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2008 Honda CR-V



  • kevman3kevman3 Posts: 30
    27K on '08 EX-L. Drivin from NJ to NYC every day, getting about 27 MPG in the warmer weather, 25 in the winter. Car has never had 1 problem. Duelers are starting to wear down, but looks like I should get 40K out of them. 9000 miles on Mobil1 synthetic, OLM says 30% left. Great car so far.
  • Searched into this thread and have had quite a similar experience with vibration as many others have had with their CR-Vs (including arizgeorge1) and just wanted to share my experience. I have a 2007 CR-V LX with steel wheels and bought it new in Dec 06. First time I went on the highway I thought I had a flat - the vibration was that bad. Dealers checked it out multiple times and tried balancing and replacing a wheel - no dice. Ultimately we swapped the OEM Duelers out for the OEM Continentals at 8K miles on the vehicle (regional service manager wouldn't approve Michelin's - only original issue OEM tires). Problem seemed somewhat improved but not perfect. There was still an underlying vibration that got worse and worse as time went on and depended on road conditions. One highway trip last year (24K vehicle miles or so), I thought the median cup holder between the front seats was going to snap off from the vibration. A dealer on that trip said - "recommend better tires". Little did I know that the tires were becoming progressively more "chopped" as I drove it. Recently, the dealer noticed the chopped tires and said I needed new tires (now almost 35K miles on vehicle) and that it was my fault for not making them rotate the tires more often. I was nervous about investing in tires (not sure it would fix the problem) and strongly considered just cutting my losses and buying a new vehicle; but, after searching and not finding cars in stock that I wanted and the chopped tires becoming almost undriveable, I bought Michelin Latitude Touring tires today. The vibration is as little as it's ever been now but still there somewhat when going over 60 mph. I'll probably rotate the tires every 3000-5000 miles with each oil change to try to minimize the risk of chopping these tires. I see a different car in my future in the next few years.
  • cinglemomcinglemom Posts: 49
    There is just something about the CRV and the tire shaking at certain speeds. I have a 2008 which came with Dueller tires. Those tires lasted 30k miles and did not give me good traction from day one. I rotated my tires every time I got an oil change. I noticed that anything over 70mph I would feel some shaking with my steering wheel. It got worst over time. I purchased Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 and these tires make the shaking limited. These tires are also quiet and much smoother than the stock tires. Seems like Honda needs to look into why their CRV's are having this problem. Other than that I love the CRV that I'm in. Best of luck to you.
  • Sounds like your 2008 CR-V vibration problem was quite a bit less pronounced than my 2007's - I had vibration at much lower speeds. I traded in my 2000 Accord with 85K miles on the original OEM Michelins. Sure Honda just made a business decision to putting cheaper OEM tires on their CR-V line - which appears to need quality tires the most. Best of luck to you also.
  • kevman3kevman3 Posts: 30
    My 08 EX-L has been great from day 1. Getting 27MPG on parkway, plenty of room for kids sports equipment, big back seat, doors open very wide, great commuter car into NYC every day. Duelers are wearing out with 31k on them, but no shimmy problems ever. They should make 40K.
  • gkg452gkg452 Posts: 4
    For anyone planning to purchase a Honda CRV, please be aware that this vehicle may have a very annoying vibration problem at highway speeds (80-110 km/h). Honda is aware of this problem and has a name for it – “harmonic tingle”. My dealer has acknowledged that my vehicle (08 CRV EX AWD) and others from their lot that they have recently tested, both new and used, have this vibration to one degree or another. The dealer has tried rebalancing tires and replacing the wheels and rims but to no avail. They have been in touch with the Honda Tech Line and performed three suggested operations including neutralizing both the engine mounts and the suspension and removing the 4 wheel drive driveshaft - all to no avail. Honda suggested to the dealer that even these operations may not completely cure the problem.

    At the invitation of the dealer, I personally test drove an identical, but brand new 09 model with approx 20 kms. This new vehicle exhibited the same "tingle". The dealer has conceded defeat on this one and advised me to contact Honda Customer Relations to complain about the problem.

    Honda Canada’s response is that this is a condition inherent in this vehicle but that it is performing within spec and claims that it has no defect. End of discussion. No fix is available. I tried to elevate this to the next up the chain of command within Honda but was told that there was nowhere to elevate it. So it would appear that we are at an impasse on this. I have written to the company and am awaiting a written response.

    I have subsequently run across many discussions on this forum and others about vibration problems others have had over the years with this problem. I sure wish I had known about this prior to making the purchase because I would not be driving this vehicle today. Perhaps someone will be forewarned and benefit from my experience.
  • hello,

    I read your post regarding "Beware of CR-V Vibration problems - Honda Canada's response". I would like to know if you have received any update from Honda. I just bought a 2009 CRV EXL with navigation from Sisley Honda in Toronto about 10 days ago, we have driven about 200km on local roads and today we went on highway 80-90km/h and felt the "vibration". we will take the car in for a check hopefully tomorrow. But after reading the postings I feel hopeless. We would appreciate very much if you can keep me posted on this.

    thanks so much,
  • gkg452gkg452 Posts: 4
    Honda Canada sent a tech to my dealer to see the problem for himself. He spent over 3 hours trying different things such as reballancing the wheels, re-torquing the rear door hinges, re-ballancing the suspension, etc. After doing all these adjustments, he admitted that the problem may never completely disappear but that hopefully there might be some improvement. Well, after taking the vehicle home I discovered that there really was no appreciable improvement however one thing that this guy passed along to the service manager was that the cause may also be something called "flat-spotting" of the tires. Sure enough, I did my own testing and found that early on in any trip (15-20 minutes or so) I detect a worse vibration than later on in the same trip. I park my CRV in my garage and during the summer months, rarely use it unless it is to go golfing in the morning. Well the drive to the course takes 15 minutes but then it sits in the sun for 4-5 hours. On the trip home (over the same highway) the vibration is always gone. So I figure that maybe the tech is on to something. Are the tires the problem? Well, the service manager claims that they no longer use rayon in the manufacturing of tires and this may be the cause of flat-spotting. I do not know if that fact is correct or not. It would be interesting to have this claim run by a tire expert.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Flat-Spot on tire - try add extra 3 to 5 psi to the tire standard psi to see if this will help the flat-spot / vibration.
  • gkg452gkg452 Posts: 4
    Yes, my service manager suggested that so I increased the pressure by 2 psi but that has had no noticeable affect. I will try another 2-3 pounds.
  • peacheypeachey Posts: 12
    I purchased a new 2007 Honda CR-V EX in April 2007 and began to experience a noticeable body vibration at highway speeds of 58-62 mph in April 2009 at 27,000 miles subsequent to installation of new Cooper CS4 Touring tires. Balancing and road force did not correct and the Coopers were replaced with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires with no improvement again after balancing and road force. Since then, I have had the vehicle into Buckeye Honda [Lancaster, Ohio] where it was purchased several times to address this vibration to no avail. Supposedly the driveshaft assembly and all four brake rotors were replaced pursuant to the advice of the Honda tech line. The tires were again rebalanced. I test drove a 2009 CR-V with a Honda technician and the body vibration was even worse in this new vehicle which was confirmed by the tech. Now, the Buckeye service manager stated that I will have to "live with it" and advised that the Honda area service representative agrees with his statement [although I am not "allowed" to contact her personally as my request for her name and telephone number was denied]. Buckeye is advocating trading the 2007 CR-V for a 2010 model "at dealer cost." The body vibration, now evident in the rattling of the front passenger seat, dashboard and cupholder, is worsening and is now noticeable at speeds ot 45-70mph. I commute 80 miles daily of mostly highway driving and am skeptical regarding claims that there are no safety issues in driving this vehicle. This is very disconcerting as I previously owed a 2002 CR-V [also purchased and serviced exclusively at Buckeye Honda], a superior vehicle; and traded it for the 2007 expecting the same quality from a Honda product. After spending thousands of dollars at Buckeye Honda, I am disappointed that customer satisfaction and continued patronage apparently mean nothing.

    From the previous post by gkg452, it appears Honda is not willing to address this issue substantiated by the response from Buckeye Honda.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    I have a 2007 and am 5'7'' with a 30' inseam. I have tried every possible way to see if my headrest even touches my head in a normal driving position. It doesn't. I tried pushing my back as close to the seat back and the back in the most straight up position, and it does not hit my head unless I lean my head back. I am inches away. By raising the headrest, I get even more clearance. By tilting the seat back, I get more clearance. As it has been said before, you are not supposed to be sitting with your head touching the headrest. The safety feature in these headrests is the tilt foward function. I wonder if the ones with the problem, are in that position??? I don't know how this feature works mechanically. :confuse:
  • " I test drove a 2009 CR-V with a Honda technician and the body vibration was even worse in this new vehicle which was confirmed by the tech"

    Bought a 2010, test drove just today after reading your post from 0 mph all the way up to 68 mph on our highway and did not notice any vibration. If this was wide spread, me thinks this complaint would be very lengthy like the 2002 thru 2006 air compressor issue on this forum.
  • gkg452gkg452 Posts: 4
    With the number of similar problems being experienced by many CR-V owners across several model years, why is it that Honda persists in manufacturing vehicles without correcting the problem? The Honda tech who worked on mine admitted to the service manager that mine was minor in severity compared to others that he has come across. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the vibration seems to lessen considerably the longer the drive. However, even then there is still rattling going on in the dash area including the glove box door and also in the cup holder unit.

    I too worry about long term wear and tear and in my last letter to Honda Canada, I expressed my concern with safety but have not heard back from them on this.

    Interesting to hear about the dealer's proposal to trade up to a 2010 model. Your observation of similar problems with the 09 model mirrors my experience with a new 09 as well. I wonder if the 2010 model has the same problem?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    I recall some comments soon after the 2007 model was released about the car running rough at idle. And some people find that the CR-V's short wheelbase delivers a choppy ride on less than smooth freeways.

    But, Honda sells far too many CR-Vs for the roster of unhappy buyers to be anything other than fairly small.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    subsequent to installation of new Cooper CS4 Touring tires. Balancing and road force did not correct and the Coopers were replaced with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires with no improvement again after balancing and road force.

    Aren't both sets of tires directional?

    Sometimes, improper installation of directional tires results in vibrations. I would check if all 4 tires are rotating in the proper direction. It should be indicated on the sidewall with an arrow.
  • peacheypeachey Posts: 12
    I checked with the tire dealer from whom the tires were purchased. Neither the Cooper CS4 Touring or Michelin Latitude Tour HP are directional tires.
  • 2009 Honda CRV

    Can you put an after market Blue Tooth Integrated/Radio System, in the vehicle without problems?

    Can you put an after market Remote Start, in the vehicle without problems?

    Any suggestions on the Blue Tooth Technology for the CRV?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    2009 Honda CRV

    Can you put an after market Blue Tooth Integrated/Radio System, in the vehicle without problems?

    Can you put an after market Remote Start, in the vehicle without problems?

    Any suggestions on the Blue Tooth Technology for the CRV?

    I have Pioneer AVIC 700 BT with: AM/FM/Sat/HD/CD/SD/DIVX/XVID/MP3/WMA/AUX/BlueTooth/GPS/VoiceRecognition.... I had to get a PAX translator to integrate the steering wheel controls, and XM receiver to enable SAT radio. So, yes it can be done.

    There are aftermarket remote starting systems. Just make sure you pick one that does not require you to leave your spare key in the car.

    All aftermarket remote starters defeat the immobilizer chip either by requireing spare key to be in the vehicle, or by generating the code to mimic the key presence.
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