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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • parist21parist21 Posts: 1
    Pleassssssseeeee HELP! Hopefully you found out what was going on with your jeep...
    I have a 97 jeep grand cherokee larado V8 that is KILLING ME with the exact same problem. I parked it for awhile when i came back to start it the battery was i too shrugged it off. i replaced the battery with a optima red cap and have since gone through two of them in less than two weeks i don't have the money to send it to a shop to get fixed
  • chicjeepchicjeep Posts: 1
    Ok here's the deal.
    I've only owned the vehicle for less than a year. Bought it off a friend when I needed a vehicle. The only issue it had at that time was that the gas gauge would float up and down. Well in the past two weeks some weird stuff has been going on...
    The dash light blink on and off
    The Blower Motor on the heat/AC won't work
    The interior lights are stuck on even when I remove the keys from the ignition. Anyone know what could be the problem here?
    Any advice would help. :cry:
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    i was wondering if you solved this, my 99 grand cherokee laredo 6cyl 4wd just started this exact same issue today, fuel gage at 0 fuel warning light on and security key light on which is a light i never remember seeing before, i tried my other key with no help, i have 153000 miles, i have owned since 130000, was running like a new car until now, yesterday i had front end aligned and tires rotatated which should not have caused a problem, mechanic test drove after alignment and gave me the car with the engine running, i drove home, shut jeep off, this morning cranks but no start, fuel zero and security key lite on. i called the service manager where i had work done, he asked me if i had moved the tilt sterring, i told him i thought his mechanic had, he said he vaugely remembers that there is a wiring harnes on sterring colum that sometimes pinches when wheel tilt position changed, maybe a wire to ignition switch was pulled loose but i haven't solved, i have changed all fuses related to starting even though they look ok, no help. IF YOU HAVE ANSWER PLEASE HELP!
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    i just paid to ask an expert on, a jeep service manager and ASE in automotive electrical, he said the fuel warning light and security key light and no code indicate cps crankshaft position sensor, that it shorts the PCM so it won't display a code, replacing cps should fix problem, i'm having mine towed to a repair shop next week when my AAA membrship for towing takes effect. my choices were tow 30 milles to dealer for parts and labor close to $300, or the local napa repair center for about $130. I have seen many postings here where people replaced this and it did not fix, its also a very hard part to get at, so i'll let the shop fix. The mechanic there agreed with my expert that the fuel warning light and no code being stored make the cps the first place to look, especially on a 1999. He is gonna verify before changing part, keeping my fingers crossed, will post back with results. These internet forums are helpful, but electrical issues with cherokee seems to be a stumper on this forum. Last year my radiator fan got stuck on and drained batterey, then would not come back on after jump, code pointed to fan relay, forums said same, it was fan relay, this case is not as clear cut. I don't understnd why Jeep puts fan relay in suc a hard to reach area, nor do i understand the point of this cps, since what it does is stop spark and fuel if senses crankshaft timing off, and since there is no common adjustment to change timing, what is the point of cps? though i think perhaps it sends a pulse train to pcm to tell it when to send fuel to each injecter and when to fire each plug, takes place of rotor cap, the old ways were easier to fix for sure.
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    on both sides of the vehicles kick panels there are two large screw in connectors that tie the dashboard to the body harness, i suggest you pull the kick panels out and with the vehicle on wiggle the wire bundles see if you can cause the problems to duplicate. sometimes those connectors don't seat properly or wires get strained. good luck :confuse:
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    those switches in the steering column are easy to fix just pull them out and there are 2 wires at each, you can pull the switches apart with out breaking them and there is 3 stamped metal surfaces checked for cracks in the metal pads. good luck :sick:
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    i am sorry to hear that i used to work at the factory those guys are supposed to replace the body harness not repair it for any kind of wiring problem. i do know that the drivers door is checked first by the body computer so it is very important. another problem area is the kick panels on both sides good luck :shades:
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    lemon law states that they have 3 attempts to fix the same problem, so in the documentation make sure the problem is stated as it was the first time. if i remember correctly there are 2 wires running to the lock for the lift gate 1 of the wires is ground and most dfinately the other is the lock command, you should be able to check for a short to ground and then look for the voltage on the other good luck :confuse:
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    your problem screams shorting to ground.
  • ceekdeeceekdee Posts: 2
    last night in the middle of the night, the headlights started to flash on and off as though the alarm was going off. the horn was not sounding though. it was not a consistent flashing. i started the car, after turning it off, it no longer flashed. what might be happening? also two days ago when i turned off the car, the interior air conditioning blower stayed on. it turned itself off after about 10 min. and has not done it since. it was very, very hot that day (110) and i had been running a lot of errands... again, any clues? :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    It sounds like the accessory switch for your ignition key is faulty.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • i have a 98 Grand Cherokee with 224,836 miles 2 weeks ago the AC blower would intermediately stop blowing now it blows but the ac stopped blowing cold. i know thats not what you had wrong but this is what is happening now. driving home my instrument panel went dead. all guages, radio, blower, power windows and locks quit working etc. vehicle stayed under power. then the gauges came back to life and went out again. drove 30 miles and it came back on. What the heck is going on. I have had little to no problems. the other wierd thing is that my rear passenger window hasnt worked in 2 yrs after this episode the window now works.
  • heydenoheydeno Posts: 6
    My jeep started doing the same thing but not only when i would turn but when i stopped at a light. It seemed if i kept it reved up to 1000 on the rpm it didn't die. Now I am having trouble with it starting. I can't trust it I have replaced about everything on the thing except for the PCM which seems to be where it is leading
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    ok, today my 99 grand cherokee laredo 6cyl 4wd went to the mechanic with this identical problem, and as i thought it was the cps (crank position sensor) which fixed this problem. final cost $193, of which $61 was part, rest was labor and tax. i took to a NAPA auto repair center. Dealer wanted about $300 total. Do it yourselfers beware, this part is very hard to get to, in a extremely tight fit in an almost impossible to reach place behind engine on top of bell housing. And its not as simple as just unbolt old, bolt new, as the sensor has to be adjusted to have a certain gap between it and the marker for it inside housing, as it works by a magnetic field, which may explain why so many do it yourselfers on this site replaced cps and it didn't fix and then kept spending on other parts with no success. i got a 1 year 12k mile parts and labor warranty on this. Save the do it yourself items for simpler tasks, even the mechanics have trouble with this one with all the proper tools.
  • gaj2888gaj2888 Posts: 5
    This light has remained on for about two weeks now. There appears to be no problem with the emergency brake or my regular breaks? Is it possibly a bad sensor?
  • georgeg4georgeg4 Posts: 2
    I bought my 1996 Grand Cherokee Laredo second hand , It was running fine and now I am having problems with the alarm I disconnected the switches on all the doors and now when I start it the alarm sounds and the headlights flash for several minutes . But the vehicle runs . Is there any way to disable the alarm . I can operate with the flashing headlights but I had to disconnect the horn . Another related problem is the gauges and power windows will not operate while the ignition is in the run position they will however momentaril;y work if zI turn the key close to the start position . It is not in the switch or the column because I replaced both of them attempting to correct the problem
  • This happened to mine about the same time of year..Dec 2008. You've probably sold it by now? What I did was fit a relay into the circuit to the feed to blower motor, which only (really comes on when ignition is switched on....I even kept original spade connector in place, if someone later wants to fix the proper way, since then...cured..basic, but safe and works...
  • court1980court1980 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7L truck has been running fine except the radio suddenly stopped working three weeks ago. I went to the store last night turned off my truck and when I returned 5 mins later it wouldn't start! All lights on the dash work, headlights are fine, windows work, sunroof etc. the truck just would'nt start it was silent. No clicking or problems trying to turn over, just silence almost like the key was only turned halfway. This happen once before a few weeks ago and 10 mins later it started fine. Last night I ended up having to leave my truck there after trying to start it for an hour. This morning started up fine!
    Any suggestions???
    Could this be electrical?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    fiest thing i would change is ignion switch
  • Hi, I owned a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee for 11 yrs and am still sorry I sold it. Even worse that I replaced it with a 2005 which has big time electrical problems on the gauges,heat,blower and signals. Anyway back to your problem. My Jeep would start fine all week when I drove to work but come Monday morning if it sat all weekend the battery was dead and it would not start. Same thing happened while on vacation on Northern Mich after it sat all week. When I took it to the dealer it turned out that I had too many maps in the glove box which was causing a slow draw on the battery as the glove box light stayed on ( and I could obviously not see this with the glove box closed). I took all the maps out of the glove box and never had the problem again. Good Luck Carolyn996
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