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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Undercarriage Rust



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Good morning 2doorpost,

    Are any of the body panels affected by this corrosion? Let us know if there is anything you would like for us to check into! We can be reached via email at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and mileage).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • GM doesn't care whether the corrosion is to your undercarriage or your body panels. They do not cover ANY corrosion caused by the environment, which is as we all know, is all corrosion. They are just jerking you around.
  • Contact me. I can help you with this. I have been through the whole process.
  • can you give me a little help with this topic
  • a_usera_user Posts: 1
    Hi All! I bought my truck in California (orange county) in the summer of 2010. I recently moved to Florida, its only been 4 months, and have noticed that the undercarriage is developing rust on certain areas. THIS IS MY FIRST GM CAR AND MY LAST. This is totally unacceptable. I cannot believe the stories I am reading out here about other owners having the same issue. Even my hitch, which has never had anything attached to it, is developing rust!!!!!!

    I have noticed something peeling off from the frame where the rust is forming. I've also noticed that rust tends to form on spots where there is rubbing on the frame; If a brake line or a harness rubs against the rame rust will start forming there.

    I am very dissapointed with this issue.

    Other than this, I love my truck.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    We would be happy to get you more information on the corrosion warranty that may still be in effect upon your vehicle. Please send your inquiry, as well as the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, to .
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • pattipie3pattipie3 Posts: 25
    This is an ongoing issue with so many trucks. I can not believe that GM and the NHTS can not offer help the the owners of these trucks. Please make sure you put in a formal complaint with GM and the NHTS ..... MAYBE if enough people do they will have to address this matter. You can look up my User name for all the info.
  • I have a 2002 silverado 1500 8' bed 4x4 4.8 v8. I bought the truck new at the end of 2001. this has been the best trouble free truck I have owned so far except the rust and rot. my rocker panels started rotting a few years ago from the inside out. when replacing them I was under the truck I noticed excessive rust like large chunks of flakes. on top of that i recently replaced my rear leaf spring shackles have both been replaced due to rot. I simply thought the rust was because the truck is over 10 years old and saw a lot of new england road salt. as I said before this has been a great dependable truck for the last 220,000 miles. I have done my best to protect the frame from further rotting by painting it with POR 15 rust protector. shame on GM.
  • Greetings all. I recently purchased a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 and also noticed a LOT of rust underneath which has infected the frame and basically every part underneath. Shame on me for not looking closer before buying. I have two questions that are really simple to answer, but I am unsure what those answers are and am looking for help. This may have been discussed, but I want to perhaps bump these questions up in the thread again so that folks don't have to read through 191 replies -- most of which are just complaints instead of helpful suggestions.

    Here's my questions:

    1) I was told by a trusted friend who is a mechanic that my brake plates and shocks need to be replaced, and that would cost me an extra $1000 or so. My question is: What are the other parts in order of importance/safety concern that would be a good idea to either get checked out again or replaced altogether if this type of rusting continues to progress (which it will I am sure)?

    2) What is the most cost effective way to prevent further rusting or help reverse the process before it gets any worse? The truck is already almost 10 years old, and not sure how long this has been going on.

    3) How concerning is this issue on a scale from 1 - 10 (10 being worst)?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    You state that the frame is rusted. Depending on the severity of the rust you will need to replace the frame which at that point you may want to junk the truck again depending on the severity as frame failure is usually catastrophic.
  • Sell that truck. It is defective. I had one just like it. Sandblasted the undercarriage repainted, replaced all brake lines, sensors, ABS etc. Rust got up in the instrument cluster, everywhere. Get rid of it, the rust will only progress. This doesn't happen in a normal truck.
  • vettedivavettediva Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    Click on this link:;jsessionid=zpM5R0cXWn9Q- gKvyF1zzQ585RdhYhnG1LHDxpMhGfbFQsyFTPBN7!-1677216329 and look at the service bulletin # PIT-3749D, NHTSA ID # 10037570 stating that your vehicle is part of the :SUMMARY:
    Not exactly sure what this means or if dealership will do anything about it.
  • pattipie3pattipie3 Posts: 25
    Thank you for the information.... I will research this.
  • pattipie3pattipie3 Posts: 25 ake-line-corrosion.htm#gB3

    Just one more of many many many articles about this problem.... please read, and if your vehicle is affected, please put in a formal complaint.
    thank you
  • rona51rona51 Posts: 1
    GM Does NOT cover Rust! I've been through this on the 2005 I bought new that had Holes coming through the rocker panels within 3 years! 2 rear brake lines were replaced within the first 2 years of ownership. The frame had excessive rust all over within the first year of ownership. I got NO help from GM. The last Silverado/Sierra's worth owning were the GMT400 models produced from 1988-1998. Starting in 1999 they began production of the GMT800 models. Produced from 99-early07. These are RUST BUCKETS of the highest order! I cannot emphasize this enough! They have horrible resale value now. Rocker rot, bed rot, bumper rot, brake line rot and frame rot are all par for the course. As is the infamous instrument cluster failure issue GM never stands behind. And I never could get a the trim ring around the tailgate to keep from falling off. On a 3 year old truck! They also have the infamous Piston Slap. Here's the kicker, the new model in late 07 to present which is the GMT900 Also has these issues! Wax dipped frames where the coating comes right off an the frame rots and fast. Everyone else paints their frames. Go look at a Ford. Another Major issue with the new trucks is sheetmetal just like the former model. The new Silverado/Sierra's are even worse because the metal is so thin. Look closely and you'll see how wavy it is all over. The rear quarters on the bed are extremely wavy right above the tires for the Chevy model. Look at a brand new Silverado at an angle in the sun sometime right above the rear wheels and you'll see wavy sheetmetal.

    These trucks also have the pistonslap issue. There have been websites all over the net documenting these issues. And they wonder why Ford has been outselling Chevrolet and GMC trucks combined over the last several years? Because people have been catching on. Even Dodge and Toyota have seen huge gains on Chevrolet. After having so many issues with my 2010 I will never own a GM truck again. I'm a thrilled customer of a 2013 Tacoma after being a Chevrolet truck owner for many years. I've had several Chevy trucks from used 1960's models up and never had problems like this. The GMT800's were the nail in GM's coffin in my book and to every former Chevy/GMC truck owner I know. The GMT900's are so bad I consider them the funeral. Never again! Take a look at the following complaints pages I've been through myself.

    Here's the Rust- y/?sort=6&page=1&_suid=136703016465409417985507955904

    Here's more metal issues -

    Here's the Piston Slap -
  • That's right. That is the position from the top of company. GM does not cover ANY rust caused by the ENVIRONMENT, which as we know is ALL rust.

    If you buy your truck new and it rusts to the ground in six months, GM will not cover under the warranty. They might replace it out of sheer embarrassment, but never under the warranty.

    That is why they are GOVERNMENT MOTORS!
  • In court they will say you didn't wash the undercarriage enough, or did not have it garaged, or did not store it in a climate controlled facility, or lived in a snow belt, or too close to an ocean, or a river, or didn't smear enough POR-15 over the rust to keep it from spreading.

    Yes, if you want your "professional grade" GM truck to last more than a year or two, you must bathe it daily and meticulously, and of course store it in a class 5 clean room facility.
  • pattipie3pattipie3 Posts: 25
    When my husbands brake line failed ( due to being rusted out ) the GMC tech. said off the record he sees this all the time, and it was part design flaw and part inferior materials. So GMC IS aware of the situation...... not that they will do anything. I am just hoping if enough people complain they will HAVE to do something!!!
  • casillacasilla Posts: 20
    Does anyone know if they have painted the frame on the 2014? I spent 4 hours removing rust from my 2010 Sierra and made little progress, I noticed the rails that hold the bed to the frame are starting to get bad, as well as the a frames, steering knuckles, axles and body mounts. I owe a lot of money on this pile and I do not think it will be worth a cent if it makes it to the end of my payment book., I do live in NY where they use salt, but I wash and wax this religiously! I think GM owes us all some money for selling us these things!
  • Have you been to the dealer yet?
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