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Hyundai Sonata Subframe Rust



  • When I went to the dealer for the Subframe change (Recall), they told me that there can be other parts that may not come under subframe change that I have to pay. even I agreed that. But they didn't change that part time. After I got from the subframe change , we found this issue. Now they are saying that Rear Motor Mount ( Roll bracket assembly) broken, that has to be changed. The labour cost is more expensive ( $300) than part. Part is between 150 to 180. If they would have changed the part that time, I would have been more than happy to pay the part cost. I kept the car with dealer for about 3 weeks. For my commute,I took my own rental cars to commute. Now again I have to leave the car and take the rental car etc. This is kind of double work and additional money.
  • While washing my new 2010 Sonata this week, I noticed rust spots on the hood and trunk. Anyone else noticing rust on their 2010?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    You should take it to the dealer immediately, to get it corrected while the car is still under the one-year "adjustments" warranty. It could be due to "rail dust", which can cause small rust-like spots.
  • Man, that's terrible. Hyundai has an anti perforation warranty. Your car is still covered. Definitely take it to the dealer.
  • Are you working for Hyundai? Hyundai is still Junk!!! I wouldn't be discouraged about a Hyundai lasting only 9 years if it was priced at 7,000 dollars and it was the early 90's. We're talking about the "re-invented" Hyundai of the new decade costing over 20,000 dollars. I would get over 10 years buying a 7 year old Honda at 10,000 dollars. Come on!!! BTW, the car had been garage kept for over 6 of those nine years. No BS!!! :sick:
  • ftcftc Posts: 1
    Yes I noticed the same thing after washing the car. A couple of stone chips which are normal but there is also a small lump with a crack that has a rust stain at the bottom. I'm not impressed This is a 2010 Sonata I've only had it for 6 months and 7500 KM.
  • spohiospohio Posts: 13
    I just had my 2002 sonata serviced to replace the rusting front subframe. i am just wondering if an alignment should have been done as part of that recall? I have noticed that my steering wheel shakes a bit now while driving. i also saw in one of the posts on here that someone felt their alignment could have been done better. Would the process of replacing the subframe cause the vehicle to get out of alignment?
  • midas69midas69 Posts: 118
    I can't answer whether you should or shouldn't have had an alignment done. But I wanted to make sure you understood that an alignment will not fix a steering wheel shake. The most common causes are wheel balance, bent rim or broken belt in the tire. It's also possible to have worn front end parts cause this but those other 3 are the most likely cause.
  • son_atason_ata Posts: 2
    YOU MUST NEED ALLIGNMENT. Of course you need allignment. when they remove the sub frame, they also "remove" whatever holds the wheel in its place. You must need allignment but the question here is who will pay? Hyundai or You?

    I went to Bank Street Hyundai Dealer in Ottawa, Ontario (it is the worst dealer in Ottawa) for that subframe recall. They charged me 90 CAD for front wheel allignment. I said, they should cover it, because I didnt need any allignment, but because of the recall they remove the subframe and becasue of that I need the allignment. Anyway, I talked with the service manager and he said they cover only the recalled part, not the other adjustments made due to the recall. I later send an e-mail to Hyundai-Canada and they aslo said they won't cover the wheel allignment.

    It is stupid. Becasue of their fault I took my car with perfectly balanced wheels to the dealer and they charged me to re-balance them. :mad:
    Did they charge you for balancing tires or the alignment?
  • son_atason_ata Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    As part of the recall repair procedure, the alignment should have been performed free of charge.
  • mmc3mmc3 Posts: 1
    Please let me know if there are any other recalls. I had my sub-frame replaced. However, I am continuously paying for rust damage on other parts of the car. Visually too it looks horrible. The rust to the exterior is insulting, especially since I still have a year to go to pay the car off. If anyone has any advice, please post. I work on a huge, huge military base and I hate to be driving around displaying this terrible spectacle of a RUST-BUCKET.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    The constructive part of this post is this: There has been a rust through warranty on most cars for many years and probably if you were to read the warranty statement it would state the terms of repair of rust through assuming your car still is covered.
    Now for the non constructive part: I presume you live somewhere in the so-called "rust belt" which aptly describes the vehicles routinely operated in the corrosives employed by the DOT to melt ice and snow. I do not know your personal mind set to maintenance and car washing but if one does not clean both the exterior body and underside of their car weekly, if not more frequently, during at least the winter, one forfeits the right to complain when rust consumes it. Look around and if you see rusty Hondas (particularly prone to rust), Nissans, Subarus (also prone), Fords, Chevrolets etc then friend you live in Buffalo NY or Erie Pa or another such winter hell-hole and most 9 year old cars are either gone...or going...going... gone due to rust. I guess what I am trying to say is "you reap what you sow" and if car washing isn't a big part of your winter routine then sorry charlie, what do you expect? On the other hand if you actually do wash it on a regular basis 9+ years is still pushing it if the state you live in is particularly snow bound and one other thing...the liquid "pre-treatment" that Pa. (for one) uses is multiple times as corrosive as salt is and will destroy a rocker panel or fender in one winter if not promptly washed off. My personal crusade is a 1995 Stratus and I cannot tell you how many quarters I have plugged into carwashes over the last 8 years I have owned it but I think rust (in the normal areas these rust) will be the end of it. I am "anal" as my wife is fond of telling when it comes to keeping our cars clean but eventually "you loose" to rust if in the "rust-belt".
  • Well the Toyota Camry/Corolla owners around here must be very good winter washers because I don't seem them rusting at that age. My 8 year old Elantra has perforated rust around the rear wheel wells. The warrantee for rust was 5 years. They have upped the warrantee now
    for the 2011 Elantra to 7 years so they must feed more confident now.
  • Pardon me for jumping in completely off subject... I read one of your posts from June 2010 about your Honda Civic Hybrid's transmission making noise when in drive and reverse. Did you ever get it fixed? I had the same problem and pulled the transmission myself... just a bad bearing. Cost me about $150 to replace it. Detailed pics and description
  • ml67ml67 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue where the front subframe rusted to the point where I have to replace it and the car is not safe to drive. I'm gonna call Hyndai help desk and see if they can take care of it. it's Hyndai Sonata 2001 113,000 miles. Does any body know if you have to be the original owner to get coverage. I'm not the original owner I just bouhgt it used few months ago.
  • No this recall is not restricted to the original owner. You need to take it to a dealer and the will fix it. Have them call the regional representative if the have any questions.
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