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Nissan Sentra Starting and Stalling Problems



  • The wire he wiggles is the MAF wire the mass air flow sensor wire can cause your car to stall out or not start check for cracked wire or move the wire around and when the car starts use tie strap to keep it the were its at
  • sounds like a fuse
  • definitly the MAF wire it is the leading source to many problems including yours wiggle it or replace it it fixed mine 2 years ago no problems except oil burning since
  • Wiggle MAF wire that is the primary source of all problems with this car seems i outsmarted the dealer and mechanics and if the wire is really charred it needs to be replaced
  • i have a 2001 nissan sentra..the battery is good, the alternator is good. it will only run about 20 minutes then battery needs charged, any ideas?
  • ashhugashhug Posts: 1
    I have an 02 sentra that did the same thing. Would run 15-20 minutes fine, and just shut off. Battery and alternator were fine. Turns out it was the crankshaft position sensor, which wasn't super costly to replace. A year later, I found out there had been a recall, and Nissan refused to reimburse me for the repairs I'd had done. Now my sentra refuses to start, and I've done the typical checks again. It's happened before, but after I had it towed to my mechanic, it started up just fine. Diagnostics were run, but no problems were found. I hate to have it towed again if it's going to be the same situation.
  • I have a 2001 Sentra GXE with approx 106000 mi. Recently it started having trouble turning over when cold. My mechanic checked it out and said it was misfiring on #2 cylinder. He changed out the cylinder and it didn't fix the problem it made it worse. He said it was a computer issue and I would have to take the car to the dealer. My car which, was only not turning over well began to shake uncontrollably and want to stall at every stop. It is now sitting at the dealer waiting to be fixed. Any ideas? I sure hope it doesn't cost a fortune! I love my car.
  • Ok, so the issue was a computer that needed to be replaced. Paid 1000 to replace it and the next day the service engine light came on again. Back to the dealership and they said that the cataylic converter was going out and that I have a leaking head gasket ($800 and $900 to fix). At this point is it time to trade or should I fix???? Seriously don't know if I can afford a monthly payment but don't know what to do!!! Any advice??
  • Hello, I have bought a Nissan Sentra, 2001 few months ago. I am facing a weired problem. sometimes the engine stop suddenly while running and then when I turn the key the engine starts and run well. It doesnt happen always but frequently like every 15 days or so.
    I am a new driver and new owner. no ideas whats going on. It is a matter of safety because it stops while running.
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  • Hello have you got any solution for this?
  • Hi my 96 nissan sentra is now doing the same thing your car was. Did you ever find out what was happening? Thanks.
  • Well, it was the computer and I had it replaced. After spending $1000 the very next day the car did the same thing and the check engine light came on. Back to the dealership and they checked it out and said the check engine light was on b/c the catylitic converter was going out ($800 to fix), and the sputtering on start was b/c the head gasket was leaking ($900 to fix). Needless to say we should have traded it in at that point but not wanting a note we fixed the head gasket, they said the cataylitic converter was not a necessary fix right now.
  • Sound like what was happening to my 2004 sentra 1.8L. You check the orderwire throttle position sensor(TPS). It is possible that the throttle body is a mucked up and all you need to do is clean it with some throttle body cleaner and scrub with old tooth brush. You can buy a can of throttle body cleaner from walmart for $3 a can. This might solve the problem.
  • I have a Nissan Sentra 2001. I face this starting problem every 3-4 months. When the engine is cold like when I try to start the car in the morning, I have to step on the gas to start it properly. I have had this problem twice before, each time my mechanic replaced all the sparkplugs and my car became alright. The car runs smooth n fine, once its started. When I went for state inspection, they got some error codes and told me that my car's electronic PCU is faulty n I need to change it but I cant afford a new PCU which will put me back by a $1000. My mechanic told me, because of faulty PCU, the spark plugs burn out really fast and need to be replaced. Can someone suggest me some options here. Thanks
  • I have a 2005 Sentra SE 1.8. It has 193000 KM. I have done all the maintenance since I bought it new. While driving the car it suddenly stalls, engine is running and the car is on drive, but the car is moving very slowly, like when it is on neutral. I replaced the tranny - 198000 clicks and had Nissan check it out and they advised me that it maybe a alternator malfunction, no guarantees, but maybe the problem. I bought a alternator and will have it replaced hopefully today and I am clueless - what next??

    When the car is on drive and moving, it drives well, however, when I stop at a traffic light, it goes back to "Neutral mode" and does not move. I have put $.1500 until now on the car, but the problem still exists and no, mechanic including Nissan dealership can identify the problem and fix it.

    Can anyone who owns a similar car and who may have experienced the same problem, advise me? I can't afford to go to Nissan Canada or a mechanic once again - I just got laid off from my my job! To everyone out there: Please, Please think a 100 times before you get a Nissan.
  • rad4runnerrad4runner Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    My 2004 1.8L Sentra exhibits same problem. Today I was driving and it just ceased responding to accelerator pedal. It did not shut off but I felt like it was running on idle - hence would not speed up (making others think transmission went bad). It happened months ago, too. I stopped, wated a few minutes, then it restarted. My brother-in-law who is a mechanic thinks Throttle position sensor is bad, or gets stuck. Makes sense. I will use this coming rainy weekend to stay in garage and take a closer look. Will report back as soon as I see anything. If easy enough to replace, TPS seems easy to find online: link title
  • did you guys ever fix your problems? i have nissan sentra 2005 and i have the same problem too.. usually thats the throttle body issue.. you can try to clean it with a throttle cleaner but some how it wouldnt start still and will go to idle and some weird vibrations.. what you can do next is to relearn the idle process...

    watch this video might help..

    i will do this tomorrow first day in the morning. good luck!
  • when i remove the gas cap on my 04 Sentra, it has a surge of pressure come from the filler tube(enough to blow fuel out). could this be the vent plugged? and where is the vent? the check engine light comes on when car is started and remains on while it is running,i am not sure if these 2 items are related though. i bought this car for my daughter 3 years ago and she 'gave' it back to me after she got an altima a few weeks back. the car has 171K on it and i just plan on driving back and forth to work in it mostly so i can let my silverado set(and save on fuel costs). has anybody had this happen or know what i need to start checking to solve this 'pressure' problem....i would really appreciate any one's input or experince with this type of problem.
  • luthfiya, the problem is your throttle body or throttle position sensor.
  • My Sentra will not start good battery. The car does not turn over, I had starter tested and they said it is good. What next any ideas?
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