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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Undercarriage Rust



  • Anything GM could do to help people out of this rot situation the better! I just put almost 2 thousand into wheel bearings brakes shocks and tires, before i noticed the front frame section had a small rot hole that grew quite large very quickly. This is in a 1999 suburban 2500, with only 110,000 miles on it! I babied this truck, washed it every weekend and went to the extent of inserting the hose into the frame to rinse out debris sand etc. And now she sits, unable to be driven, not worth a dime except in parts. I keep saying if this was a toyota i would be taken care of. Thats why when we needed a new family car we bought a hyundai!! I cant wait till a foreign company produces a full size 3/4 ton truck! Thats what I will be buying if Gm doesnt man up and help us out with this problem.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Posts: 61
    GM will do nothing for you except give you the runaround.

    They don't even cover corrosion DURING THE TERM OF THE WARRANTY. My brand new Chevy truck rusted out in two years and they would do nothing.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Posts: 61
    Report your corrosion to NHTSA. You can do it over the phone. They are investigating GM right now for premature corrosion right now.

    NHTSA can force a recall. GM will do nothing for you otherwise.
  • casillacasilla Posts: 20
    We too were considering a Chevrolet for a family car, but considering the way things are going with my first new GM purchase, we too bought a Hyundai!!If they build a fullsize work capable truck, I am on board!It may be taht a new truck from GM is only a $28000 deal, not much to them, but about what the average person makes per year in my area!
  • greg128greg128 Posts: 336
    An NHTSA recall is your best bet to force GM to take care of the problem and compensate people for their losses.

    I did a quick search on link title

    I found about 3 complaints of rust specifically on 2000-2006 Silverados.
    There were many complaints about the tailgate cables breaking. These are complaints made directly to NHTSA. According to these statistics and considering the number of vehicles sold this seems to be a non-issue.

    I have a 2006 and live in New York and I see NO rust on frame or body.
    I find it suspect that about half of the posts on this thread are made by
    about 2 posters.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Posts: 61
    I have received over a 100 emails from GM truck owners all over the country complaining of brake failures and other premature corrosion issues. NHTSA has a couple hundred complaints on file and is conducting an investigation.

    If it was a minor issue, GM would just take care of the handful of cases and replace the vehicles at very little cost. I suspect the problem is more widespread and they are covering up.
  • greg128greg128 Posts: 336
    edited June 2011
    I have no doubt that you and many others are having rust problems with
    your trucks. I think living near the ocean as is your case can have a very real effect on the frame and body. I recently worked on a mid 2000 Ford
    F-250 Police vehicle that does duty on Fire Island here on Long Island. The paint was pitted in spots. I never see that on that year Ford on anything driven inland.

    Also many pick up trucks around here are used to haul boats in and out of the salt water bays via boat ramps resulting in the total immersion of the frame and lower body in salt water.

    That could be the case in many (not all of course) of the complaints. If you go to link title and search "rust" in complaints the first complaint for a Chevy truck is page 8 of the search. Most of them are for Toyota, with quite a few for Hyundai, Nissan, Honda and a smattering of Fords. I conclude that the rust problem for the GM pickups are no worse and might be and probably is better than the competition.

    I try to research this objectively but of course I could be wrong
  • kendonhankkendonhank Posts: 61
    I have received emails from GM truck owners who live nowhere near the beach whose trucks have rusted prematurely, one owner who lives in a semi-desert area.

    I had a Ford truck here for three years parked in the same spot as my Chevy. It didn't have a spot of rust on it. The Chevy rusted out in two years. The rear drive shaft snapped in half.

    That cannot be explained by living close to the beach.
  • casillacasilla Posts: 20
    What part of NY do you live in? I am in the Adirondack MTs. and there is more rust on my 1 year old GMC than there was on my 9 year old Dodge! I can show you about 100 trucks in backyards from roughly 1998-2005, sitting in back yards, rusted so bad that they cannot be driven. They claim that they are "the longest lasting trucks on the road", which may be true, they are on the road, just not moving!
  • greg128greg128 Posts: 336
    I live on Long Island. While we don't have the amount of snow that people get upstate we have been averaging 3 or 4 major snowstorms and 4 or 5 minor storms per winter and they use alot of salt on the roads..

    I have a 2006 Silverado. I looked underneath it today and saw almost no rust. There was some in the front end parts, but only a little. The guy next to me at work has a 2005 Silverado and a 2006 Colorado and I examined both and saw again very little rust.

    Can you take a picture of the one year old GMC? If you would like I'll take a picture of mine and we can compare.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Posts: 61
    It's not all GMCs. It's a small subset. I don't know why, but some GMCs are fine, others used in the same way and the same location rust out. It's odd.

    GMC should just fix the ones that have obviously rusted prematurely, but they won't That's why they're Government Motors and will go bankrupt again. They do not stand behind their products, they stand behind their attorneys, funded by taxpayers.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I apologize for your frustrations. Have you spoke with your dealer or GM Customer Assistance? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have not yet, I just figured it would be futile since this problem has existed for a while and I have not seen or heard anything from GM about this issue. I do occasionally look online to find out if any recalls have happened but no info can be found about them even discussing the issue. I do understand these trucks with the issues are older but I also believe a 3/4 ton with low miles that was taken care of shouldnt be sitting in my driveway unregistered. I am a ford guy, but purchased this suburban due to the excellent luck my father had with his chevy 1500. Me and my father run a retail tire store with a large clientele and see issues arise that seem to be consistent. With the rust issues I see on the ford rangers (rear frames, wheels leaking etc) and the chevys with the frame problems, it makes me wonder if the american car companies seem to think they dont need to take care of there customers the way toyota did on there tacomas. Every customer I have that had the toyota tacoma swears that will be the only truck they drive, for one reason, LOYALTY. They know if there is a major issue toyota will step in and do something about it. I hope ford and GM will follow there lead.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Posts: 61
    They will NOT do anything for you. Their customer service rep, who has ZERO authority to resolve disputes, will take your complaint over the phone. Then a couple weeks later you will get a quasi form letter telling you there is nothing they can do because they do not cover corrosion due to the environment. Then if you question their decision, they will assign the case to a so-called supervisor, who is just another low level customer service rep. And a couple of weeks later you will get the same form letter. And so on and so forth forever.

    GM will not cover any corrosion due to the environment (all corrosion), regardless of where you live or how you garage and care for your vehicle, or how fast it rusts out. If you live in the desert and keep your vehicle in a climate controlled garage, and only drive it on Sundays on paved roads, they will not cover you if the vehicle corrodes head to toe.

    That's why they are GOVERNMENT MOTORS!!!!!
  • I just replaced another brake line on my 2000 silverado and I can't believe the ammount of metal flaking off the frame and upper control arms on the front end. I will replace the others tomarrow and see what i can do about stopping the corrosion. I don't think there are only two people with this issue. I have a 87 one ton that I put through the mill a few times on the beach and the frame is perfect. I just don't understand. Brake lines I understand are an expendable item. The frame and undercarriage parts are not. Tailgate straps come on. Lets get this frame issue resolved.
  • I replaced my entire break system on a 02 TWICE. Do yourself a favor and eliminate that from your corrosion problems. Use Cunifer tubing to replace lines. My still look like the day I put them in. The frame unfortunately is rotting away around them. Do those lines, it's really scary when you lose breaks while towing at 65 MPH.
  • casillacasilla Posts: 20
    I must say I thought I was doing the right thing by buying a GM Truck, but I am truly disappointed by the lack of caring by the corporate stucture of GM. I am severely disappointed in the poor quality of construction of the 2010 GMC Sierra I purchased as I have had 2 seat cushions replaced and still have fuzz all over, my undercoating is coming off my driveshaft clunks and my transmission is whining so loud that I can hear it over my Dynomax exhaust and my radio. I noticed tonight when I was waxing that my door bottoms are all pock marked,. These are all normal operating conditions I am told every time I have to take time from work to drive a 100 mile round trip. I sure would like my money back!!!
  • kendonhankkendonhank Posts: 61
    Government Motors!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rogerperryrogerperry Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I purchased a new 2000 Model 2500 4X4 in October of 1999. This truck currently has 25,500 miles and appears in almost new condition inside and out. There is absolutely no body panel rust and the truck has always been garaged. I recently took it back to the dealership for service and was called to come back after they put it on the lift. They were astonished at the undercarriage rust and advised me to contact Chevy customer service, as they stated it would not be practical to repair the truck. I would note here that the truck was garaged next to a 1961 Jaguar, which has none of the problem of rust from the same storage conditions. I have since learned that General Motors purchased defective steel from Mexico around the period this truck was manufactured; and this truck was made in their Texas truck plant, which makes me suspect some of that steel was used on my truck. This is not just a case of a defective truck being sold by Chevy, but it is also a grave safety issue. Chevy customer service offered a $1,000.00 credit toward the purchase of a new truck.
    I would like to make other truck owners aware of this dangerous condition as Chevy obviously does not care to support their customers as Toyota has on a similar problem.
  • Well like I said in an earlier post, me and my father run a retail tire store. Which I am purchasing from him the end of this month. My rotted chevy with 110,000 miles on it sits in the parking lot next to the building. And I warn every customer that even mentions getting a new truck to avoid chevy and point them in the direction of my truck to take a look at how well the "longest lasting truck on the road" actually holds up. I know I have saved numerous people from making the same mistake I did. And I will leave that truck right there and continue to "advise" my customers until GM steps up and takes care of this. My truck still books for about 6500, I would be happy it they even offered to buy it back for half that. At least that would be something!
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