive cruise control?, and perhaps 2nd row heated/cooled seats?

    I don't think the few things available on the QX56 that aren't available on the Armada are worth the extra $$$$$.

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Depends on how the aftermarket system is setup. For instance I do security installs on Subarus, and we designed our fuel-cut system to cut the ground wire on the fuel pump relay. So in theory if a part of our security system failed the fuel pump would cut out. This is also the most secure way to protect your car.

    If I had to guess I'd say it's an IPDM issue.

  • Just wondering if you ever got this fixed? My 04 Armada is having the same problem. It will stall while driving down the road at 50 mph or when idling. Sometimes it will start right up after I pull off the road and turn the key, other times it will take a couple of tries to get it to start. The dealer has replaced both the fuel pump and the crankshaft position sensor to no avail. They thought that it might have to do with an aftermarket security system that was placed on the car by the dealer before I bought it . The removed the system but left all the wires under the dash. I've removed all the wires so see if that was the problem but it still happens. I called a car alarm dealer and explained the issue and he said that it was impossible for it to be caused by a security system. A security system would only disable a car from starting or even cranking but could never shut off a car while it was already running. He said that would be very dangerous and the systems are never designed to interfere with a car that is running.
    Anyway, I'm thinking of telling the dealer to replace the IPDM. Please let me know whatever happened with your car.
  • hello,
    i could really use your help
    i think you are about the only person i have found that is having the same problem i am.
    2007 armada hesitation jerking loss of power
    nissan replaced valve body no change
  • first nissan said its your rims and tires,but funny they are the exact same size!
    now they are saying its my exhaust.
    i only had new muffler put on.
    so i take it to a trans shop aa#co,in 5 minutes they diagnose problem as torque converter and lock up solenoid failure.
    my armada is 6 months old 22k
    bad hesitation and jerking real bad on hwy.
  • dehalldehall Posts: 10
    The title is incorrect but the problem is the same. Look at these messages and you will find the trouble I had and the solutions that corrected my problem of stalling, sputtering, stopping etc.etc.etc. Item #556, 559, 565, 566, 567,and 568. the messages were sent to several people but the problem that corrected my troubles seemed to be more than one thing, as you read the things that were performed by the dealer. The dealer was only guessing at trying to find the problem and at my expence because it costed me $100.00 each time I took the auto in. under my extended warrenty. Only one time did I get a rental to replace my vehicle, that was the last time, when they put in the module (IPDM) and had to keep the auto and run it to check that it functioned correctly. The replacment of the fuel filter, fuel pump, computer and finally the Intergrated PowerI Distributor Module (IPDM), my stalling,hesitation and stopping problems are over, hope this help you with your troubles. :)
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Here is the list of differences...
    1) Nicer leather and interior appointments (a very noticeable difference in both my wife's and my opinions)
    2) Better sound deadening all over the vehicle (see #13)
    3) Longer warranty
    4) HID headlights versus regular headlamps
    5) More exterior paint/colors
    6) More interior color choices
    7) Add heated rear seats vs N/A
    8) Body color rear splash guards vs Black
    9) Electroluminescent instrument panel vs N/A
    10) Burr-Brown audio upgrade vs N/A
    11) rear camera has a slightly better view due to its higher mounting--less of the rear bumper in the picture
    12) Chrome wheels and spare vs N/A
    13) 400 lbs heavier--I assume more sound deadening and upgraded interior materials
    14) Loaners provided when bringing Truck in for Service
    15) Chrome side moulding vs. body color (plus fender flares?)
    16) Leather center console top vs. rubber and plastic
    17) chrome roof rails vs. satin finish
    18) captains chairs seating easily available / split bench harder to find vs. split bench easily available / captains chairs nearly impossible to find
    19) all windows auto up/down vs. only front windows auto up/down
    20) real wood and aluminum interior accents vs. plastic and simulated wood interior accents
    21) useless analog clock vs nice little cubby for something ipod sized
    22) LED Tail/brake lights vs. Regular bulb lights
    23) 3rd row seats matching leather vs matching vinyl
    24) Engine tuned a bit for a few more HP & torque
    25) 24/7 free Roadside assistance forever for original owner

    Personally...we just purchased a QX and love it. Is it worth the money over the Armada? Depends on your definition of "worth" it? You get most of the QX in the Armada, but you don't get the subtle luxuries. We wanted those and they are well worth the added $$$ for us!
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