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2009 Infiniti M35/M45



  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    My M35 lease is up in June. I've been out (early) figuring out what I want to replace it with. I've driven and gotten prices on 335/535, ES350/RX350/GS350, C300/c350/e320/E350, A4/A6, Murano, XF and CTS and M35,G35,EX35.....and I've looked at the Acura's/Saabs and Volvos. That's quite a gamut of cars. I have had 2 year lease offers ranging from $484/mo to $885/mo....(no money down)...the only car with no discount and lousy lease was the XF...darn!.

    Cutting to the chase....I'm down to either leasing another M35 or purchasing a 2009 C350. If I were going to buy an SUV, I'd buy the RX350, lease would be an EX.

    BMW's are just overpriced since I live in florida with no hills and no curves. ES350 drives just like a toyota, just quieter. CTS has a very short seat...uncomfortable. GX350..nice car, terrible resale/lease. XF...just beautiful but no deals. E320/350 no voice navigation; audi's just don't excite me. Highest lease price was Murano...go figure...I could drive a 535i for less. Lowest price was the G35...really responsive but seemed like a Maxima/Altima...I don't like when the entire dash moves when you raise/lower the wheel...creates bad reflections on the windshield.

    The most impressive cars were the EX which I liked much more than the G35...even though it's slightly less responsive...much nicer interior and great ride...just small. C350 was a great surprise...not the best interior, but fun and better nav than even the M35...purchase price less than M35/lease not as good. But after every test drive, I got back in my M35 and realized that it's really a very spacious, comfortable driving machine....but with less pep than I'd like.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Way better? I do most of my driving on the highway, so 14% highway mileage is way better.

    Comparing Infiniti M45 to GS460 (15k/yr, 90% Highway, $4.00/gallon)

    Infiniti M45 Annual Cost for fuel - $2,857
    Lexus GS460 Annual Cost for fuel - $2,609

    $148 dollars per year on a $55,000 car. Again I ask, way better?
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    You seem to think I am quibbling about the cost of filling the gas tank. I am talking about engineering a better car. Nissan has a 7 speed auto and a CVT, both of which would provide better economy and performance for the M, but they are determined to stick with the 5 speed. I guess to save a few bucks on a $55,000 car.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    No, I respect your opinion totally. And I also agree that they should make a better car as far as transmssion and gas mileage wise. Now my opinion about which transmission they should use is going to be the 7 speed because a CVT is a horrible transmission that seems to never find the right gears at the right time and I just hate how they would bring something out like that which may help the gas mileage but takes away from the enjoyment and pleasure of driving. With the economy the way it is everybody in the car industry are trying every way they can to make a good car for less but still fail in terms of quality or reliability. And for $55000 plus for the premuim package I am ordering for 2009 M45 Black/Black I pray that something has change even if it is just the lights being more visible at night for driving or something that would be a benefit not just adding some stupid new colors.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    You seem to think I am quibbling about the cost of filling the gas tank. I am talking about engineering a better car.

    Actually I'm not trying to be disagreeable. The only reason I have responded is the use of terminology. I think it is unfair to leave potential buyers of these brands with the impression that one product is "way better" in any area when the facts do not bear it out.

    A common theme on these boards is the bemoaning of Infiniti's poor gas mileage. Unfortunately, some of the complaints about the brand's poor performance come from members who were considering purchasing an Infiniti and had no real world or third-party test numbers on which to base their complaint (e.g. - "I was considering an Infiniti xxxx but I've read that the gas mileage is so terrible).

    Their impression appears to be based primarily on entries to forums such as these. Because of that, I simply want to provide information to the other forum members that may help in their decision making. Others can look at test data compiled by an independent third-party (the EPA's methodology certainly could be the subject of another discussion) such as that which I posted, and decide whether one engine is "way better" than another as it relates to gas mileage.

    Do I think that Infiniti can do things to improve gas mileage in their cars? Absolutely!

    Were cost considerations a factor in their decision to continue the use of a 5 speed transmission? Most likely but I think they put a tremendous amount of content in the M for $55,000 so I don't feel that I've been delivered a product that suffers from inadequate engineering.

    If you read earlier in this thread you will note that I firmly believe that the 7 speed is likely to end up in the 2009 M. While no one can confirm it yet, when I questioned the owner of the local Infiniti dealership about the possibility of the 7 speed showing up in the M, he agreed that it would be a reasonable scenario as to why the M will be showing up on dealer lots later than previous years. I would think that the current engine mated to a 7 speed would likely deliver highway numbers that would look like the top performers in this class.

    One last comment on the engineering of the car. There was a forum member who felt compelled to purchase an M35x when it debuted although he had his heart set on an Audi A6. The magazine reviews and comments from early drivers made the car seem like by far the best choice. After driving the M for a couple months he began to express buyer's remorse and complained about the poor gas mileage of the M and how he wished he had purchased the A6. When I provided him the projected annual fuel expenditures (using MPG differences even greater than the EPA numbers) for the M35x and A6 he conceded that the cost difference was negligible. He then relayed a different concern.

    He felt as though the Infiniti was inferior engineering-wise to the Audi because Infiniti continued to use the VQ35 engine in the M while the Audi had a more recently developed engine. He felt, for the money, that Infiniti should provide a newer engine. While it's true that the VQ35 is mostly the same engine developed twelve years ago, I think it is often lost on people that this engine has appeared on Ward's list of 10 Best Engines every year it has been produced. Rather than being a sign that Infiniti is just trying to get by I think this is an example of a pretty amazing engineering and production feat. How many products first produced twelve years ago would continue to make anybody's list of the 10 best today?

    While I've been very happy with my Infiniti experience and think that they've made an amazing recovery from the brink of bankruptcy to now attempt to compete with storied marques, I'm not posting to persuade others to change their minds or brands. I'm just attempting to provide a fair view of Infiniti's product. With all the wonderful cars in this segment, it would be difficult for anyone to make a bad choice.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    I understand and agree with you totally on everything. I plan on buying a 2009 M45 premium package RWD Black/Black with chrome 18" wheels which I am going to upgrade to 20" chrome wheels once the tires wear down. I just heard people talk about different things that happened to there M45 and that made me start this forum about 2009 Infiniti M45 updates? to see if anyone knew what changes were being made because of what the complaints were. And I am hoping they fix those problems which aren't much. Also from hearing people complain about the gas mileage with the 5 speed transmission and, wanting a 7speed transmission that was another issue, also the headlights not giving off real good visibility at night, one person said if it rains at night they could not drive faster than like 35mph. But after doing comparisons on audi,bmw,cady,lexus, and mb the M45 beats them in everyway except for size,hp,and gas mileage and the sound system which to me being a music producer I listen to enuff loud music now will be just fine and if I have to upgrade the speakers thats no problem. But for the money no one can go wrong cause you get more technology and options in the M45 than you would in any of those other car makers. All you have to do is compare the M to there competition at and to the flagship high dollar car in those other car markers and you will see the M only looses in size,hp,gas mileage and, sound systems. Now imagine if they put the 5.0L from the 2009 FX50 which puts out 390HP into the M45 with a 7 speed transmission and better gearing they would be the top dogs and everyone would buy from them at least I think so. And improve the gas mileage 21city/26highway it just takes fixing the gearing.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Has anyone heard anything yet on the 2009 M's?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    I would like to start a rumor! If I were Nissan/Infiniti looking at sales of M's, gas prices and such....I would not bring out a 2009 model at all. I would bring out the 2010 M37/M50 with 7 speed in Jan/Feb 2009....and I would continue to focus on G35/EX 4wd sales. You wouldn't believe the number of G35x's that are running around Fairfield county Ct...and how many fewer of the previous yuppie car, the BMW 325/335ix's there are.

    The reason I say this is that there is little that Inifiniti can/will change given a complete redesign for 2010. Some think that the 37/50 engines will find their way into the 09's...with/without CVT 7 speed...but I think it's unlikely that Infiniti will do the tooling to do this given their investment in the 2010 car.

    It is possible that they will bring out a 2009.....with no changes at all....just so they have a newer car to sell with better leasing rates because it's an "09" car.

    Let's see if I'm right.....
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    I hear you, what I don't get is why did they make changes to the 08 if they plan on doing more to it for 2010 that seems like a waste of extra money they could have saved to do something better for 2010. I was reading on the web last night that they are bring a new Q45 out in 2009 with the new engine and transmisson from the 2009 fx50. Maybe you are right we will have to wait and see when it hits the market.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I find it hard to believe the 7-speed won't be on the 2009. It is on the 2009 FX's which debut the end of June. Dealer's salesmen are full of bull. They only want to sell what they have now! Once your are out the front door their commission goes out too.

    My 2006 M36 lease is up in January. I may call Infiniti and ask if they would give me a lease extension at a reduced rental or they can stick themselves with a gas hog that is worth little at auction. I am under mileage so it really make sense.

    In 2000 I rented a diesel Passat in Italy and drove all over at 40+ mpg. Why haven't we rolled out clean diesel here? Coming a a few years I believe. VW in 2009. Even at $5.50 a gallon they make sense.

    Hybrids are stupid waste of energy and money. Appeal to dimwit trendy Greenies who don't know a screwdriver from a wrench. They do save money doing downhill and idling. So does turning off the engine, putting the car in neutral or turning off the a/c when driving uphill.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Why not get an M45? Mileage my not be that bad if they offer the 7-speed. Take a 2-year lease and then go diesel. It may be the last big gas car you will ever have.

    After that hope for hydrogen.

    Gas prices may come down short term due to speculators getting squeezed out and Iran sitting on so much low grade crude. Long term price is up up and away.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Ok here's the info, I called infiniti consumer affairs today and talked to someone about the 09 M35/M45 and I was told that they don't know what to expect for the 09 M he said they will know the same time we will which he said there maybe some news about it later in August because the car will be out around late Octomber or November. He said there are rumors about the new engine from the fx 50 being put in and the 7 speed transmission but they have not heard it from the top people at infiniti yet so they don't want to start a rumor and it not be true. He gave me this web site that will give you some useful info about the M and whatever else you need the web site is they have everything up there even the new nissan luxury car that is coming out this year called a teamna (I might have spelled it wrong) which I think is going to be the 2009 Q45 that they are suppose to bring back in 2009 from sources that posted it on the web. Basically if you want to see what car infiniti will be bring out all you have to do is look at the japeneese version nissan cars and you will surely find out. I think the new Q is not that attractive if they are going to use that car for it. Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts on the car.
  • mkaplan1mkaplan1 Posts: 2
    Just traded in 2006 M for a 2008M The older car allowed me to tune individual radio stations by voice command like 95.5FM, the new only tunes from AM to FM to Sat but not the station itself. Am I doing something wrong or has the new system lost functionality. Only had the car 2 days
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Am I doing something wrong or has the new system lost functionality.

    You're not doing anything wrong. The system HAS lost functionality.

    If you'd like to understand why, simply read some of the posts from the very early release of the M. There are many who complained because the voice recognition wasn't perfect (e.g. - it doesn't understand me when I say home, it can't tell the difference between oh and zero, etc.).

    While I can appreciate that some may have been aggravated by the lack of perfection I also understood the difficulties of implementing voice recognition. In my opinion, the voice recognition system of the 06 M was remarkable. Was it perfect? No, but it was better than any consumer voice recognition system I'd seen. If you took the time to learn the commands you could do nearly everything you'd want to do without removing a hand from the steering wheel.

    Alas, lack of satisfaction from a few has led to loss of functionality for all. All, except for those in Canada who must have been more understanding. Canada, along with the newer markets Infiniti is entering, still receives a voice recognition system similar to the one 2006/7 M owners knew. I, for one, am very sad for the loss.
  • Sorry, the Teanna is the Maxima over there. They have the better Maxima.. :( . In Japan, they are still selling the Q45 called the Cima and upper class version called the President.
  • ltcadviserltcadviser Posts: 38
    seems to be a lot of criticism of the 14 speaker system. I have a 2006 M35 with the upgraded stereo. My lease is up. was going to release an M35, but am finding trouble finding advanced tech M's. Dealers just don't order them. If the 14 speaker system is disappointing, how bad is the 8 speaker system. If I understand everybody, It's not worth buying the Advanced Technology package for $2000++. Is this what people feel?

    Also, my lease is up in July, bbut I received an extension until october. Should I exercise the extension and lease an 09, or release an 08 in July?

    Lastly, the 08 M's hit the lot in late october, early november last year, so this year is no later than usual.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Maybe waiting for the 09 is the best choice being that they may make some improvements over the 08 and I am sure they will.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    How bad is the 14 speaker system what is the problem with it. Is there to much bass or not enough?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    My guess is that it probably doesn't sound better enough over the 8-speaker system to warrant the price. Most times these bajillion speaker systems are self defeating.

    Or it could just be that the 8-speaker system sounds "good enough." In all honesty, who's in their car long enough for the sound quality to really matter that much? Personally, I'd take the sound of a well tuned exhaust system over any stereo any day of the week. :blush:
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I have a 2006 M35X with 14 speakers. I did not order it but the dealer had a car with it and gave me it at the same price. I does lack base and the DVD never seems to work right. I bought one or two 5.1 DVD audios and it was very good sound. DVD audio is a dead format and has to be ordered on line. If you use an IPod you will be playing compressed audio anyway that is inferior to CDs. CDs are two channel with no surround sound encoding. I am now old and mostly listen to CNBC these days. I am even sick of Howard, Artie and Bababoi. Next Infiniti only comes with XM. Bye Bye to Howard unless the merger is approved and the same content is available on both XM & Sirius.

    Lease over January 2009. May consider 2009 FX 7 speed or move to a better gas mileage brand. If the 7-speed is available on the 2009 M or G highway mileage may be much better.
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