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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • Ya your right, it was the starter. i have a new problem now, heater and heated seats will not turn off, when the key is in the off position, i removed fuse in slot# 15 turns off some power to the inside of the truck, everyelse works fine, we will replace the fuse when i fine the problem. Big Thanks.
  • Help! After getting me safely through last week's snow storm, I've had to take my 06 JGC to the dealer. During the storm I got stuck in traffic and kept turning the ignition on and off to save gas. The snow feel so fast and thick that my driver's side wiper broke down. I had to keep opening the window to clear the glass so I could see where I was going. 2 days later, the car wouldn't start (it wouldn't unlock remotely). I got jumped by my neighbor, thinking it was the battery, and the truck drove fine. But after sitting a while, I got another week start.

    I know I'll have to pay for the linkage system for the wipers, but: do I REALLY have to pay $560 to repair the Ignition Switch and SKIM Module? I won't eat for a couple of months at this rate. Is there some other (cheaper) explanation for the start up problems?
  • Hi, I am about to buy a 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo. The price is $2800 and has 76k miles. Good buy? I think so. The down side is fender and bumper need to be replaced as well as valve cover gasket ( no biggy). My only dillema is of course the electrical problems. I already own a 98 gcl and have small electrical problems but nothing major. This new one though have severe problems. The right blinker does not work, passenger side locks and windows, and the cluster does not light up. Obviously from the fender and bumper show an accident (passenger side) I've heard that you cannot replace the cluster without dealer? Is this true? Also the problems seem scattered so I am lost as far as where to look. I would like to know of any test I can do to single out some possibilities.. any ideaS?
  • Hay jeepers88. do yourself a favour, buy a ford, I had enough of the jeeps and puting money into them.$$$$$$$$$$ :lemon:
  • Are you still problem free? I've been having this problem all winter and have been considering dumping the car but might give your fix a shot first. I'd hate to get rid of this car because I was quite happy with it until this problem started. 2k6 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 70k miles, I've owned it problem free since 2009.
  • I fixed it and I remain problem free. I got a new ignition switch. They recommended a new SKIM module, but I've been doing fine w/o, I'm broke.

    I also blew out my wiper blade linkage system during that storm, so I'm trying to dance around that repair as long as I can on my little salary.

    I'd still never get rid of this Jeep...I traded my last one (rusted out 99 Cherokee) for a TransAm and couldn't put up w/that beast more than 5 months. It's Jeep or bust for me!
  • jahsun7jahsun7 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 grand cherokee special edition. My door locks and power mirrors have mysteriously stopped working. alarm fob locks and unlocks all doors except the drivers. also when the lights are in the auto position all of the LED lights in the car are practically not on. Anybody experience this problem before?
  • jauiboydjauiboyd Posts: 4
    YES - I have a 2006 and had the same issue...There is a wire in the harness in the door jam that broke, it's behind the firewall and needs to be sautered will cost a fortune to replace the entire electrical harness. This repair cost me under $300 to fix it and everything works fine. I had the same exact issue. Don't bother with taking it to the dealership to determine if it is wear and tear and if the manufacturer will fix it, because they won't, I tried and wasted $120 on diagnostics fees!
  • jerry50jerry50 Posts: 6
    04 Grand Cherokee Window/mirror switch, also known as Driver door module, part 5JM60DX9AB, problem. If you need to replace this oem part, beware that there is a bad batch of these units. Had new one installed at dealer and it went bad after few days, outside mirrors would not move, windows all worked. Back to dealer March 10, 2011 who put new OEM unit in, off his shelf and it did not work. Dealer tech then tried an older test unit on hand and outside mirrors worked along with all windows, so no wire issues.
    Wanted to let all those who have to deal with this common component problem of this replacement part issue.
  • This happens when you least expect it, the problem I am having is that while either driving (slow/fast/freeway) any speed or idling, the voltage meter goes up. And (while at night) brightens the lights, the radio shuts off, and the VIC resets, the check engine light comes on and as well as the ABS light. This happens intermittently throughout while i am driving. It sometimes happens when its cold and sometimes when its warmed up/hot. Sometimes it doesnt do it at all. I have taken it to my mechanic who came up with fault codes for the Alt, replaced that, and it still happens. I have taken it to an electrical shop, they couldnt find anything about it, although it did happen for them but wasnt long enough for them to put their finger on it. They mentioned that the PCM might be the culprit. I found the computer at a salvage yard for $150, but not sure if that is what needs replacement. Another electrical shop said that they can do a bypass, and he didnt know how much it would be. Please help point me in the right direction. :mad: :confuse: :sick:
  • I had this exact problem in my 1998 Grand Cherokee (5.2) and it was the ground wire on the transmission. I had taken it to multiple mechanics and they considered the TPS, the computer and nothing worked until I went to the best transmission mechanic in San Antonio and luck would have it he has seen it before and fixed it for all time by redoing the ground wire for the transmission. That ground wire is under the tranny and is subject to getting nicked or worn over time. In fact he put two ground wires on because I do take it off road in the Big Bend National Park here in Texas. Good luck.
  • gaj2888gaj2888 Posts: 5
    This message has mysteriously been popping up? The vehicle seems to be fine all guages seem to be working correctly and at the proper settings. Anyone have a clue?
  • pj43pj43 Posts: 9
    I would say you have a bad ground, have that checked w/A good tech.
  • I will give it a shot. I will let you know what happens.
  • Good luck, it sure worked for me .
  • mattd551mattd551 Posts: 1
    My jeep has lost its turn signals, heat and the instrument panel. It starts and runs fine but the instruments don't work and it is not giving me any codes when hooked up to a meter. I heard this is common and I disconnected and cleaned the battery terminal but it is still doing it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Matt.
  • jorsantia8jorsantia8 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    i have the same problem with my jeep i will like know if somebody share their experience with me i need to fix my jeep thank you george

    i replaced fuel pump ,relay , check all wires , fuses ground ect.
  • we found out how to fix it. you take the key to the passangert side door and turn it back and forth this will re set it i kow it souns stupid but it works we have to do it everytime it locks out
  • have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, v6, 4.0l. In Janurary 2011 my children took my Jeep from mild weather conditions to snow. When they turned on the jeep the next morning it worked fine but when they stopped to eat and started back up these problems occured: 1. No gauges 2. No electric windows, power locks either. 3. No overhead console 4. No air but not cold. They brought it home and dropped it off. They next morning everything was fine. A couple of days later my battery was dead. I decided to purchase a new battery thinking this was the problem. A few days later traveling down the road all gauges quit. I found a place to pull over and just before they popped on again. A while later again they stopped. I was upset and jiggled the ignition back and started working. Then the new battery was dead. Charged it and it worked for a week. If left more then 2 days without starting the battery dies. So we checked the alternator, it was fine. So my next jiggle of the ignition didn't work..frustrated I opened the door and the gauges came up. I hired a electrical person to work on it. 1.Switches fine 2. Ignition shouldn't be the problem because the engine is not dieing. 3. He found that when the car is sitting without ignition on the front doors are drawing electric from the battery...a large amount..enough to make the battery die. When the battery is low opened right door (front passenger) shut clicking noise. Sat in the Jeep with the key off backglass heater light was lite up on the dash. Then it switched to the overdrive light, then back to the backglass light. So I decided to order a BCM which is what the electrical man said I need. Back order till May 2011. Questions: 1. Could this be ignition instead? 2. Could this be a door wire? 3. How about a wire in the tilt wheel? I haven't ask the kids if they moved it yet? Just saw that on the forum. Will ask them today. So I have time since it is not available for a month. Any ideas?

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  • camoman7camoman7 Posts: 4
    edited April 2011
    Hey ,it's me again 2003 jeep grand cherokee cooling fan relay switch went bad again, lasted about 7 months this time. I definitly feel the heat sink grease is the key to getting some life out of the relay switch,without the grease it blows very quickly.I had a fella tell me he went to a salvage yard and got an older fan motor that had a larger gauge wire on it and that seemed to solve his problem of the relay overheating and blowing, which i'm satisfied after messing with this problem for about a year now is the problem,bad engineering in my opinion.Has anyone tried putting on a different motor with a larger wire on
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