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2010 Toyota Avalon



  • While searching on Google, I came across this site, featuring information on the 2011 Avalon. I'm not sure how accurate this information is, but there are three new colors listed. The 3rd generation style is in the picture, but as we've been speculating, a new body style is probably in the works. There are two models listed, a Base and Limited. Here is the link if anyone would like to view it: oyota/make_id_int/37/model_vch/Avalon/newUsed/New/series_id_int/62367/breadcrumb- s/HP%2CResearch%2CMakeSearch/virsection/summary
  • I bought the 2008 Toyota Avalon Limited and I now have 25,000 miles on it. It is the best car I have ever owned. It is extremely quiet and I consistently get between 30 and 35 miles to the gallon doing 65mph with the air on. I have had no repairs and zero complaints. There is also the feeling of luxury when you drive this car. You could pay more for so called luxury cars, but you would be wasting your money. Read the latest Consumer Reports on large size vehicles, which this car is.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    We have owned one of each of the 3 generations of Avalons. The first two cars lasted about 4 years and 90k each. They were near perfect, two of the best cars we have ever owned and looked great when traded. The 2007 Limited is the same so far, 50k and a great car.

    The first two models were very similar except sheetmetal. Moving to the 2005 and up is totally different experience. Everything has been changed. The view out and the front seats are better in the '04 and earlier but engine and suspension changes make the '05 up an overall superior car, my opinion. Hope this helps...
  • I don't think this site is reliable. They have no new information and simply retread or speculate about the future. I think we are all in somewhat disbelief that Toyota could have a new model intro in the next few months but there is no info. on it. Seems crazy in this day and age that they would not avail. themselves of the multitude of ways they could leak something. Still Toyota is struggling these days, and I think they don't want to do anything to kill the sales of the 2010 in its' last few months. Plenty of people would wait for the 2011 if they new for sure it was coming vs taking a "leftover" 2010. Besides Toyota does not want to closeout 2010 cars at distressed pricing, they want to produce only what they can sell at full margin for as long as they can. IMO.
  • I live in New England, and we had 20+ inches of snow this past weekend! My car is filthy and I am tempted to take it to the car wash to pressure wash it. Over the years, I've heard negative things about these pressure washers as they may cause more fine surface scratches. Also, I am concerned to wash it this way because I have the clear paint protection "Road Guard" on the front end of my new Avalon. Is it safe to pressure wash the clear protectant, or will the water pressure lift it? If anyone has any advice or tips, please post! Merry Christmas to everyone!
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I too live in New England (Maine), and must deal with the washing issue daily. All I know is not washing it, isn't an option.

    I've been through both pressure washes with and without brushes, and well, the car gets some fine scratches.

    I get it detailed in the spring and in the fall, and hope that helps.

    My car is Black so you know every little thing shows up:(

  • Yep, you folks got wacked with a winter storm! We got 5" in my area of Nevada, and thought that was a lot. Thank goodness the roads are generally not salted here, but they do sprinkle gravel which plays heck with windshields and paint nicks. I refuse to use a car wash with automatic brushes, as the car preceding me may have been some hunter's truck with an inch of mud and grit on it. I will use a manual brush following close inspection.
  • I have never had an issue with the touch free pressure washers, I tried out one of the old fashioned roller types when I first got my car and it took all my clear coat off my mirrors, I was lucky that my dealer replaced both at no cost.
    Since then I have only used the touch free pressure type and so far have not had any complaints.
    The Avalon does have a pretty thin layer of paint compared to many other models which is quite a shame, but I do still love my 2007 XLS :)

    Hope yours comes out of the washer problem free as mine has so far.

    Good luck

  • Does anyone know how to lock out(deactivate) the interior trunk switch next to the driver's seat on a 2010 XLS? It seems to me that as soon as you hand off your key to the valet, they can enter your trunk simply by hitting this switch. Is there a lockout for it? I understand that the valet ket doesnt necessarily open your trunk, theres no key slot anyway. I havent been able to find anything in the manual about this.
  • The manual for my 2007 Avalon says that the valet key coding will not allow the trunk to be opened via the trunk switch. I assume it is the same for your vehicle.
  • Thank you for your advice! Yesterday I took my car to the car wash and used the manual power washer with plain water, just to get the excessive salt off of the paint. This method did a great job of removing the salt. Not removing the salt is more harmful than an occaisonal trip to the car wash to power wash the car. I am so glad that I chose silver for my new Avalon! Swirl marks and fine scratches don't show as much as a dark color!
  • You are more than welcome.

    I am just sure to use a good wax on my car to help protect the underlying clearcoat and paint.
    I've tried many different brands and after doing some research have stuck with using "Nu Finish".

    It has done a good job of protecting my underlying clear coat and paint thus far and its easy to wipe off any brake dust/road dirt. (does leave a nice shine and is easy to wipe off once set too).

    Good luck with your Avalon, it is a really nice car.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your post, this has interested me as I've never thought of it.
    I did some digging around online and found this:
    link title

    From what I read, if you lock your glovebox, this then sets the trunk to be locked unless the master key is used.

    I'll have to give it a try on my 2007 and see.

    Let us know if you beat me too it :)

  • Happy New Year, Everyone! I just came across an article online pertaining to Toyota planning to cut costs by 30% beginning in 2013 (by using cheaper car parts all around). I found this article to be a little odd. Why would Toyota announce such information? I am a bit skeptical about the content of the article! I'm posting the link if anyone would like to read the information. Any comments or thoughts are appreciated! ly-means-using-ch/
  • If true, this is really sad! Toyota would be cutting their own throats, their vehicles becoming not unlike American designed vehicles in longevity and reliability. To repeat what I have mentioned previously as an example, the 6-speed automatic that Toyota was so proud of the design with something like 30% fewer parts, but it has been nothing but problematic.
  • The transmission is a prime example! Do you currently own a 3rd generation Avalon with this transmission? There are definitely many glitches in it. I'm still getting accustomed to it.
  • Very sad indeed.
    The stories about the 3rd Gens new 6 speed gearbox is kind of surprising, kinda makes me glad I got the old 5 speed.
    So far the gear box is smooth as silk and has worked flawlessly at all rev ranges, my 1st automatic but I'm in love with it :)

    Guess we will have to wait n see what happens, hope they are going to uphold QC standards and not give us the norm of some manufacturers.
  • Toyota needs to study GM history and repent. They need to drop some car lines. (Not the Avalon). They have way too many. Do they need a Yaris, a Corolla, and the Scion? All of that costs a ton of money. The bean counters took over GM and the result, as we all know, has been a disaster.

    I had a 2005 Lexus ES 330 with the 5 speed transmission. It was a joke. Smooth it was not. One of the big reasons I traded it. The 6 speed in my 2008 Avalon is smooth as silk and a dream to drive. Just made a 300 mile trip in the mountains with it 2 days ago. It's performance was great.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Title said "Probably means using cheaper parts". This is the reporters take on it.

    Yes Toyota wants it's supplies to cut there cost, hell, Toyota is now the biggest or in the top 5 for sure, selling car in the world, and they want to stay there!

    MY GUESS is, there suppliers will do what they can, but Toyota will not have much choice but to pay whatever the prices are for the parts they need.

    I would agree with others who say "Stop adding lines to your line up", if something is selling well, that's one thing, but come on, Yaris, Scion and the models that are similar within Toyota.

    The way Toyota got to the top was their reputation for quality and re-sell value, take that away, and your are just another Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Oldsmobile …

    Make the cars last, make them good looking, make them at an affordable price (for what you get), and you'll be fine.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    So, turns out Toyota is number one in two categories - Sales and Recalls …

    Go ahead and make them cheaper, you'll be sure to be number one in two categories year after year, well not two categories, after awhile folks will stop buying your cars and you'll only be number 1 in one … recalls!

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