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Mazda CX-7 Buying Decision!

dsptooldsptool Posts: 3
My wife and I thought the CX-7 was going to be great, but the problems we're reading up on in the forums are totally making us back track on our decision to lease one. Specifically, the AC issue would really make us look else where as it sounds like a design flaw that can't be fixed. Faulty fuel system issues are not something we would want to deal with either. Does anyone know if these are prominent on the '08's or only in the 07's?? Thanks in advance for any info!


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Specifically, the AC issue would really make us look else where as it sounds like a design flaw that can't be fixed.

    What, exactly, is the AC issue?

    tidester, host
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  • dsptooldsptool Posts: 3
    In some of the forums we've read that the AC perfomance is poor when the temperature is above 85f. Also, the temperature coming in the cabin is warmer than the outside temp when not using the a/c and temp turned all the way down. Sign seem to point to that the ac lines or condensor or whatever is positioned too near the turbo, heating it up and messing with performance. Engineering issue that cannot be fixed it seems. Maybe I read the posts wrong?
  • cx7lovercx7lover Posts: 48
    I wouldn't worry about it too much, if it's not performing well take it in. The A/C is great for me, but I just had the compressor replaced and that could be why, a new and improved compressor.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Now, if this were my money, I'd be wondering why the compressor in a two-year-old car is going out. Some think this is normal?! I live in the Southwest, and I'm still running the original freon in the only compressor my 10-year-old car has ever had! I think you're right to be concerned. Do your research BEFORE you buy, I'd say, and never buy on looks alone! Only you know what you can and cannot accept in a car. I hope you get honest answers one way or the other.
  • dsptooldsptool Posts: 3
    You read my mind Iris. I couldn't get my head around the number of problems that seemed to be inherent in the CX. I Almost bought it anyway, but decided to go a whole different route. I actually went for an AWD sedan (Milan) instead. Crazy, I know. I didn't really need the extra space of a CUV and the Milan was more affordable for what I needed. Maybe when my current lease runs up in 3 years, i'll reevaluate. So far, no regrets! Thanks all for your posts.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Sounds like a well-informed decision! Fusion and Milan are good cars.
  • dmele426dmele426 Posts: 33
    i have a cx-7 AWD GT, awesome car, love the way it looks and for the money you do get a lot. My only issues witht he car are:
    - Gas consumption 15/21 (without using AC) not sure how much different it would be if i use the AC.
    -The car is a bit noisey, it seems to lack noise absorpition material all around.
    -Last but not least, if you have kids, consider that the back seat is a bit tight on leg room.
    I have 7K miles on my car, i got it x-mas 2007 and I really like it. However, if I had known about the gas consumtion issue, i think I would have bought the 2008 CRV, which is an awesome car as well. My wife owns the 2007 CRV LX and the car is great, not many options but very family friendly for our kids. :blush:
    if you have any more questions or concerns let me know
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Posts: 387
    A friend of mine is looking into buying a Mazda CX-7. Is there anything else other than AC issues, gas consumption, and legroom that would sway my opinion of this vehicle?

    Thank you.
  • zoom49zoom49 Posts: 76
    Our CX-7 07 gets reasonable fuel economy 18-23. It is FWD not AWD which seems to get lower mileage by about 2 mpg. Check legroom out for yourself with front seats in your normal driving location. There is not ton's of room but could be ok for your lifestyle. Our A/C is good, the issue we have is that the air comming out of the vents when the A/C is off is about 10 degrees hotter that the ambient temperature. This warm air out of the dash in vent mode seems to affect some automakers more than others. We are at 25,000 trouble free miles with only the gas cap issue on our early build.

  • 1rubyred1rubyred Posts: 12
    Run Don't Walk Away From this CAR!!!

    I thought I'd love it but HATE it! I have A CEL on now, Along with an ABS light that won't go off. Will drag the car down to service first thing on Monday.

    You'll have to have AC on all the time or like having HOT air blowing in your face.

    You've been warned. I only have 7200 miles on the car and we keep cars until they fall apart. That will be at 15,000 miles? :lemon:
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  • cx7lovercx7lover Posts: 48
    If hes getting a new one, don't worry about anything, the A/C was updated to a bigger compressor, and the CEL's we're fixed for later builds.

    Don't let the people with issues sway you, it's unfortunate they got most of the first bad ones, but they're complaining is really irrelevent, it's not like Mazda isn't willing to fix them or not acknowledging there is an issue.
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 66
    I own a CX7 GT AWD 2008.
    Great car, fun to drive and with 30K on the odometer. I havent had a problem yet. So far it is just a simple oil change every 4K miles. This is a very safe car to drive, as for the issues you read in the blog, just keep on mind that the first year model had a lot of problems as usual. I have seen the 09 CX7 and I can see tha Mazda has fixed some of the things they did not do in the 08 model, so that is a good sign of thing to come. If I had a choice, I take a 2009 over the 2010 model. The turbo engine is a blast to drive.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Many newer cars, TOO many, do not have a coolant flow shutoff valve in the hose to the heater core. So even with the system OFF some heating of the incoming airflow will be HEATED, if not via actually flowing through the heater core then by radiant heating therefrom.

    Some help can be had by turning the system to MAXIMUM cooling before turning it off. If you simply turn it off the REHEAT/REMIX vane/door might be left in the partial REHEAT position.

    You can also do as I did, go to Home Depot and buy and install a manual water flow shutoff valve in that hose feeding the heater core. You may find that this improves the efficiency of your A/C quite significantly, especially if you have an automatic, temperature set, climate control system. I leave the valve shut throughout the summer, A/C cooling, period.
  • Hello, I am in the market for a new car and the 2010 CX-7 s Grand Touring FWD is very appealing with all the bells and whistles compared to some luxury vehicles I'm considering. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a bit hung up on the vehicle being a Mazda and not a Lexus, Volvo, Infiniti, etc. BUT I'm trying to look past that. After test driving the CX-7 yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised with the plush interior and handling... gasp, I may be sold on it!

    Before I get too excited about it or start learning to cope with the Mazda logo on the hood, I have growing concerns on the reputation that Mazda carries as being "unreliable."

    I'm a bit spooked after reading numerous posts on this forum about some of the issues CX-7 owners encountered. In addition, J.D. Power & Assoc. gave it an "average" ranking in reliability (3 out of 5). However, I haven't seen any hard data on how the reliability was figured. In researching across multiple websites (Edmonds, J.D. Power & Assoc., U.S. News Auto Rankings, CR), I've found that no one really knows how to classify the CX-7. For example, U.S. News has it classified as a "mid-size SUV" but compares it to the RAV4 and CR-V, which are both classified as "compact SUVs" therefore skewing the review of the CX-7, in my opinion.

    All of this brings me back to my question of to buy the CX-7 or not to buy? I realize the CX-7 was introduced in 2007 and it takes a few years to work out the kinks on a new model; therefore, what is your confidence level in the 2010 CX-7?

    thanks in advance!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Mazda seems to be well ahead of the curve insofar as working out the kinks in the F/awd system but you seem to not need, or are not interested, in the F/awd model. That's just as well since the turbo motor seems to still be fraught with problems.

    I would NEVER recommend a FWD to anyone, and certainly not somewhat with the expectation of encountering wintertime adverse roadbed conditions. But I would say the small I4 FWD version seems a bit underpowered to me.

    Have you driven a Venza...?

    Were I currently in the market...2010 RX350 is equipped with the new Venza F/awd system.
  • justme73justme73 Posts: 2
    I'm shopping for my first car, and I'm split between the 2011 CX 7 the base with 4WD, and the 2011 Rav 4. We don't have many dealerships where I live, and these are the best two, in my opinion. I test drove the CX 7 and fell in love, but I have a few questions I'm hoping someone will answer for me.

    1) Do all models of CX 7 with 4WD have turbo?

    2) Are all the problems I have read about the turbo confined to certain model years (like 2007) or are they issues that occur after 3 or 4 years of use?

    3) Is it detrimental to the turbo system if regular fuel is used, just wondering as I've read either regular or premium can be used?

    4) A friend of mine informed me that Mazda products lose their future value at a faster rate than other CUV's such as Rav 4. Is that accurate?

    If I were buying on love alone, I'd buy the CX 7 in a heartbeat, but I'm looking for a car with long term durability and good trade in value, because I may look to trade it in on a newer model in 5 years or so, and I want to make the best decision I possibly can.

    Please help!!!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Speaking strickly as an outsider I have seen nothing that indicates Mazda has done anything over the years to address the engine/turbo failure rate, or even worse, even acknowledge that a problem exists.

    Were I to for some reason (love its looks) purchase a CX-7 the first thing I would do is "wire" the turbo wastgate open just as "insurance".
  • justme73justme73 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply. Just curious, how would I "wire" the turbo wastgate open?
    I'm guessing you don't own a CX7, if not...why not? Again, I'm just trying to make the right decision. Would you think the Rav 4 is preferable?

    I also really like the transmission in the CX7, as I used to own a manual, and this has both manual and automatic. Do any other cars have this feature that you know of?

    Thank you for your answer. I placed a similar post on another mazda forum, and got a really snotty reply, which did not answer my questions at all.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..why not?..."

    I have an '01 F/awd RX300 with 80,000 miles still running fine.

    I guess if the only choice was RAV4 or CX-7 I'd choose the CX-7 and figure out how to "wire" the wastegate open.
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