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Nissan Armada Maintenance and Repair



  • billy8billy8 Posts: 11
    Check out mt post on Nissan Quest brake problem, it applies to Armada also. It's at Quest 2004 problems and solutions forum Post # 1427
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016

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  • smasma Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any rusting problem at the bottom of the Armada? I look today underneath my 05' Mada and found rust on the outside the edge of the differential and the U mounts of the exhaust. I only have this car for 5 months with 3500 miles on it and it doesn't snow down here in my area (no sodium deposition of any kind, just normal rain). Any insight would be appreciated.

    I have already took it in once for the famous brake service, squeaky passenger chair like it is haunted, and broke AM radio (they did try to blame it on the station).

  • suzy0418suzy0418 Posts: 11
    Could you please email me with that info. I called a few Lawyer's here in Ny and they seemed to think it was a waste of time. If anyone reads this and lives in Ny and could give me some insight, I would be sooo Thankful. So far I've send arbortration forms to Elliot Spitzers office (NYS attorney general). What do I do now???
    Thank you,
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
  • smasma Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my Xterra. They explained that the truck brake is made with rougher metal and it will eventually break in. After 80,000 miles, it still squeals. Well, so much for that theory.
  • suzy0418suzy0418 Posts: 11
    I was just wondering if you have the back ones turned on. The knob is on the front panel below the right radio knob. But you can also turn the a/c from 1-4 in the back controlls to lower it or making it come out faster. If its not turned on in the front they can't controll it in the back,and the back will get hot. I've never had that problem, I'm usually freezing them out in the back. Check it out.
    Good luck
  • I own a 04 se offroad for 8 months,I have changed new brake at 8500 miles.the rattle noise from over head console was fixed, the air condition is a little bit noise when changing from hot to cold.....the bigest problem i have now is leaking oil, the Dearler didn't know where it come from.they have change the rack&pinion steering still having problem. Then I change the service to an other Dealer they change the Oil pressure switch and get what...still leaking...I'll come back to that dealer again very soon...any Body having same problem as i do ? :confuse:
  • frankf1frankf1 Posts: 1
    I have like all of you the same brake problems. I have 16k of this truck and this will be the forth time in for the brakes. It's always a pleasure going back to the dealer.
    The auto power up for the front windows not working correctly. The dealer told me it could be caused from dirt on the window, yea right. The muffle has rattled, the driver side passenger window needs the regulator replaced again because it clangs when going up. First time I brought it in for this the mechanic destroyed the door panel when replacing it and never mentioned it to me. I waited 3 months for a new panel. The keyless remote stopped working for a 3 month period when it got cold, then out of the blue it started working. The cloth interior seems a little cheap, the back of the drivers seat keeps coming apart. The over head console vibrating like it's about to come done. The most puzzling problem is, the truck has decided not to start on three different occasions. The dealer told me it's the after market sunroof they put in for me. They had my truck 4 days for the starting problem and the last time the interior was full of grease. Basically they can't figure this dead battery problem so the are claiming it's the sun roof. Did any one else have this dead battery or start problem? With that said, I decided to purchase a portable battery jump starter. I should have purchase the Toyota.
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31
    Trying to follow steps for applying lemon law to my Nissan Armada 2004. I had 8 service visits to fix the overhead panel problem, and it is not fixed yet. The total number of days my Armada spent in repair: 71 and counting (still at the dealership). The mechanics told me that the overhead/headliner problem could only be fixed on the factory, however Nissan does not want to admit that and the dealer is trying to fix it here, in MN.

    I wrote a letter to the dealer/Nissan requesting to purchase it back or refund the money. My total experience with this car is outrageous.

    For others who want to follow the lemon law, here is the link:'s Lemon Law

  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    I had my brakes done at 9000, 13000 and on the 17000 miles my service advisor installed the new brake part ( $697.22 ) under warranty. now it has 19700 and haven't seen any brake dust so far. my rims are as clean as the day I wash it ( 17000 miles ).
  • I have an "04 SE. I love the SUV,, now that the brakes are fixed for good, hopefully. The only problem I have is cleaning the cloth seats. It seems that even a drop of water stains them. I have even scotch guarded them, and it didn't help. My 1 year old car looks like the seats are 10 years old!!! Any suggestions for removing stains??? :confuse:
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    mine too is an 04 SE. i'm bringing it bec. they will replace that ceiling console. have u tried using resolve ( for carpet ).
  • I have used alomost everything. The stains come out using resolve, but when they get wet again, the stains reappear, and they are darker. My son is a swimmer, so he gets in the car wet, and everything I thought I got out comes back. I'm afraid to keep cleaning them weekly. The Nissan dealer was not any help. I haven't had any problems with the ceiling console ,though.
  • Nissan is replacing the rotors & front & rear pads at no cost to you. If your dealer is telling you they never heard of the problem they are lying. You may want to switch dealers if it is convenient. Every 2004 Armada & Titan, & most 2005s have this problem.
    Here is what they replaced on mine;
    2 40206-ZC01A ROTOR DISC
    1 44060-ZC025 PAD KIT-DI
    1 41060-ZC025 PAD KIT -
    4 41005-7S000 BOLT
    The front discs, calipers and pads were replaced. The rear rotors were turned, and only new pads installed. For all those people who are having a problem with their dealership (Not knowing about the Brake Jutter as THEY call it), there is a website that has all the bulletins on Armada (and other nissan) problems. I forgot who posted it here, but I believe it is
    It only took them 2 1/2 hours to replace them. And they should be free. :)
  • Does anyone know of someone who bought the '06? Nissan bought back my '04 and I really love the vehicle, but I am worried to repurchase if the '06 still have brake and window problems.

    What do you think? :confuse:
  • I bought an '06 Armada about three weeks ago and have not had any problems yet! I will make sure to post any problems that I do encounter.
  • I have ac compressor shuts off on idle sometimes.They say could not be did a repair still the same.3 or 4 times went in for brakes.Windows problems are to come soon .I hired a lawyer so i have to wait.Nissan did not answer yet and ican not call nissan anymore.I went to different dealer same idiots only name changed.
  • I retained an experienced Lemon Law attorney. My case was settled before trial with Nissan buying back the Armada on very satisfactory terms.

    You have nothing to lose by retaining counsel for these brake problems as the lawyer is paid by Nissan as part of the settlement.
  • I have the same problem w/ my tires (all 4), the dealer told me that they are worn at a dangerous levels at only 18k, but they refuse to replace them. How did you manage to do that?
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