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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,330
    I posted the below about a week ago. I am posting it again just in case someone knows something about it. I really want to know if my stepson is being BS'ed, if this is something that has happened to other Jeeps, or if it is just a weird situation. I would appreciate any insight or experiences that people have had.

    I am new to this board so if this has been discussed before, I apologize. My stepson has a 2008 GC. He went out one morning and it wouldn't start. He did all of the normal stuff to eliminate a dead battery or a fault in the electrical circuit with no result. A little later he tried again and it did start. That was the last time it did so. My question, however, is this; he had it towed to the dealer and they diagnosed it as the CWX on-board computer. Here's the kicker, they said that this part is not only back-ordered, the parts center indicated that there were 80 people ahead of him and it could take MONTHS before they received one for his vehicle. The service advisor advised him that they themselves had a customer who had been waiting since April. Has anyone heard of this situation? It seems surreal to me that it could be true.

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  • mrgodlikemrgodlike Posts: 3
    Update. It happened again, so it isn't fixed. Looks like the ignition switch first, then I'll try the bcm, and look for more ground wires to clean/repair.
  • mrgodlikemrgodlike Posts: 3
    Bought a used pcm at the boneyard, had the dealer program it ($65.00) and all gauges work now.
  • phxmomphxmom Posts: 3
    We got the ignition switch replaced and haven't had problems with it since.
  • rbrwebrbrweb Posts: 1
    I hope its not too late for the reply, i had the same problem and went from changing fuel pump and the tps sensor and crankshaft sensor even the O2 sensor and nothing, the deal was in the ECM(engine control module) this kind of jeeps have the same problem it starts and works fine then suddenly stall, i change the ECM and problem solved, if you want to buy it from mopar you will spend like 800 dlls but you can find it for 150 looking in the web. Good luck.
  • jkw13jkw13 Posts: 5
    I'm not sure if this is the same part as ours, but it sounds similar. My husband was told it was on national backorder, so it's not BS. It was supposed to be in August 22, 2013, but we got an email from the dealer saying they had no idea when it would be in. Our car has been there since July 2013 so at least your stepson is in front of us. We ended up buying a 3rd car b/c a rental was costing too much. We bought a Toyota!!
  • I bet its the TIPM. Backordered and who knows when they can make enough. Jeep sitting at the lot with battery cables unhooked so the fuel pump wont run constantly. Class action is all I can say.
  • My jeep is also down, they told me its the TIPM.. The dealership told me it will take about 2 months or longer to get the part. I have two kids and no car, Chrysler told me they can't promise me when I would get it, Chrysler has the worst customer service. Buy a Ford
  • architectkmparchitectkmp Posts: 14
    edited September 2013
    My experience was that it was not any of the 5 modules that the dealers diagnostic computer indicated. It was the wiring harnesses all along. REPEAT: It was the wiring harnesses all along. After replacing both the front and rear harnesses my GCL has run like new(er).

    And...since then I've logged over 100k miles without any problem. Now at 139k and running well.

    Note: look at my earlier posts from way back
  • I own a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with about 75000 miles on it. It has treated me well and I have spent a sufficient amount of money to maintain it Mechanically and appearance wise.
    Just got a problem, I can't shift it to Low Low for Hi AWD. I am fully aware of how to do it. and haven't done it for quite a few years. Now I can't do it at all.
    Anyone out there have the same problem and what steps did you require to repair it.

    I also had a "service 4WD switch" alert on my computor panel. I replaced the switch and have still have a few alerts.

    Anyone have similar events??

  • What year is your Jeep. My 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo is having so many problems that come and go. Right now no A/C (not low on freon), somedays it shifts to Overdrive somedays not, all O2 sensors faulted at the same time, leak detector code P0456(even after replacing the pumps and hoses). One day the overhead console said it was -44 degrees and recently it said 105 degrees but I live in Brussels Belgium and 105 is not possible. It's always quite entertaining to watch but hell to drive.
  • You are Certainly having problems for a car only 9 years old. I got my Jeep in 1994 and have spent maybe $6000 in 20 years in repairs and I have only 78000 miles on the vehicle
    My Antenna won't go up or down automatically so I do it manually,
    I cannot shift to LO and don't know why, so I have some problems too but not as frequent and erratic as yourse seem to be. Good luck.
  • Hi,

    I hope your still one here I realise it's an old post. I have exactly the same problem. All fuses and bulbs are ok.

    What was the fix in the end ?
  • Hello,

    I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (4x4 5.7 Hemi) and until yesterday I had no problems.

    I went to leave and when I put in the key to turn the Jeep on, all (or at least most) of the warning lights came on and several 'service system' messages were displayed.

    The Jeep would not start, but the radios, head lights, interior lights, AC/Heat, Fan/blower, horn, wipers, etc. all work.

    When I turn the key it makes the same grinding sound that would be made if the car was already on and you tried to continue turning the key.

    Does anyone know why this happened?

    Does anyone know what I can try to fix this?

    If it won't run I'll have to get it towed and that could take some time and would just cost more money.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.
  • We had the same problem.
    Have them replace the ignition switch.
  • lobo18lobo18 Posts: 1
    We have the same symptoms, and others:

    When you push on the start button, it will turn over but not start the you have to hit the button again to try and stop this, the work around for a day or two was remote start the car.

    After taking the car in for service, they said it needed TIPM but it is on back order for 3 weeks! the dealer said it was safe to drive....not so...the car stalled in traffic, now my wife is afraid to drive the car, she how wants to trade it in but not for a jeep!
    we are shopping now.
  • PCM
    remove rad reservoir, three screws (simple)
    remove PCM shield (simple)
    disconnect three links to wiring harness (carefully)
    see two chrome screws, back off two turns (simple)
    reconnect wiring harness (carefully)
    start vehicle (test)
    90% of time will correct problem (simple)
    if correct, replace installed 1/2" screws w/ 1/4" or stand off w/washer (simple)
    replace wiring harness plugs (carefully)
    replace PCM shield (simple)
    problem corrected!
  • Dont get me wrong. Im no mechanic or anything like it. But it sounds lije u have an electrical issue. I only say that because i have a 99 Grand Cherokee limited and I found that I as well had an electrical problem. And as simple as this sounds......try unhooking the battery. It fixed my window problem when all my windows stop working at once.
  • txcutie39txcutie39 Posts: 2

    I haven't been able to get it fixed yet but for a month almost I have had this problem as well..started out with the radio going off and coming back on and the abs warning light coming on and right back off when I would hit bumps or drive down an extremely bumpy road but while trying to find out where the short was it died in the middle of the road. It turns out it is the ground wire. I don't know what the fix is yet because haven't been able to get it looked at but I do know it is the cause so yea you should get that checked out. Found the problem when a friend wiggle the ground wire and the power was restored

  • txcutie39txcutie39 Posts: 2

    And then same thing happened again and this morning too so I barely touched the ground wire and got power back

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