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2009 Infiniti M35/M45

walt18walt18 Posts: 54
HI, I'm new here and I am going to be purchasing a brand new M45 but I want to know, does anyone know what updates will be made for the 2009 M45 and when it will possible go on sale. I have been hearing so many complaints about the gas mileage, and Bose 14 speaker sound system being sorry, how are the rear reclined seats cause I am planning on getting the premium package with RWD. But if they are going to be making changes again for 09" I will wait for that model. I just wish they would make the body kit again and make it a option for the premium to. Thanks for the input God bless.


  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Hi Walt:

    I'll throw in my 2 cents for you. First, regarding gas mileage, my opinion is that people are making a bigger deal of this than it merits. While Infiniti is on the bottom end mileage wise, if you compare vehicles with similar engines the difference is not as great as some would have you believe. Referencing a post in another area I had previously made .............

    Look at the new EPA yearly fuel costs for the cars in the class (15k miles/yr at $3.49/gal) with a 55/45 city/hwy split):

    Infiniti M45 ($2911) BMW550 ($2911) Audi A6(4.2) ($2911) M-B E550 ($3078) and Lexus GS460 ($2618)

    Infiniti M35 ($2754) BMW535 ($2618) AudiA6 ($2492) M-B E350 ($2754) LexGS350 ($2382) and Cadillac CTS ($2445)

    Secondly, the Bose surround sounds perfectly fine with high quality input. My only complaint is that it requires greater volume with lesser quality source material to come close to producing all of the music that the source contains. You should judge this item yourself because this is a very subjective area. Keep in mind also that Bose is a very popular whipping boy for audiophiles. Many times it is deserved but the enmity with which it is delivered causes me to question the objectivity of the reviewer.

    Finally, the owner of my local dealership has indicated that the 2009 M's will not be arriving until the fall. This is a couple months later than the previous years M's have hit the lots. Speculation is that the delay is due to the introduction of Infiniti's new 7 speed transmission (scheduled first for the 2009 FX) into the 2009 M. There has also been speculation that the new 5 liter V8 to be introduced in the 2009 FX will also make its way into the 2009 M causing a change in nomenclature from M45 to M50. Neither of these changes has been confirmed to the dealers by Infiniti yet but it would seem a good guess based on the later debut of the 2009 model.

    Hope this information is useful to you and I hope that you enjoy your new M as much as I have enjoyed mine the past three years.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Thank you, It would be nice to see them upgrade the engine and transmission, and I totally agree with you about the gas mileage,I am not to big of a fan on lot's of bass, I just hope that it has more than my gas saver car which is a 06" Hynudai accent. Yes I will enjoy it, I think I'm going to wait till they dropped the M50 cause I know they will improve on things they did wrong on the 08" M45. But of course I will surely enjoy it when I get it. I just wish it was september already lol!
  • dhellerdheller Posts: 28
    I'll have to respectully disagree with the previous post, particularly regarding the audio quality of the premium sound (14 speaker) system. I find it mediocre, at best. There is no bass to speak of, and the CenterPoint option completly destroys the sound stage. For the premium dollars, this surely is not a premium system. Listen to the Lexus, or the BMW and compare.

    I'm now looking to add a multi-channel amplifier and better speakers (at least in the doors) to try to get better fidelity.

    Good Luck...
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Thank you for your input, I do have two questions, is that system made for accousite listening or just basic listening. I would hate to spend that extra money on a sound system that I will be replacing with some after market speakers and ampilfer, which I would more than likely choose infinity door speakers and there ampilfer which I think was a great system that was in a 2001 diamante I had 4 years ago.
    Also is the car real noisey when driving ex. can you hear the road while you are driving cause I had a 2003 nissan Maxima and it had a horrible sound system with no bass what so ever and I would have to turn that sorry radio all the way up just to hear the music over the road noise. God bless.
  • tegmicrotegmicro Posts: 1
    when you can purchase more then $50K car why you think about 5 cents gas price

  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    I'm not the only one that asked about this issue, and also the way gas prices are now most people will be trading in cars like this for one's that are better on gas reguardless of how much money you have or spend on the car. My responds was made based on the reviews I have read on this car. I hope they will add the new engine and transmission to help better the gas mileage and problem with the 5th gear rpm, that everyone has been talking about. But when I called the infiniti dealership here in Raleigh NC.(Crossroads Infiniti) and asked about the updates for the 2009 M45 the guy I talked to said the only thing they may change is adding some more colors, but he sounded like he had no clue about what he was talking about. He said the car will be coming out in september. My thing is I have heard a few things that are not good about the 2008 M45 that I hope they will fix for this years 2009 model because I hate to waste 60K for the premuim and then be disappointed, having the same problems everyone else is having for a car that cost that much. But regaurdless or not I will be buying it cause it is the best out of all the others in it's class except for performance. But if that new engine and transmission they have in the 2009 fx50 is put in the M45 (which would end up being called the M50) they would be the top dogs hands down. It already beats out the lexus LS460 in technology and styling just a little smaller body and less powerful engine, and the LS has a killer sound system but other than that the M is a way better deal for the money compared to there flagship LS which cost 71K. Compare the M45 vs LS460, M45 vs 7series, way better car for the money to me.
    God bless
  • bloomerbloomer Posts: 2
    What are the few things not good about the 2008 M45? I've read about the noise level, the audio system, the headlights and the gas mileage? Anything else I should be aware of?

    I'm was planning to sell my 2002 I35 & get an M45X. What's everyone's perspective on whether I should buy the 2008 in June or wait until September for the 2009? With the cost of steel and other raw materials going up so much, I'm assuming the price on the '09's will go up a fair bit.

    Any other news re: changes for the '09 model year? I read the postings above.

    Thanks much for your comments.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    You should be aware that when you are moving, the navigation/computer system functions are significantly reduced. Lexus also does this.....they claim it's a "safety feature"....but it is a pain when you are looking for a restaurant on the interstate and you can only see the first page of restaurants because they won't let you go to page 2 or more....and so on. You can't program the nav using the screen if you are your passenger can't have to use voice.

    You should also be aware that many report that the bluetooth system is not great...depending on the phone you have. echos, hard to hear, hard for the person at the other end to hear.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Well you have pick the right car but getting the all-wheel drive will kill your gas mileage. I suggest that if you don't really need the all-wheel drive don't buy it. Now waiting until September would be a better choice because they may have made some changes. But when my salesman called me the other day about when I was going to buy my M45 I told him I was going to wait until september when the new one comes out. I asked him was there going to be any changes made, like putting the new engine and transmission that they have in the 2009 fX50 into it and he said no because they just did changes to it for 2008. But he was really not sure but it's still is a little to soon to tell what will be done maybe next month there will be some news out about it for the 2009 M45. I'll keep you posted if I found out anything new. God bless.
  • bloomerbloomer Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for your response. Living in Northeast Ohio weather, I plan to get the AWD. If I hear anything, I'll also pass it on.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Ok wish you the best. God bless
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    Lexus V8 gets way better mileage than Infiniti V8. It even gets better mileage than the Infiniti V6. Could it be the Lexus 8 speed auto, compared to Infiniti's lame 5 speed? The M desperately needs a new transmission.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Lexus V8 gets way better mileage than Infiniti V8

    EPA Ratings

    Lexus GS460 - 16 city 23 highway

    Infiniti M45 - 16 city 21 highway

    Way better?
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Yeah I have been saying they need to upgrade there transmission that would help and with the horsepower it puts out it will make it get way better gas mileage than the lexus V-8. I'm still waiting to see if they are going to throw the new 7 speed transmission from the 2009 fx50 into the M45 and maybe the new 5.0L engine to that is producing 390HP.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    EPA Ratings

    Lexus LS460 - 16 city 24 highway

    Infiniti M45 - 16 city 21 highway

    Infiniti M35 - 16 city 23 highway

    Way better? I do most of my driving on the highway, so 14% highway mileage is way better.
  • arnold14arnold14 Posts: 22
    The M35 is rated at 18-25 mpg and that's what I'm getting with mine.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Those numbers sound more like what it should be. Also people have to take into consideration how others drive, some people have a heavier foot than others, and then when you stay in a city where there is a stop light every 1/4 mile it kills the gas mileage even more.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    I don't know what your actual mileage is, but 16/23 is the EPA's number. (
  • art234art234 Posts: 103
    The new 7 speed trans MIGHT help, although not by much. In the FX, I believe the new Fuel Economy rating for 2009 is 16/22, which I think is a significant improvement. If added to the M, I believe it might help by getting the RPMS in top gear down at least 400-500 RPM.

    The Motor Trend road test of the new FX said 1960 RPM at 60 MPH, which is better than the 2400 currently with the 5 speed.

    Absent such improvement, I do not think my next vehicle will be an Infiniti once my current lease is up.
  • ewl88ewl88 Posts: 71
    I have a 2006 M35X and my lease is up in Aug. Just spoke with a sales guy at Infiniti (Circle in NJ). According to him, no signicant changes to the M35 in 2009. Engine/? transmission changes at least for M35x is planned for 2010. (I didn't ask him about M45)
    I have looked around. I might actually go for the G35x. Its interior is almost as nice as the M, it's faster, slightly better MPG, sportier feel and slightly cheaper. I never needed the M's size but the last generation G35 had a cheap feeling interior so I went up to the M. This generations G's interior is much better. I seldom have passengers so the size factor isn't a big deal. A shame 2009 M won't have any significant improvement.
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