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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • OK first the dumb part of this topic. A few weeks ago I took my Grand Cherokee with a sunroof through the car wash. I noticed water coming through by the headliner and quickly found out you don't take vehicles with sunroofs through the car wash. Almost immediately after that my UConnect which is the mirror mounted type quit working. My question is is there a fuse or relay that could have possibly tripped in the system causing it not to work? I have looked around and can't find any wiring diagrams for this system. Help please!
  • 96jeep296jeep2 Posts: 11
    i have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee 200,000+, i bought a obd2 scanner for my car it give me a few error code one of the code is p0350 witch is no cam shaft poss sensor signal at the pcm. if this happens the pcm dose 2 things. 1st it shuts down the relay for your ignition/fuel pump 2nd it shuts down the relay for your ASD (atuo-shut-down replay) both shuts off your car while driveing or doing anything. this could be fix 1-2 different things pcm, needs to be reprogramed (not istalling a new one) must be reprogramed, cam sensor needs to be replaced. The best advised i could give any one that has a jeep and wants to keeps it, is..... go get your self a hanye's book on your car and do it your self, it's lest expencive, and your learn how to SOLVE issues. Did you know that a kit to repair a transmition is only 200.00$$$. and when you bring your car to get serviced they charge you oohh any were from 1200-2200 depends on the probolem. Ill help anybody that needs it just ask, i am not a mecahnic just a well informed jeep owner.
  • 96jeep296jeep2 Posts: 11
    If your not leaving any thing on in the car, thus causeing your battery to be drained, then its not getting a good recharge, i would take a look at the alternator.
  • well i get in it the morning or whenever and sometimes it ackes like it dead then i turn the key off and try again and nothing turn the key back off and the gauges go nuts back and fortht. but lately after that the car starts right up but before i would half to reset the battery to get going any one have any idea i was told it could be the computer of the body computer thanks you
  • can someone please help me
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would change the ignition switch as that is a lot cheaper to changr than the pcm could be bad contacts
  • eric_geric_g Posts: 1
    My 98 Cherokee starts normally, but sometimes, after driving for a few minutes, the 'Check Gauges' light comes on and the amp gauge drops to 9 volts. This continues until the engine is shut off. On restart it will be OK. It does not happen very time but it's happening often enough now to cause me to worry.

    Any suggestions as to what the cause/fix might be?

  • dknjdknj Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with something similar.

    Sometimes it will start and run perfectly. Other times, it will not even attempt to start but I will hear the CD changer in the back of the SUV loading all the CD's. I can then wait 5 minutes and it will start perfectly. I notice when it won't start that the instrument dials do go crazy but only when attempting to start it. When it is running, it does seem to run fine.

    I have it at a mechanic right now. Initially they told me it was the battery however, I know that is not the entire problem.

    Stay tuned,
  • sraesrae Posts: 1
    The guy who jumped the battery reversed polarity, melted a fusible link off the pos. terminal. What else can I expect? Please don't tell me my computer is trash, you hate to see a grown man cry. It turns over, no start. suggestions?
  • My wife has a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The power windows don't work, the controls for the radio on the steering wheel don't work and the overhead console only shows what direction you are traveling and not what the temperature is. Also the lights on the inside of the Jeep stay on no matter what you are doing. The console for the windows and door locks, the power windows no longer work, but the power door locks still work and so do the controls for the mirrors. The memory seat controls also no longer work. Any suggestions?
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we had very similar problems with our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee... all electrical in nature. We replaced sensors and other less expensive items...however in the end replaced the electrical control panel/unit...and all problems were resolved. This appears a very commen problem with JGC as they get older.
  • I am having the same problems with my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It first started when I set the factory security system off and the gauges started going nuts with a strange fast clicking sound coming from behind the instrument panel.Now this happens 1 out of 5 times when I shut down the car. Nothing electrical works when this is happening and the only way to fix it is to disconnect the battery and reset the system.Anyone have any ideas?
  • mmm I seem to have the same problem. Came to the car this morning , had difficulty getting in and eventually after pressing the button about fifty times the door opened and now i have exactly the same problem as you have described but also my air con shows it is working but doesn't and the heater only gives out hot.
    Over the last couple of months I have had to put my key fob almost at the window before it would open. don't know whether this is related.
  • i have a grand cherokee 3.1 2000 Turbo Diesel Automatic. right i was driving along the road the other day and everything just completely locked up, braked a couple of times and stopped. i could drive it in secound and first, as i had to get it to the side of the road. today i decided to have ago at driving it down the road in "drive" again and it was fine at a low speed (like 7-10mph) then when it went quicker it braked twice and went to a complete stop (didnt make a noise though). i put it in to 2nd and the same kinda happened again, so finally i put it in to 1st and it went quite a distance up the road but it did the same again(same again no noise). reverse works aswell btw. the reason i was tihnkin it was an electrical problem was because the transmission fluid is perfect, it doesnt smell burnt or look black and i thought that if it was something mechanical it just wouldnt drive at all or make a clunking noise.

    btw ive also had a problem with starting it, i can turn the key to turn the radio on but its takes a couple of goes to turn the engine on as it just make a clunking noise. also aircon hasnt worked and one of the electric seats doesnt work.
  • Could be a transmission sensor going out. Our JGC would all of a sudden stall for no apparent reason and any speed. Mechanic said this is typical of the transmission sensor...when got hot it would shut off the engine.
  • thanks for your speedy reply.
    ours doesnt stall it just seems to brakes shapely, engine still running.i think it does it when its trying to go in to 2nd gear.

    does anyone know if the gearbox had completely gone if the car would move forward, because i would have thought if it was the gearbox had gone it just wouldnt go into 1st or 2nd gear

    weve been driving round for about 12 months now without the prob shaft on the front of the car. could that have caused something to happen to it.

    its as if the car is tied to a piece of rope and once the rope runs out it just comes to an instant hault (if you get what i mean lol) if that helps.
  • My son has a 2005 Grand Cherokee and the headlights come on and off while driving. He sometimes has to turn the headlight switch to get them to work again. Anybody have this problem or any suggestions?
  • pole2pole2 Posts: 17
    I had same problem in my Dodge Dakota 2201. I had to replaced Central Timer Module. Located on the left side from driver sit. 5 minutes job but unit cost about $250
  • Thanks pole2.............turns out my problem is a multifuctional switch located in the steering column. About 1 hour job and part is around $ 70-80 bucks.
  • revellrevell Posts: 2
    Hi folks, I have a seriously strange problem. Two days ago my turn signals, and air controls on the dash went out (blown fuse 10amp). Replaced the fuse and all is good, so I thought. The moment I placed the gear selector into Reverse the fuse blows again. The fuse blows if I go from Park to Reverse, or Neutral to Reverse.
    It works fine in Drive,2nd,1st, and Park.
    So now I have no Reverse lights due to the fuse being blown. I have tried disconnecting the reverse light switch from the transmission, no luck... Also I have removed the reverse light bulbs, no luck... I have checked other bulbs for corrosion,etc. no luck....
    Why would my Reverse gear be taking out my turn signals and air controls?
    Can anyone tell me what might be the problem here??
    I have never had any electrical problems before,until now. And I have never heard of anything like this.
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