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Honda Accord Seats 2008+



  • I just traded my 2011 Honda Accord for a 2012 Maxima and could not be happier. Great seats, much quieter on the road terrific and terrific handling
  • True. The other problem is Road Noise, it is terrible, even with the best rated tires for noise.
    For the seats there is a solution posted in this board, it takes away 90 percent of the problem. The only problem being that you disable the automatic head restraint system in the seats, a feature I can live without, most cars don't have this feature anyway. It takes 5 minutes to fix it.
  • The Goodyear Comfortreds aren't to loud compared to the oem Dunlops. I guess we are just used to vehicles with road noise. If I did the 5 minute fix on my seat then it most likely would be uncomfortable for my wife who has no problems with the seat. Oh well, at least it's paid for. Most of the time I drive our Nissan or the pickup anyway. Might have to take the Sentra on our road trip to NY.
  • has an initial review of the 2013 Accord out. It looks very promising. An excerpt: "The front seats are miles better than last year: The intrusive lumbar cushion is gone, which means that human-shaped humans can now drive an Accord comfortably."

    The full review is here: 2013 Honda Accord Review
  • FWIW, on my '08 I4 Sedan I replaced my OEM Michelins with Continental ContactPro DWS tires that reduced the road noise some. Last month, it was time to replace the Contis and I went with Kumho Exstas that have proved to be both quieter and better-handling.
  • icyou812icyou812 Posts: 77
    edited September 2012
    Well that sounds encouraging. Anyone want to be the guinea pig and buy one to test it out and get back to us on that? First year for CVT transmission and GDI. Might be a good idea to wait and see and read a few more owner reviews before diving in.. Just bought a Tempur-pedic lumbar support to try for my 08. Personatech, I have a set of the Kumho Ecsta 4X's on my 01 Sentra SE and really like them. They are a nice tire with a quieter ride and great handling.
  • I have had many Accords for years and finally gave up due to seat problems and highway noise. In my opinion the Accord is a great short distance commuter car. Bought a 2012 Nissan Maxima for a bit more money. Very comfortable seats, quite ride and semi luxury. Best decision I made.
  • The Maxima's a sweet ride indeed, but the new Passat and, perhaps, a '12 TSX are worth considering as well. The new Malibu looks nice but isn't available yet in the 6.
  • Bad news on the seats. I test drove the LX (base model) today. Handling, ride, new features were great! The drivers seat was downright painful after only 5 minutes. No back support, just flat. Seat was the same way. It was bench flat, not comfortable. I didn't try the motorized seats as they cost $4000 extra and come with the "upgraded" models. The salesman said Honda made a deliberate effort to keep the price down and made several compromises to do so. What a pity. I have owned several Hondas and am ready to purchase again. The LX is unacceptable because of the seat. The EX is unacceptable because of the increase in price. I can't say the Camry or Altima are perfect, but they get more fundamental things right.
  • After owning seven (7) Hondas, we finally decided we had had enough of uncomfortable seats and excessive road/wind noise. In the last nine months, we traded both of our 2010 Hondas (Accord EX-L V6 and a Ridgeline RTL) for two 2008 Lexus vehicles, a ES350 sedan and a GX470 SUV. We couldn't be happier! Both Lexus are extremely quiet and MUCH more comfortable on long road trips than any Honda we have ever owned. Plus, the sound systems and luxury ammenities are vastly improved over Honda's offerings. The only thing we miss is the innovative storage bins and the in-the-bed trunk that the Ridgeline has. The GX470 has minimal storage space and a poorly designed console.
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