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Nissan Armada Maintenance and Repair



  • This sounds like the same problem I am having with my 04 Armada. It has happened several times over the last several months. I took it in once but they couldnt duplicate the problem so they couldnt fix it! That is so frustrating! Last night while driving home (2 hr drive) it sputtered and jerked and lost power all the way home. Every time I went up a hill it would start loosing power. I got off the hwy once and wasn't able to get back on for 4 miles! I couldnt get it over 40 mph and had to drive on the shoulder until finally just taking an exit and staying off of the hwy. This is very dangerous! I cant even think of passing someone on the hwy because it will loose power and then I'm stuck! Did replacing the valve body (I dont know what that is) help your issue?
  • dehalldehall Posts: 10
    Look at these messages and you will find the trouble I had and the solutions that corrected my problem of stalling, sputtering, stopping etc.etc.etc. Item #556, 559, 565, 566, 567,and 568. the messages were sent to several people but the problem that corrected my troubles seemed to be more than one thing, as you read the things that were performed by the dealer. The dealer was only guessing at trying to find the problem and at my expence because it costed me $100.00 each time I took the auto in. under my extended warrenty. Only one time did I get a rental to replace my vehicle, that was the last time, when they put in the module (IPDM) and had to keep the auto and run it to check that it functioned correctly. The replacment of the fuel filter, fuel pump, computer and finally the Intergrated PowerI Distributor Module (IPDM), my stalling,hesitation and stopping problems are over, hope this help you with your troubles. Note: I changed my air filter also.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Since the dealer was "guessing" and switching parts to try and narrow the problem down, did the extended warranty cover all the unnecessary parts that were replaced or did the dealer remove them once the problem identified and corrected?
  • dehalldehall Posts: 10
    My extended warrenty was for any problem I had to take it in and pay the $100.00 and they decide if it was a problem that was under warrenty. Of course I had checked that before I took it in. I waited and tried to get help like you did with this forun, I used several forums and this one gave me the best results. I got a rental only once over the foru times I took it in because it took more than two days to do what they had to do. They were required to test the vehicle after replacing the (IPDM). After $400.00, a computer,fuel filter, fuel pump and IPDM my Armada is OK now. I did change the air filter because of the smoke and sut from the fires hers. :)
  • bboysbboys Posts: 1
    We have a 2006 Armada and the radio today started jumping frequencies? It would be on 99.5 and then jump to 99.3 or 99.7 or if I shut the car off then turned it back on after a few minutes the radio would be on a different station or frequency as well. The dealer said this is a new one on them. Had the battery checked and it is fine? Any other suggestions or is anyone else having problems???
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Have you had your vehicle blessed? Another option is have the dealer install a new head unit.
  • I had a total loss engine fire on March 6th, 2008. I noticed a strange, but strong odor while driving my '05 Armada (27,000 miles). Thought it was a truck next to me. Drove 3 miles to my kids school to pick them up. When I started the ignition again, two puffs of smoke came out either side of the engine. Quickly got my 5 & 2 yr. old children out. Within minutes smoke was billowing out of the engine. Within 10 min, the engine was engulfed in flames. Thank God we got out in time. The Fire Captain said it was most likely due to a battery or gas leak. The insurance company declared it a total loss. Nissan has been unwilling to do anything to remedy the situation - especially Nissan Consumer Affairs.

    I had multiple issues with the battery not starting and heavy corrosion. They replaced and performed work on the battery for 10 days in Sept. '07. Not sure if it's also related to the glove box.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup, had this on my 04.

    It's a loose front sway bar. Get under it with a wrench and tighten it up and you'll be in good shape.

  • robinj1robinj1 Posts: 5
    Trying to see if Nissan found anything wrong with your Armadas transmission our's as well is doing the same and more. Please let me know thank you,
    Jason Robinson
  • robinj1robinj1 Posts: 5
    Can you get in touch with me? We have the same problem still today.
  • They still havent found the problem. I dont drive it everyday now so dont think about it as much. One person told me the next time it does it to try taking off the gas cap and then replace it and make sure it clicks, sd maybe pressure building up in tank. I guess lexus wont run if gas cap isnt tight till click so maybe same with Armada...????? I havent tried it, but do make sure I click it now which is something I never did before.....who knows! Usually it stops doing it if we turn truck off and restart so I guess we will just live with it now.... waranty has finally expired and no problem was found.... Hope you find problem while under waranty~!
  • black2black2 Posts: 1
    i wanted to tell you thank you for posting your problem and how it was resolved. i bought my armada used a year ago. it had no problems prior to our purchase. just before it reached 80,000 miles it started to die and sputter as i started it again. my extended warranty ran out at 75,000 miles so the dealership was no help. i recently replace the ipdm (a $125part) and it fired up with no problems. my o2 sensor is now out but at least one problem is fixed. thanks for the posting.
  • momof4nowmomof4now Posts: 7
    Update. We drove our Armada on a 1400 mile trip to Florida last week. It acted up the whole entire way with spitting and sputtering. We tried the gas cap trick and the turn off and then back on trick and nothing helped for very long. We took it to the Nissan dealer in Ft Lauderdale and were able to drive it around until it was doing it again and they pressure tested the fuel pump and were able to let us know that it was bad. They replaced it. The total cost was $800 parts and labor. Drove it the 1400 miles home with no problems at all! So I do hope that was it. They told us that in order for them to tell it was the fuel pump in this case that it did have to be pressure tested.... I dont really know anything about that but the truck now seems to be fixed and I am thrilled. We love our Armada again!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,938
    The recent Armada Tire thread has been given its own discussion:

    finnatic, "Nissan Armada Tires and Wheels" #2, 24 Jul 2008 4:54 pm

    Please report on your tire replacement choices and ask any other tire or wheel questions you may have in there. Thanks!

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  • qinorqinor Posts: 1
    Our 2005 Armada has been acting up over the past several months sputtering and cutting out. It would die always at the worst times like on the freeway in rush hour traffic but up to this point always restarted right away. It progressively got worse and more frequently to the point that it finally wouldn't restart, fortunately in my driveway. We're on a tight budget so I couldn't take it to a mechanic and I'm fairly inclined so figured I might be able to at least trouble shoot the problem. I went to a Schucks and rented an OBDII code reader but it wouldn't work which I still don't get. Their answer was that it doesn't work on some cars but oddly enough I tried it on our Subaru as well and it wouldn't work on it either. After referring to this sight and consulting others I decided it fit the description of a bad IPDM (Integrated Power Distribution Module) I checked a couple of parts places where they looked at me like I was speaking greek when I asked about an IPDM. I ended up ordering from a local dealership . It took the parts guy a while to look it up. He'd never heard of an IPDM either but after about a half hour and a consult with a technician he called me back with the info. Nissan calls it a Controller, cost $128 (part number 284B6-ZC00A) It wasn't in stock so after waiting for 3 days I received it. The IPDM / Controller is a fuse panel that controls the fuel injectors and fuel pump among many other vital systems. I found instructions at - ipdm-install-ipdm.jpg?d=1215504792 Be sure to disconnect the battery first. You'll need a 10mm wrench for the neg battery cable and small flat screwdriver to release the clips on the wire connectors. It was a little tricky getting at the panel. It sits aft of the battery and half under the body. The wires were tightly coiled so I carefully worked the panel out enough to see and reach everything. Overall it was simple and quick and doing it myself probably saved hundreds of dollars.
  • I have a 2006 Armada and have had no problems until this one. 4 months ago I changed the tires to the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV's. It was smooth as a baby before and smooth as a baby afterwards. Fast forward 3 months. It develops a shake in the front end. I would describe it as an excessive bounce when I hit a bump but on generally non perfect surfaces it seems to amplify the bumps. Also it has a consistent shake at any speed above 30 mph. At 4 months and 5k miles I took it to the tire store and they rotated and balanced the tires. They stated that the tires were 'grossly unbalanced' - their words. It made the shake/bounce worse. I took it to the dealer twice and they stated they drove it and they said they detected nothing wrong that needed service and recommended changing back to the Conti's it had at delivery. The shake is so irritating I don't want the car anymore - it is unpleasant to drive.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Sounds like the tires may be bad. Could be bad belts in the tires, or out of round tires.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just ordered up a set of Bilstien front struts for my 05 with 52k miles. Also ordered the Stillen front sway bar, supposedly will firm it up a bit.

    Will keep you posted.

    Motorsports and Modifications Host
  • hi, I have a 2004 armada with 39000 miles. Each time I run 60 mph or higher the vehicle moves left or right depending on the surface. Sometimes the wind makes the truck sway. Also, each time i hit a pot hole (not a big pothole) at 40 mph my truck will pull to the left. Can anybody help??? :sick: :sick: :sick:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Do you have the stock tires? When were they last rotated?
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