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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • wpatterswpatters Posts: 54
    My son has a car that acted like that. Check your battery connections and make sure the ground connection to the car is clean and put a star washer under it to bite into the metal. If the ground circuit to the battery is bad or marginal the computer will act weird. Also make sure any other ground connections from the engine to the chassis or any where else are also clean. Sometimes they look good but underneath the washer or bolt is corrosion and that is a no no for the little current draw of the computers....yes some models have more than one. I have a 2003 and the coil went out. In the process I found several connectors with bad connections. Sometimes you have to pull apart some of those connections you see in the engine compartment and reconnect them to clean the connection. It all sounds like electrical. And again make sure the battery connections look like new...ANY corrosion on the posts is a big killer.
  • jenijeajenijea Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 JGCL and the dash lights flicker bright and dim constantly when my headlights are husband replaced the headlight switch control box and it stopped for a day or two and then started flickering again.. another problem I just started having is that the ac just stopped blowing ... I turned the ac off and waited a couple of minutes and turned it back on and it worked just fine .. the ac issue has happened twice now. I seen someone said that it might be the clutch in the ac compressor. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix these 2 problems?
  • ev10ssev10ss Posts: 2
    Appears that my Jeep does not like to go thru a automatic car wash, one where the vehical is pulled thru. Four out of 6 times I will have the wipers come on automatically and make 1 or 2 swipes, the traction (or hill??) light will flash, and then the battery light comes on a stays on. The first time I took it to the dealer and as soon as they shut it off and restarted the light was cleared. They kept it for 4 hours and just said that the codes indicated a voltage spike but no issues. Now I'm just keeping a log between oil changes to document.
    Any ideas or similar experiences?
  • tanyablytanyably Posts: 7
    I found the problem when I got another reading that the sensor was bad the one I just changed out. I started pulling all the wires from that sensor all the way to the pcm and found a burnt wire back behind the motor. The bracket was broke that held them from touching the motor and that is why it happened. I never could get a good reading on the injectors that is why I figured it had to be a wire. Hope this helps someone. Now I am getting 2 different codes on the fans. Back to the drawing board. But it runs so good..Tanya
  • snewpsnewp Posts: 1
    Hey Folks,
    Ever since I got my Jeep, there have been slight electrical issues, but over the past 5 years they've gotten worse, and more of them. Now that I'm seriously considering getting rid of it (which I don't wanna do) I looked you guys up. Quick, ain't I? Anyhow, the automatic lights will just randomly start flashing. As soon as I touch the panel where the control dial is for the lights, it stops. If I don't use the automatic setting, and just turn them on manually, no flashing of the headlights. I live in the city so I like the automatics - I can get in the house before they shut off. But living in the city could also get me shot if they start flashing when I'm behind someone. My radio never worked right, so I replaced the antenna several years ago, didn't help. Now the CD player doesn't work either. Just barely static. My sunroof won't open anymore. Heated seats don't heat. And now I get a message at night that says my taillights aren't working, but they are. Till I get home from work, the message is usually gone. All the gauges work, windows, work, AC blower works, dash lighting works, security alarm works, power seats work, cruise works, just the freaky things mentioned above.
    Does anyone know if there has been a recall for this problem? It seems like a grounding issue. I put a new battery in it last year and nothing got worse at that time. All these things were happening waaay before the new battery except the CD player, and I feel my son had something to do with that. Any words you can offer to direct me would be appreciated.
  • I am having the famous Jeep electrical problems again. I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee 4.0L, 103K miles. 3 months ago I had the exact same issues, pulled the boot between the door and found the black wire was broken. I spliced it back together and everything worked perfect until 4 days ago. I checked the black wire again and found my splice had pulled apart. I re-spliced it but this time the problems did not go away. I ran a continuity check on that black wire (and every wire) that goes through the door and found everything to be connected. So I took it to a shop and they double checked all the wiring and even put in a new control unit and still nothing. I have tried the unplugging the battery trick and again nothing. I am starting to run out of ideas here. The black wire was broken once and my splice fixed it. The second time my splice (as well as the mechanics) won't fix it and my mult-imeter reads full continuity all the way to where it is grounded in the engine compartment. I am pretty sure this isn't the BCU gone bad. Any ideas? I listed my symptoms below

    -A/C compressor does not kick on
    -ALL the windows are stuck up
    -Airbag light is on
    -Seatbelt light is on
    -Dash lights are stuck on high with no dimming
    -Horn does not work
    -The info center does not read temp or anything else but the compass works
    -Dome light will not turn off

    That is about it. To me this all relates back to those wires running through the door but they were all triple checked and came out ok. Any ideas?
  • Thank you! My windows haven't worked for about a year now. I had previously tried looking at those wires, but I couldn't see anything. I settled on the PCM but let it be. Did a google search and found your post and checked again. It was the black wire on mine which broke completely in half. The orange wire was well on its way. I cut the orange stipped them both and crimped them with copper crimpers. Little electrical tape and everything works great. Thanks again!
  • two things first of hello mmy name ios steve i just got a 2002 jeep grand cherokee laredo v8
    three regulators were broke i replaced them one went fine but the right rear one that i replaced theres no power going to the door except the speaker [weird]
    i know the reg works cause we powered it with an external source and it went up and down
    Do you know what would cause this

    also i found water in my trunk on driver side and 2-3 inces of water in my spare tire comp what would cause this
  • misterg53misterg53 Posts: 1
    Check the other doors ,I've had three out of the four doors have broken wires in the boots.There should be a recall on all of the wiring in the doors
  • bsemigbsemig Posts: 1
    question where the heck is the bcm located on a 2005 GC
  • eltechoeltecho Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I have a 1998 jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9
    I am having problems with rear light failure
    1. all the lights are fully functional.

    2. I need a schematic showing the wiring for the plugs p1 and p2 on the light sensing module and where the supply voltage is sourced and what the outputs end up feeding, they appear to be on P1-9 wire blu with black tracer

    3. I know the module has U4791B comparators in it. The comparator outputs pins 3&5 are all 10.5 to 12v- I think this is coming from the module that the output feeds

    4. I have cleaned all contact and the bulb measure about 1.0 ohm of resistance.

    5 Can I eliminate this module form the system as it causes more problems than it cures.

    I appreciate all assistance in advance
  • I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee SE V6. 75K miles. Was rear ended 3 years ago and it did minor damage. But the right rear tail light was knocked out. As I left the repair shop the check engine light came on. Took the repair shop a week to figure out it was an O2 sensor. After two sensors he finds that it was a bad wire under the hood. 6 months later the AC goes out and the blower motor sounds like its gonna blow up. 6 months later the right rear window gets stuck down. 3 month after that none of the windows will do anything and the power mirrors don't work. But the good news is that the fan blower is no longer making that awful noise or smelling like its on fire. Seems to me there is an issue with too much load on a circuit. I am glad I found this forum so I could see that there is others out there and my issue is not isolated. Not that I am glad anyone else has issues. If anyone knows of a fix please let me know. I can't keep driving a car that I have no AC or ability to roll down a window. I was told by the mechanic that there was a controller in the drivers door that was bad but I think he's chasing a ghost. Please help. I am taking it to another troubleshooter Monday. I will report the findings.
  • I have owned my Jeep since Oct 2010. I have dealt with mechanical and electrical issues since March 2011. I have not had any mechanical or electrical issue since July 2011. The Jeep had less than 25K miles. Now fast forward to November 2012 Jeep has 28K miles electrical problems have re surfaced, the dashboard gets hot to touch whether the radio or heating unit is on or off. Left rear turn signal will not work when headlights are on. Brake lights do not dim. Off to the dealership I go right before a scheduled road trip... :mad:
  • 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Entire dashboard panel gauges are not working, but car runs fine.

    Dashboard panel gauges - such as gas, speedometer, oil gauge, suddenly stopped working while car was driving. All gauges went to zero, as if the car was not on.

    The engine was replaced 1 month ago, and had no issues till recently, gauges just stopped recognizing the car being on.

    Note, the ignition key has not changed.

    Also, the security system is not working, and the windows do not go up or down.

    There is a indicator on the panel that I've never seen - the sentry security system (a key with a line through it) is lit up on the dashboard - as if there was no key in the ignition?

    Any help with this would be appreciated. The heater and radio work? Engine also runs fine. Engine was not replaced by jeep dealer, but car runs really nice - not sure what this problem is? Could it have to do with the ignition? Does this require servicing now by a Jeep Dealership?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • cc49cc49 Posts: 1
    Hi, was wondering if anyone evr had the problem the calendar/clock keeps going back to factory set & the jeep wouldn't start yesterday/ anyone know what this might be? i am scared to drive might shut off in traffic HELP :confuse:
  • zjscarriozjscarrio Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    I resently had the same problem with my 96 jgcl, i took the headlight switch assembly out and apart. 4 or 5 of the soulder connections to the circuit board were old and cracked, causing my interior and dash lights to flicker when i would drive at high speeds with my headlights on (from vibration). I also realized it when i gave the switch a smack while the car wasnt moving, having the same flicker effect. I took a soulder gun to it, and re-did all the broken connections. No more flicker.
  • I resently had the same problem with my 96 jgcl, i took the headlight switch assembly out and apart. 4 or 5 of the soulder connections to the circuit board were old and cracked, causing my interior and dash lights to flicker when i would drive at high speeds with my headlights on (from vibration). I also realized it when i gave the switch a smack while the car wasnt moving, having the same flicker effect. I took a soulder gun to it, and re-did all the broken connections. No more flicker.
  • Crankshaft position sensor??
  • I have a 98' that is somehow drawing 4.29 amps of power when it is shut down I have been working on tracing wiring to search for damaged wires but still have not found the issue, has anyone else encountered this issue? because having my jeep die every few days is really getting old.
  • There are 3 bulbs in the 3rd brake light , all must be working . 1 will trigger a lamp failure .

    Also , a small side marker bulb can also cause the warning and go unnoticed .
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