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2008 Honda CR-V



  • peacheypeachey Posts: 12
    This is the latest response from American Honda regarding the severe body vibration exhibited by my 2007 Honda CR-V:

    As an aside, after Buckeye Honda, Lancaster, Ohio, advised that I would have to "live with it" I filed a customer claim with BBB Auto Line. BBB Auto Line refused to arbitrate with American Honda because the mileage on my CR-V was in excess of the Honda warranty (36,000) at the time I filed the claim (even though the mileage documented by Buckeye Honda for the first of five attempted repairs was less than 36,000). It was explained by the BBB that I did not meet the "Time Period for Filing" for the claim to be eligible under their program. Since I put my misguided faith in Honda by allowing five months to elapse while Buckeye Honda dithered around before they told me to "live with it" the claim was determined to be untimely.

    Today I was informed by a customer service representative at American Honda that this body vibration is [quote] an inherent condition in this vehicle and not a defect [unquote]. Supposedly Honda engineers verified that this body vibration does not present a safety issue (this is debatable) and since the 2009 CR-V which I test drove [apparently a determining factor] demonstrated the same vibration, that this car has no defect. I beg to differ and advised him that my next car will be a Chevrolet. Also, Buckeye Honda has seen the last of my continued patronage.
  • 30 days only with my new 2010 EX-L and no vibration issues to report. So at least for this short period, is not an inherent condition in this vehicle for 2010 model
  • I have a 2008 Honda CR-V and I have the same issue. Actually, my car it sounds like a very loud "wobble" from the back left of the car. It is not wind noise, just a loud wobble in the back. The car rides fine but the sound is unbearable.

    Given the LACK of Honda support it appears others have received, I will immediately begin taking this to my Honda dealer to document the issue. Further, I suggest we start a "Twitter" campaign to get the attention of Honda marketing. This is a serious problem and the response you received is crazy. Imagine if they said, "Not starting in cold weather is an inherent issue with this car but not a safety issue"! Crazy. Look for the hash tag #honda and #hondacrvvibration for the campaign.

  • Kevin: Thanks for your response. I have now filed a complaint with the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau against Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio since BBB Auto Line works hand in hand with American Honda. It is my opinion that Buckeye Honda knowingly and willingly allowed the mileage warranty to expire while "servicing" the car over a five-month period knowing this would negate BBB Auto Line's arbitration with American Honda because the mileage exceeded the warranty at the time of the filing of the complaint This 2007 CR-V EX exhibits and always has loud wind and road noises in the cabin especially at highway speeds.
  • Just completed 3000 mile cross country trek in 2008 CRV EX L which had 11400 miles at srtart of trip . I averaged an astounding 31.7 MPGs most of which was at 70MPH on Cruise control. The low end MPG 23.1 up mountains inthe west the best at 37.8 going down those mountains. No issues whatsoever about anything. Vehicle ran better than Secretariat in the 73 Kentucky Derby !
  • I recently purchased a 2008 CRV base model. We apparently took it on a very smooth road for test ride and did not notice how rough riding it is. Is this a problem with all 2008's? I have checked the tire pressure and took it into a dealer to get the supension checked out. I was told by them that ours was typical of all Honda CRV's.
  • :
    Remember Richard that a CRV is a truck. You'll get use to it.

    My biggest problem is the "head rest" leaning too much forward. It could be because I'm short.
  • What are you comparing it too?

    Compared to the Nissan Versa I tradeed in, my CR-V, it rides great. It's about the same as our '08 Nissan Alitma on most surfaces, with a little more road nose, wind noise, and because of the shoirt wheelbase it rolls and ptiches a little more. But it has longer travel suspenson, so on really, really bad roads, the CR-V rides great.

    I've NEVER had it bottom out, whereas my other cars would have easily bottomed out on a variety of surfaces.
  • I can't tell from your post if you did or did not notice "how rough riding it is" however your next sentence which questions whether this is a problem with all 2008's suggests that you did experience a body vibration. Pursuant to my previous posts in this forum, my 2007 CR-V EX has a very noticeable body vibration; I have since driven a 2009 and 2010 model CR-V EX and both cars exhibit the body vibration. Since this does not seem to be consistent with all CR-V's, American Honda will not address this problem - Maybe it is restricted to the Midwest but I know I will never buy another Honda.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    The CR-V's short wheel base almost guarantees a bouncy ride on rough roads. But that's true of most small SUVs. Others have found that a change in tires can improve and quiet the ride somewhat.
  • I'm not really understand the "body vibration" is this the normal engine resonance that occurs at low RPM when the torque converter is locked. Like at 40-50mph?

    I suppose some folks are more sensitive ot certain vibration and frequencies than others I gues for me, if it's not loud enough to be annoying and I know where it's somming from, it doesn't bother me at all.

    For example, when I ride my motorcycle wiht a helmet on, there's a LOT of wind noise. But that's to be expected, so it's not a complaint.

    All of my cars with 4 cylinder engines have had soem sort of low freqency vibration at low RPM's. It's difficult if not impossible to design a durable engine mount that can reduce all high frequency vibrations and now all low frequncy as well.

    I think hte simple solution most American cars have to vibration is making the chassi stiff and heavy enough, and isolate the suspension, steering so much that the vehicle 1) has no road feel, 2) weighs 300+lbs more than the competition. This is how Chevy resolved the issue on the Equinox. It's a fat overweight pig. 30 more HP than a '07-'09 CR-V, but the reported accelerated numbers are the same even though it has an extra gear.
  • As per CRV 2008 Manual:

    Your vehicle displays engine oil life and maintenance service items on the information display to show you when you should have your dealer do engine oil replacement and indicated maintenance service. Based on the engine operating
    conditions, the onboard computer in your vehicle calculates the remaining engine oil life and displays it as a percentage.

    Whereas my Honda Dealer (Paulmiller Honda) Suggest: that I should go for oil change every 3000-4000 miles and do major services after every 7500 miles (A - B- A) services.

    My Car is running good and I reach upto 50% in 6 months or 6000 miles.

    I just wanted to know do we need to follow Dealer or Manufacturer...?

    Kindly let me know your input...
  • Manufacture, not the dealer. The dealer is in for sooner oil changes and such to make money. Honda knows best. Follow it ;)
  • lvdgslvdgs Posts: 5
    I have a 2010 CRV -EX-L and at 40-45 it does vibrate. It's like a low rumble...when I accelerate it goes away when I back off it stops also.

    I searched all forums and from what I've been reading it seems I have
    the Harmonic Tingle. So apparently it's happening in 2010's also.

    Love the car and will live with the tingle as some of the repairs are too drastic for my least on a brand new car.

    My question is - if Honda has known about this problem for all these years why can't they eliminate it? Too much to ask? (-:
  • I have a 2008 and my CRV just started the vibration. It's not my alignment so I'm guessing it's the balance of my tires (which I'm going to get done this weekend). However, if Honda sells a perfect car they would loose money. So a little imperfection, with their cars, will help them financially. I found out there are tires you can purchase that never need replacing, brakes that don't wear out, and other parts for cars that are made the same way. However, they are very expensive. Honda knows what going on with their cars (CRV's). I'm sure they have complaints and people who work for them that peep these forums like we do. It's up to Honda vehicle owners to make Honda Auto Industry listen to us when we say something is not right with our cars.
  • tocatoca Posts: 147
    Check your tach when you feel it. If the engine is at very low RPM's, than a normal rumble type sensation is normal. I can't recall any 4 Cyl vehicle I've owned where I didn't experience a rumble at lower RPM's.
  • lvdgslvdgs Posts: 5
    In driving today - heard rumble at 1500 on tach....above or below no rumble.

    I've two 4 cylinder older Honda accord and a Mazda Protege5 and never had a rumble.....

    Thanks for info though......

    2010 EX-L CRV
  • tocatoca Posts: 147
    I have the 2010 I get the rumble at 1500 as well. Seems to be a combination of low RPM's and the AT in a higher gear. Quick fix may be to press the D3 button on the shifter although haven't tried that yet. Not sure about CRV's prior to the 2010's, but since 2010 had an engine tweak, I'd be curious if the older models experience it too.
  • You may notice a little more low RPM vibration in colder weather, and expecially in slushy weather. The rubber engine mounts get stiffer in cold weather whcih will affect low RPM vibration more. Also, I found that slush can get thrown on the rear passenger side engine mount and freeze, causing a little more vibration, mostly at idle and just off idle.

    Otherwise, my '03 Accord also "lugged", rumbled, vibrated, whatever you want to call it a in 4th and 5th gear at low RPM's. I consider it parts of the cars character and not uncommon for a 4 cylinder. Our Nissan Altima does this as well. Worse, from 35-40mph the CVT, noticeably "hunts" or "surges" a little.

    I think all Hondas vibrate a little at low RPM. It's part of their character to a certain extend. I remember test driving a Odyssey and at low RPM's in top gear it vibrated a little too.

    Modern, lean burning engines when under load at low RPM's tend to vibrate a little with the extr atall gearing they now have along with increased weight. It causes the engine to work a little harder at low RPM's that older cars might have.

    Go test drive a few other 2010 vehciles and pay attention to how hte engine sounds at low RPM's when in top gear.
  • My brand new 2010 CR-v EX rumble at 1500 too. I love the car but this rumbling driving me crazy. I contacted the dealer and the American Honda. They could not help me to fix this issue. Dealer says "Its the characteristic of the car". How can annoying rumbling can be a characteristic of the car?
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