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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • Like I have said to many others on this forum. it is the electrical harnesses. Period. The harness defects tend to also burn out control modules.

    Read my earlier posts

    Sorry for bluntness. On quick break on mobile platform

  • bhunleybhunley Posts: 3
    hey i was having the same exact problem with my 2001 model. after SEVERAL tows and trips to the mechanic, it ended up being the crank shaft sensor was going bad. Hope it helps!
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    What is the electrical harness? And is it expensive to fix. I was told I needed a new computer for the car. Is this what ur referring to?
  • I drive a 2005 JGC (5.7L) with 53,000 miles on it.

    Like mech3, the car would randomly feel like it was stalling out when I would step on the gas pedal. This wouldn't happen frequently, but definitely at very inopportune times. The check engine light would come on and if I wasn't stopped, the car would feel like it was starting to shut down.

    I have taken it to the shop now three times, and this is the first time they were able to get an error code generated. Note, this is also the first time that the check engine light actually stayed on by the time I arrived at the shop.

    Potential Resolution:
    Like bhunley, I am having the crank shaft sensor replaced ($420) as well as a couple other sensors ($140). The mechanic said that when the crank shaft sensor isn't receiving the signals correctly, it essentially starts shutting down the car (or something along those lines). He did say that the error needed to happen a few times before the code would get registered by the computer, which is why they couldn't target the problem the first two times I brought the car in. Thankfully, they never charged me for those trips!

    Anyway, I'll post back in a few days to let you all know if that fixed my problem. Best of luck to you all...
  • There are a number of harnesses. There are also generally THREE (3) "BUS" circuits that are tied to various modules. One harness is ahead of the firewall (eng compartment) and other harness(s) behind firewall. it is designed so that certain electrical systems are on specific BUS circuits. I have heard of many with stalling problems and also of wipers or headlights turning on and off on their own.

    A technician told me that some of the circuits "fail safe" meaning that when they malfunction, headlights may go on or wipers may runs etc.

    My particular problem with my harness was for many times (5) diagnosed as a bad module here or there (refer to my earliest posts in these threads). Some modules were replaced more than once or twice. In my experience, some of the modules were actually OK, but the harness was shorting out modules and ignition switch, etc. I would not be two miles down the road from what was supposed to be a successful repair only to see same "crazy dashboard light show" happen again and again. They did not believe me until i filmed it on my phone's video capability.

    Quite frankly, with the new harness my Jeep is running so smooth and true and is like it was always meant to be. It idles smoother than when I bought it, as well as consistently performing well in all kinds of Wx.

    The repairs for all the modules replaced totaled $2100 for mine, which I paid over a series of repairs. (Oouch !!!) Then I got in touch with Jeep Customer Support and they were, IMHO, great about dealing with my issue. I was totally documented with dates, times , receipts, etc. I even had them speak directly with Jeep Service Manager as well. In the end they covered to cost of the harness so... I don't know what the actual expense was but BOTTOM LINE.. it was worth all the agro that i went through.

    Years ago I personally installed a new wiring harness on my '72 Honda 350CL motorcycle and it to never ran better.

    So, as one can see, I am "all about the harness" as being a prime source of many of the symptoms I read in this forum. Sadly, only one way for you to find out...

    Best o' Luck

    06 Laredo
    103,000 and running smooth
  • I have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee. I am currently having problems getting it started. It will start for 3-5 seconds and stall out. I checked the fuel rail and Im getting plenty amounts of gas. However on rare occasion it starts up, my gauges and sometimes windows and door locks dont work. Although my dash lights do. I checked for a faulty instrument cluster and a bad ground... not the problem. Oh and the security light is on! Any insight please? Thanks
  • This actually happened to me before and after a few days of diagnostics, my mechanic discovered it was the Skreem Module causing the problem, which I had replaced. If you google Skreem Module you'll see it controls a lot of the sensors and starter, etc.

    If it's not that, a friend of mine had the same issue (start for 3-5 seconds then stall out) and it was just his key, which he had to get replaced.

    Hope that helps!
  • joe3djoe3d Posts: 17
    I have a 2005 and just had a similar problem fixed. The key wasn't being recognized by the computer. Do the locks respond when you use the key to unlock/lock the doors? Mine didn't and after looking through the manual I found the engine will shut down after 2 seconds if the key isn't recognized.
    The part is about $170 and most of the time the dealer has to reprogram the key if it has a build in chip. Good luck, Joe D
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    Ok, before I put my car in the shop this week and get ripped off. I want to state again my problem to see if anyone has the same and what were u told. When my car doesn't start, I turn the key put it into drive the back into park and it starts right away. While driving, my dash lights goes nuts, and all the lights for PRND light up all @ the same time and then the car won't shift gears. My head light flicker off and on @ night, and my raido she to go from station to station without me touching it. Either its haunted or falling apart. Any advice.
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    The radio goes from station to station
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    how old is battery?
    if you have battery going bad will change you voltage enough to seam as the computer has to re set cheaper than chasing other things
    i hav had to change batteries bout every two years or so here in az now have 237000 miles on it
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    I replaced the battery last year. No problems until one year later. Stopped @ the store one morning on my way to work. And car wouldn't start. AAA gave jump and it been crazy every since. Enhine lite comes on for days,, goes off the car runs fine. Engine lite comes back on and car goes crazy again.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i wood change the battery

    as you have to have it jumped wood start with battery as could be something loose inside bouncing a round
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    Same issues here as well. I give up. I've taken it to several electricians and no one will touch my car. I'm told take it to the dealer that its a known problems with the Jeep. Head Lights flashing, dash lights going nuts. Transmission sometime wotn shift. Its just so much and its been going on since we purchased the Jeep. In was in the shop 1 month after purchasing it with it not starting and the check engine light coming one. My aIr only bows on high, raido volume u have to turn several time to louden, and raido just changes stations right in the middle of a song to whatever it wants to play. They replaced it a week after we purchased it as well. I just don't know what to do @ this point. Don't have money to bounce around from place to place with no answers
  • ok, I too am having the same crazy electrical troubles. I guess I still haven't seen what the cause is. My sunroof will come open on it's own, my a/c will now only blow on defrost only and will not change with the selector switch, my factory radio will not turn the volume up w/o spinning the knob several times, and my electric windows sometimes work and sometime dont, and my cruise now does not work. The light comes on but when I hit "set" I get nothing. Thanks for the help. Matt
  • yea, mines doing the same as yours. I transmissions shifting weird too. It sounds like it may be wiring in the drivers door based on other peoples posts on here but the thing is we cant read the replies to other peoples post so I'm not sure what the fix is. I too dont have a lot of money to throw around. So any help would be very helpful.
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    I'm going to take it into the dealer next week to see if they can atleast tell me what the problem is and what it will cost to fix. If it over a 1000.00 I'm out of luck. I've been saving money just for this issue. If I find out what the problem is. I'll inform you.
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    edited August 2011
    Today i went out to my 99 JGC and was putting all the windows down in one go by holding all 4 switches, windows stopped halfway and would not move, aso no pwr mirror control and no pwr door locks from the driver control panel. The remote worked all doors except driver. I logged on to edmunds, found this fix, went out and found the big brittle black ground had snapped in half, stripped both ends back and put a twist on wire splice lug on, problem fixed! Also a problem i have had for about 8 months was fixed by this as well, the dome light would not shut off after door was opened, i had been manually turning off all interior lighting on the stalk control to keep it from being on all night and the red alarm light on dash was not setting and blinking when doors locked by remote. This ground fixed those as well, it must have been just barely hanging together last 8 months to provide enough ground current path for some features and not others.
  • While parking my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport, the engine suddenly stopped. When I turn the key, nothing. The exterior and interior lights work, the door lock works, but the radio does not, the power windows do not, and of course, the car won't start. And the gauges are dead.
  • I am having the same problem. They replaced key 3 times and module once. I need help. I am broken down right now and don't know what to do. I do not want to take it back to the Jeep Dealer where I had it fixed as they said, "they have no idea how to fix it". The dealer was very uncooperative and frankly not nice.
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